Saturday, July 20, 2013

Who is Duke of Cornwall upon the death of Prince Charles?

Last March in the IB Times, read here,  I raised the anomalies over the present arrangements regarding the Duchy of Cornwall and queried whether it was proper that these may be passed along to Prince William.

With the imminent arrival of a new heir to the throne and the new accession arrangements passed by Parliament apparently not having touched on this matter, it is timely that on 16th July, ( a mere four months later,) the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee took this matter up.

A video of that meeting is linked from here.

Towards the end of that session the oddness of the arrangements regarding the Duchy were hilariously demonstrated, and I urge all to try and find time to watch it during this weekend or even over the coming summer, for it illustrates the absurdities so often occurring in Britain's governance, which a self-motivated  few have so easily exploited to put our democracy in the gravest peril within the EU.

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You like asking the difficult ones, Martin. :)

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