Friday, July 13, 2012

The insufferable arrogance and incompetence of Balls & Cooper

Look at Britain's disintegrating structures and the official attitudes of supreme managerial incompetence which oversees most area for public reponsibility and at some point, almost uncannily, one seems to find evidence of the involvement of Ed Balls and his partner Yvette Cooper. Yet when quizzed on this record, they both, because of their of still being surprisingly ultra-active at the highest levels of the main opposition party, they seem unaware of any liability whatever.

Cooper, yesterday on BBC News 24, for example, it is as though she believed that there was some universal law that prevents herself and her chosen one from ever doing any wrong, let alone being prone to any human failing whatsoever.

Couples, when acting together, can be fearsome forces, Britain has been unlucky to have had such a powerful duo with their finger in nearly every pie for the entire thirteen years of New Labour mis-governance. It is credit to this pairs forcefulness that they remain at the peak of their powers.

The vast majority of their countrymen and women must be left to look on in absolute wonderment at the sheer mendacity of their mental manipulations as they contrive to escape any blame for anything whatsoever, in those areas with which they were involved during their dozen or so years of orgiastic feasting on power.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

They deserve each other. Imagine being married to either?

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