Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rail projects underscore EU "Something 4 Nothing" STUPIDITY

All countries laying High-Speed Rail Tracks on EU designated lines do so in the belief they get more than they pay for! Impossible is it not?

Yet that is the underlying philosophy of the entire corrupt and increasingly obscene EU!

Here are the latest pictures of the desecration, close to my home, for the Tours to Bordeaux LGV link, on top of a fast route already existing from Bordeaux to Paris (at the expense of billions of euros in a deficit exploding French economy), while no direct rail link exists to Lyon and points west east (corrected; 30/6 thanks Brian)  from Bordeaux, which will still require a train change near Paris or perhaps even more absurdly in future even Brussels. A likliehood realistic only because of the centralising nature of the EU tyranny which becomes ever more evident!

Britain MUST Halt the similar HS2 being pursued by the UK Coalition Government itself in pursuit of the dangerous EU fantasy that all can get more out than they put in.

G4 Fast internet connections make much of such travel for private enterprises unnecessary. It's only bureaucrats and eurocrats who can afford the time and expense to go by train in the 21st century. EU Citizens will have rightly withdrawn support and funds for such madness before the first train runs on this track in my view.


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