Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All Three Main Parties Accused of Skullduggery in Commons

The entire electorate know that charges of financial trickery are warranted.

Below, from Hansard, linked here, are some of the direct charges made yesterday in the House of Commons by MPs themselves. What, if anything will the electorate do about it? Is merely withdrawing their support for the three main political parties in elections really sufficient? 


Andrew Stephenson(Pendle) (Con): Given the scandal involving Unite the Union in Falkirk, and the leaked internal document showing that it is now trying to influence selections in 40 other constituencies across the country, including Pendle, does the Minister agree that there is huge public demand for complete transparency on the influence of trade unions on our political system?
Miss Smith: It is high time this is looked at. I think that the examples my hon. Friend has just given demonstrate that these are by no means isolated cases. It is the same old Labour party, which Len McCluskey still bankrolls, still rigs selections for, still controls and still chooses the leader for.
Sadiq Khan (Tooting) (Lab): The Minister talks about transparency in the political system. She will be aware of the huge concern in March last year when it was first disclosed that multi-millionaires were getting privileged access to No. 10 Downing street and potentially influencing Government policy. It is about more than just elections; it is about influencing Government policy. Does she think that those millionaires will have more of an impact or less of an impact at the next general election?


The Deputy Prime Minister: All parties in this House, if we are candid with each other, have had problems with the way in which big money circulates in politics.... the Labour party has failed and failed and failed to address the fact that it is at the beck and call of major vested interests in British society

Mr David Winnick (Walsall North) (Lab): Would not the Deputy Prime Minister speak with more credibility about political funding if his party returned the £2.5 million given to it by a convicted criminal, Michael Brown? That money was stolen. Why not return it?


Political parties wield THE power in Britain, those who join them know how they are run and thereby make a Faustian pact to partake in that power. The Parties are all, it would appear from the above and in one way or another, similarly corrupt. The powers thus obtained, it seems from the ever continuing expenses scandals, are then mainly being used for the self-enrichment of such MPs, even to the extent of the selling out of the democracy and Parliament these very MPs were actually elected to protect. But the Parties controlling the candidate lists and the tribal voting patterns of the British electorate, allow this system to survive - even to the now almost complete bankruptcy of the country and its effective governance from abroad!

Not voting Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat ever again is certainly one remedy, but is it enough given the powers already ceded to the EU? 

Any remedy thus seems to first demand EU withdrawal which is possible under Article 5O but to make that possible will demand a huge and sudden surge in support for UKIP, for which they are yet to be fully prepared. 

An alternative would be for enough MPs, possibly now spurred by sensing their own looming danger, to  at last realise the urgency and necessity of a non-EU, non ConLabLib alternative for Great Britain. If they let the Euro crisis play itself out, it will be too late for them and we will all become dependent upon the organisational and administrative talents which UKIP can muster.

All MPs today stand accused of complicity in this mess, by continuing to be beneficiaries of the corrupt system their parties have deliberately created for election to public office in the UK, only allowing in weak-willed dross who will continue to tolerate such obscene abuses of power apparently with self-enrichment their one and only aim!

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