Monday, September 30, 2013

A Worrying Week for the Western World

The USA which has led the West for decades is in deep debt and deeper political crisis read here.

Italy faces a vote of no confidence in its Government.

Britain's oldest political party has been abandoned by its natural supporters and at a demonstration against the party at its annual conference has appeared to be filtering the live news feed to its once respected state broadcasting corporation, the BBC.

Germany lacks a government following an election campaign where the true economic issues facing the Euro and thus the EU were obscured from the voters. Thereby neutering the entire EU from confronting the problems now facing Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and others.

Greece has arrested democratically elected MPs for belonging to a criminal organisation which appears to refer to the political party attaining recent popular electoral success.

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Blogger James Higham said...

Think you might have just about summed it up there, Martin.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Admiral J Sparrow said...

Where does Article 50 fit in all of this??

9:40 PM  

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