Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Death throes of the Troika - But what next?

El Pais last evening,reported the coming end of the Troika of the EU, IMF and ECB linked here.

The austerity overseeing grouping which solely exists to pointlessly try to save the always doomed EU Common Currency, the now detested Euro, is still busily about its business as may be seen from these reports of this morning, on Portugal here, Greece here and Ireland last weekend, here.

Throughout May 2010 it was obvious to most thinking people that the Euro was doomed, read the multiple posts from the archives of this blog by clicking for that month on this blog's side bar or from here.

So what should be done with those utter incompetents, so negligently responsible. That is for each sovereign nation, bankrupted by these wildly irresponsible errors, to decide in my opinion. All EU Member States are now effectively bankrupt as a consequence of these nincompoops stupidity!

In Britain's case, as a change of Government occurred in the midst of the relevant Ecofin meetings which to remind readers delivered the EFSM among subsequent woes, all three main political party leaders and financial bigwigs were directly involved, so hopefully we can rid ourselves of the lot of them!

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