Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation bullshit fills the airwaves

British broadcasters, regrettably now including Bloomberg TV, are filling the British airwaves this morning with reports of how the economy is on the mend (laughably on the back of again inflating house prices) so that politicians and their servile paid mouthpieces in the MSM can again go off on holiday once more pretending that economically all is well.

When reality returns in September with these mostly idle thick-heads, should things hang together that long, an even nastier mess then ever previously imaginable seems bound to await.

On Bloomberg one British "expert" even explained this suppose brighter outlook is partly down to the resolution of the Euro crisis, presumably intending to mean Greece, Portugal and Iceland have now willingly and meekly accepted German subjugation and decades of depression, one must presume.

Spain and Italy are for the moment forgotten, while in France, President Hollande, sings from the same false song sheet, heavens help those who have saved and laboured for their own retirement!



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