Thursday, June 20, 2013

Admiral Byng is best precedent for Mervyn King

I am not suggesting Mervyn King be shot for failing in his functions and duties. I am however suggesting that there is something distinctly odd about his award of a peerage, as I tweeted this morning:

Mervyn King's Peerage. The timing of announcement, its entire separation from any other such award & proximity to birthday honours is ODD!

The Daily Mirror covers the disgraceful financial arrangements also made concerning this wretch, linked here.

The UK is going to need to find a proper way to treat such revolting specimens of humanity that have driven the country into the ground purely for pride and personal gain. There are likely to be thousands such and King seems an ideal starting point as an example and cautionary warning to all the many other greed slathering supposed public servants like this soon to be ex-Governor of the Bank of England. A cautionary example for future public servants and polticians just like the shot Admiral Byng was intended to be for naval commanders.!

I suggest King be stripped of all titles, assets and pensions and be made to live in the meanest council accomodation in the locality of his birth on the basic state old age pension with bus pass and nothing else for the rest of his days!


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