Saturday, May 11, 2013

UKIP can Re-define Politics Just as 3D Printing has Manufacturing!

There is a very pedestrian article in The Economist this week on the UK Independence Party and the challenge it does NOT pose to the existing parties. Absolute tosh which may be read from here.

UKIP, or if that party proves insufficient for the task, another similar, can change politics as suddenly, unexpectedly and permanently as 3D printing with its plastic firearm, looks about to do to manufacturing.

One or two seats, the weekly magazine and the rest of the UK media presently predict for UKIP at the next General Election. What they miss is the fact that the new two party system in Britain is pro-EU versus anti-EU, and at the rate of decline and collapse of the present EU, the anti-side will likely walk it by miles at anytime between now and 2015, unless dissolution of the EU has by then been achieved.

In a first past the post polling election we can see the Labour/Conservative/LibDems lined up against UKIP. Disregarding the EU, with the economic facts and other details of past governing corruption now emerging, how can any of the three main parties really expect any voter, other than their dependents, to ever vote for them again?

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