Thursday, June 06, 2013

Coming to terms with the Probable Pointlessness of the D-Day Sacrifices

It is difficult for those of us born during or just after World War Two, and been brought up by parents whose generation had made the greater sacrifice to overthrow the German Nazi tyranny, plus grandparents whose own generation had endured and survived the five years of horrors that were the earlier war also inflicted on Europe by German imperialsim, to now be brought to the increasingly blindingly obvious realisation that all that had been for very little point.

There is no longer an effectively operating "Mother of Parliaments" in Westminster, the pound sterling has been devalued and is produced in worthless billions by equally worthless faux politicians who have no grasp of work, worth or value. Integrity is not just dead but mocked where even solid concepts such as marriage can be twisted to suit the whims and appetites of shallow and essentially stupid individuals.

We have sought to divide  the inseparable by the clever device of abnegation of sovereignty and thereby split sanity from reality by divorcing words and concepts from their meaning. It started with sovereignty, now we pretend marriage can be other than between a man and a woman and that money can be divorced from any inherent value.

If nothing has any value, what point then in any striving to excel let alone even merely achieve a sufficiency. If words can be changed to say whatever the speaker chooses, have we not thereby ended all meaningful communication and made language to become a barrier, rather than an aid to understanding?

And all that wealth of a money sign (£,$ or €)  followed by rows of zeroes as worshipped by those attending the Bilderberg meeting in Watford this week, what has that gained them, when in their heart of hearts, all attending must know that they themselves have rendered such worthless!

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Common Purpose must be beaten.

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