Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Euroscepticism becoming a factor in German election?

I apologise for not having been able to post during the past three days.

I have just tweeted the following link which seems hugely significant for the EU. Town Hall Finance

If the AfD eurosceptic party exceeds 5% in the General Election in Germany in September it will become a factor on forming a governing coalition. It therefore bears careful watching.

What the rest of the EU, controlled as they now are from Berlin through Brussels, can now do to affect the vote in Germany and thereby restore the hope for a future return of their own national democracies, is to emphasise to the German voters they might meet of the third disaster in 100 years that German policies now appear to be about to inflict upon their neighbours! That must surely be the outcome SHOULD Merkel, her party and their backers be allowed by German voters to continue on their present course!

German domination of Europe is not acceptable to that country's neighbours nor the world. Just as the Kaiser and Hitler were eventually rebuffed, by dreadful bloodshed, so too will the means be found to negate this 21st century attempt at German economic control and subsequent political domination of all Europe.

Voters of Germany are, certainly for  this year, Europeans' greatest weapon in this endeavour. Ask all ordinary German citizens and voters to re-visit and carefully examine the horrors of the years beginning in 1918 and 1945 before voting this Autumn and thereby somehow kill off this EU!

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