Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cameron's Lesson in Continental Conspiracies

British Prime Minister, David Cameron's blind stupidity over the EU was summed up by one sentence from his own mouth, last Friday afternoon, at his conference to the British press following the European Council meeting, as reported by the Daily Telegraph, linked here, which was as follows:

"I won't lie, it is immensely frustrating sometimes the way this organisation works," 
The fact that the EU operates in this manner cannot come as any surprise to any informed or competent Prime Minister of the UK after more than forty years of our immersion in, and bankruptcy by, this multinational project in duplicity.

This blog, its sisters and forerunner, fully explains the reasons why this is the case, but once again here are the basic essentials. Britain is lucky by not being a victim of long-standing historical land borders with foreigners and the disputes they invoke. To compensate for the difficulties such cause, a complicated pattern of conspiracy anf deceit becomes the norm in Continental transnational dealings, such have always underpinned the Common Market, EEC and what is today the EU.

In the process many of our politicians have become simililarly corrupted.

Britain has no business within the EU, Brexit is an urgent necessity and Cameron is unfit as PM if last week's sudden realisation of these truths does not lead him forthwith to that conclusion!

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