Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Nation of Numbskulls to rival any Ship of Fools

The man in charge of Britain's finances, George Osborne will be on the Andrew Marr show in less than one hour's time, proving once again beyond any shadow of doubt (as established last week by research published in New Zealand,) that cannabis really does permanently damage the brain by later loss of IQ and therefore quite obviously reducing the ability to reason.

Osborne's boss, David Cameron, who similarly has not denied reports of having passed his student days in a haze of hash, began his substance abuse for certain during adolescence, the period of greatest danger for subsequent reasoning ability, at the age of 15 according to this 2007 Observer article.

It is fifty years ago that the first publication of the novel Ship of Fools, which illustrated the West's abilities to ignore or misread German intentions.  Read the article written by the brain-battered ex-dope-head Prime-Minister of Britain in the Mail on Sunday this morning, linked here; note how it is hyped by Sky News from here - and you will find no real substance is there, even less is there any grasp of the real problems facing the West and the EU, perhaps also read this on Bankia in Spain, posted last evening before the Mail went to press - incredible the absolute blind stupidity of Cameron's article, is it not?

Merkel just returned from China, no doubt having effected yet more trade deals as she accomplished last February, an area supposedly exclusive to the EU which Cameron in his article effectively ignores; while Barroso also last night rants of a "greater transnational order", as I tweeted last night - supposedly for the EU!

How can Britain expect its leaders to identify, let alone consider such dangerous matters, when the elites in power by grace of our Platonic system of governance burned out what few brain cells they were born with during their adolescence in posh boarding schools and snob-ridden universities?


Blogger Sue said...

I think you'll find that smoking the weed is a poor mans drug. This lot were almost definitely cokeheads like most of the rich and idle. Novacaine numbs the gums, you can imagine what cocaine does to the brain.

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