Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Compulsory Union Membership in Local Government = Labour Party State Funding

I mentioned on Twitter this morning an argument I had among then family members  regarding compulsory trade union membership taken up by husband and wife graduates of the University of Wales in Cardiff when gaining employment in Local Government. They argued they had no choice but thereby and thereafter one presumes, made contributions to a Trade Union supporting the Labour Party. In spite of being graduates, and thereby well educated and rounded in British terms, one a civil engineer the other a solicitor, neither professed to be able to see any objection to this closed shop arrangement.

Hundreds of thousands of British people down the decades must presumably have held similar opinions! Even Thatcher never tried to tackle the similar closed shop systems operated by the associations of the so-called professions - thus corpoatism which is destroying us has deep roots in society!

Thus was the Labour Party financed to successively wreck the  economy of our country and corrupt the Conservative Party towards socialism. as they have now fully achieved with Cameron in control.

Only when the mass of ordinary people, (struggling to support their families in this daily worsening economic situation,) confront these truths, will any proper national independent recovery be possible! Work cannot even be begun while the three existing leading parties still gather electoral support.

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