Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Questions for the UK Labour Party

A man has land he can work to feed his family, should he stay abed, will not his family go hungry or starve?

A man has a good harvest but the price of a loaf is less than his costs, will he sell his excess for a loss?

Energy has a cost, regardless of its source, can it realistically be sold at less than that cost. Were the government fund those losses, from whence will they obtain the funds?



Blogger strapworld said...

Nothing matters more, to the sone of a Marxist, is to first con the electorate, then once elected totally control. If Milliband and Co win then that means even greater unity within the EUSSR and the end of 1000 years of Democracy.

I blame the weakness and shallowness of Cameron and his team of third rate politicians.

Mind you they will use the threat of Milliband to counter the real threat of Ukip.

5:15 PM  

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