Monday, May 06, 2013

UKIP, the next General Election & the Economy

Below I have quoted a series of thoughts I had last evening and this morning and posted on Twitter!

They perhaps read better and can more easily be followed in chronological order as herewith:

Any new party set to contemplate pact or coalition with Lab/Con/Lib, that have destroyed & betrayed GB, will not deserve 2b long considered

The message of recent results is that finally the electorate is waking up to the deliberate destruction of GB Constitution &Democracy

EU collapse now seems Cameron's one chance of staying PM beyond 2015, how will he act when he twigs that fact I wonder?

Lower CorporationTax & a renegotiated relationship with the increasingly crippled drawing new multinationals toUK

In a first past the post system you have to be "Either" or "OR" such is UKIP's challenge. Labour with its record 1997/2010 should not be one

with its attitude to the grotesque an acknowledged fact, must adopt economic policies recognising post 2008 low-growth realities

will be slaughtered next General Election because they refused to face up to the true economic nightmare they faced at the outset

OBR (see link) will likely be a very unfunny national joke, along with its creators Os/Cam/Clegg by next Gen Election  

So has chance to plan for a new international role for UK, thanks to its foresight on & gross economic incompetence of competition

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