Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Railway Friends of Fascism and HS2

The above is the map from the website of the Department of Transport for the EU ordered HS2 rail developments in the UK. Who will provide and pour the concrete? Who will blast the steel? Who will build the trains? Who other than EU fonctionaires and their lackeys travelling at the public's expense will be able to use these expensive and useless environment destroying follies.

Investments in G4 communication would allow most office work from home regardless of that home's location. Rail travel at whatever speed is passé. There must be other factors at work, a clue comes from the change in rail operators for the West Coast  route announced by Theresa Villiers, Transport Minister, ex-MEP, blatant second home expenses fiddler while an MP, read here who reports to a Secretary of State, Justine Greening, yet another supposed Rt Hon!

I have no sympathy for Virgin Trains? Richard Branson, to be heard complaining  by telephone from Necker island last night, lost his particular backers in the change of government, no doubt that pop funded, mega-millionaire, will have his turn to play with trains return when his particular bunch of EU puppet fascists are inevitably returned to power!

What I wonder is why the British electorate put up with this foreign controlled fascism? I will be returning to the questions raised in the opening paragraph of this posting in due course, meantime for a clue to the first of these, who will provide and pour the concrete, see this pdf file on the results of Lafarge, the French concrete company. (Note from page 7 the €51 million lower proceeds from the EU scam of carbon credits, for just half the year.) What cannot be quantified in such a report is the huge extra revenue from an EU project such as the LGV, another EU rail scam, passing right by its La Couronne concrete plant, no wonder normal British commercial concerns such as Portland's Blue Circle were unable to survive against such continental competition and its once profitable plants today lie idle, such as this in Weardale

Britain's expense fiddling fascists are under the control of others of a foreign variety from the Continent, while that remains the case, as is the policy of all three of Britain's main political parties, Britons cannot prosper, for we are enslaved, and among other things will pay through the nose to pointlessly travel by rail to no purpose whatsoever other than to stuff the pockets of our politicians and whatever franchise operators they choose to reward according to their own transitory and corrupt desires. Such is the EU system.

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Blogger James Higham said...

What I wonder is why the British electorate put up with this foreign controlled fascism?

That's simple - they didn't know. One must come here first to read it.

2:45 PM  
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