Friday, July 05, 2013

Bexhill Voters typify Briton's disregard for Democracy

 The above photo is from this link and appeared in the Guardian on 2nd March 2012 and is the copyright of Andrew Parsons/PA Archive who if he objects to this use can contact me and I will remove the copy. It seems relevant to this blog posting and therefore is included. The original caption was "MP Gregory Barker, Conservative leader David Cameron and his aide Steve Hilton during their 2006 visit to the Arctic. Photograph: Andrew Parsons/PA Archive"

Gregory Barker MP for Bexhill is in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here from which comes the following:

Greg Barker, the energy minister, claimed £23,904 between 2011 and 2012, when the cap was £19,900. He rented a two-bedroom flat in central London before moving to another flat nearby.
Mr Barker divorced from his wife after coming out as a homosexual. His three children are understood to live with her in his Bexhill and Battle constituency, where he originally claimed expenses on a home with a rent of £697 a month.
The rule change on claims for children was introduced in April 2011. Two months later, Mr Barker “flipped” to start claiming on the London flat. His rental claims tripled to £2,150 a month. Mr Barker said: “All of the claims were pre-approved by Ipsa and fully comply with the Ipsa rules.”
The Wikipedia entry on this fairly typical sounding, close Conservative ally, of Prime Minister Cameron is linked here and fleshes out the readers impression of what it describes as Gregory Barker's character with this extra insight

In 2001, Barker became the MP for Bexhill and Battle after the retirement of the sitting Conservative MP, Charles Wardle. Barker's nomination by the Conservative Party was hotly debated when sitting MP and former Home Office Minister Charles Wardle accused Barker of being disingenuous about his business career and formally requesting Conservative Party Leader Iain Duncan Smith to investigate possible links between Barker and the infamous Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky.[3] Wardle supported Nigel Farage (who later became the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party)
Greg or Gregory Barker, was involved and went along on the now infamous Cameron husky photo shoot on the ice as reported by the Guardian here, so is deeply implicated within the what is now the clearly disastrous entire Cameroon Project which has led the Tories to their election defeat of 2010 and now almost certain extinction, ironically at the hands of the man Bexhill voters ignored in the face of warnings from their longstanding and well-liked and former MP, Charles Wardle, namely Nigel Farage, Leader of the ever strengthening UKIP!
Barker is now Minister of State for Climate Change in spite of being implicated in the 2009 expenses scandal he was indeed re-elected by the tribal Tory voters of Bexhill in 2010.
Bexhill, a small seaside town in Sussex, has therefore come to typify the blind ingorance of Britain's party politics which has clearly, in view of this week's similar exposure of the Labour Party, revealed the deep rot in our system of governance.

These MPs abusing and milking taxpayers have handed nearly all their powers and responsibilities to the EU in Brussels, that is why the nation is broke - but MPs, quite simply couldn't care less!


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Try living here, there's about three of us under the age of 76

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