Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Rape of the Countryside by EU Hi-Speed Rail

The LGV high speed train project, imposed on a nearly bankrupt France by the EU, gives those about to be similarly HS2 blighted within the UK a chance to see what damage such unnecessary and wasteful projects, merely duplicating existing rail systems, cause to the surrounding countryside. The extra lorry congestion and other miseries cannot be captured in snaps like these, all of which were taken today and all close by my home.

This first looks north towards the Charente river valley, the lovely hillside on which the old farm on the right sits, is where the white scar of the railway line, for fat bloated and EU corrupted  bureaucrats, is being driven. The next two show how close the trains will pass to this farm which sits alongside the ancient Romanesque church at Porcheress:

Once cut through this hillside the track emerges to be elevated close-by the town of Blanzac, where the work continues since several years with many more such lying ahead:

So it continues northwards towards Angoulême and Poitiers; Further shots near Blanzac are here:

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Summer Afternoon

  Read about and see images of some of the interior carvings of the lovely Romanesque church in Conzac, South Charente:

From this link!