Monday, July 08, 2013

Jillings - Successive Governments Contempt for Conscience AND Decency

The BBC Wales web report on the supposed publication today of the long awaited Jillings Report today is here. It includes this astounding statement:

"A redacted [edited] version of the 300-page report was finally made public and published online on Monday following a Freedom of Information (FoI) request by the BBC."

Earlier today this paragraph began "A redacted [edited] version of the 300-page report will finally be made public" 

So the BBC knew that censorship was still at work! The following quote is from an earlier post on this blog on this topic which shows just how far back this cover-up that is continuing this very Monday morning actually goes:

Anne Clwyd Hansard Point of Order 19th June 1996

The Hansard record on the 1996 Point of Order by Anne Clwyd is linked here and contains this summary of the outrageous cover-up effected in Parliament by our supposed representatives and protectors of our democracy and freedoms:Ms Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley)
Further to the point of order that I put to you this morning, Madam Speaker. I understand that Mr. Speaker Weatherill's ruling of 17 February 1992 blocks the early-day motions that I attempted to table last night relating to the North Wales police and child abuse. I should be grateful if you would reconsider the position, because it now seems that one cannot table a motion or a question for oral or written answer; one cannot speak in a debate or, probably, even introduce a Bill drawing on the experience in Clwyd. One cannot raise the issue in a Select Committee or a Standing Committee either. A wall of silence will surround the passage of the Government motion later tonight.
I cannot defend that in my constituency. My constituents were involved, and there are things that should be done before that motion is passed. We should have had a debate in the House on child abuse, and the Secretary of State for Health should have made a statement on the Utting review. This morning a Welsh Office Minister tried to convince me that the Jillings report was defamatory. That is rubbish. What are they trying to hide?
Finally, I want to expose the fact that 25 years ago there was a report on Bryn Estyn, one of the homes involved in the Clwyd child abuse case, but it was never published because the Home Office suppressed it. We cannot close down debate in the House of Commons on an issue as important as child abuse. 

Oh yes they could, it seems, and for more than 16 years during which they could continue with their own perversions or covering up those of others!

Read also this posting of November last year, linked here

Successive Governments are trying to hide the fact that British children were treated like beasts and instead of being brought to justice the perpetrators have been shielded from the consequences of their actions by decisions taken at the very top of Governments and the British Legal System during the Premierships of John Major to David Cameron; with potentially some reviews by those ruling in between. They thus place themselves as beneath the levels of beasts! Many supposed dumb animals would find it against nature to act in such a manner and reason suggests were such so to do then the "herd" would not protect them!


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