Friday, April 11, 2014

Millennium Blitzkrieg - How close 20 years on?

Millennium Blitzkrieg 

    My only novel, written during the very different decade of the 1990s, was designed to alert readers to what I saw as the growing evil that the European Project seemed on course to become. As the story was set to begin in April 2014 and end on the anniversary of the outbreak of World War One in July, now seems the right moment to compare my dire predictions with present day realities.

The Main Hero and the Villain 

  The British PM, apparently the hero of the story, is described as if mainly shaped by his Old Etonian past and cloistered upbringing, his shallowness of character steadily appearing as the story develops - with a somewhat surprising strength only emerging as the climax is reached. The villain of the piece, the German Chancellor, male in my tale, seems equally determined as the present incumbent to pursue German control of the European Continent with the same ruthlessness as Kaiser Wilhelm II, one hundred years before this book is set.

   Part One of the story is introduced with the English Proverb, “Full of courtesy, full of craft”.

The First Ten Days

   The short Prologue describes an incident at sea designed to illustrate the disregard for life and international law the EU at this then predicted forward point in time had grown to display.

    The action in the early days of April 2014 is designed to convey the dire straits of the British economy, the vanity and fancies of its Prime Minister, the duplicity and scheming of the French EU Commission President, the real control of markets over the world economy and the virtual enslavement of ordinary people to computerised ATMs and EU control. Sex as the driving force behind the action is beginning to be made clear!

   By Friday 11th April 2014, the actual day I now write this blog post, the novel has introduced the characters who will restore democracy to the EU and hinted at the means whereby such a resolution is made possible.

   I will continue this backward look as we progress towards July 2014 and the novel’s end.I will post this on my @IroniesToo Twitter account using the #MillBlitz tag, should readers be interested in comments or discussion