Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Secret Service disruption of EU opposition!

Many euro-sceprics have long believed that the three mainpolitical parties haveing agreed on the desirability of Common Market membership for Britain later colluded to instruct inteeligence agents to thwart the activities of the political opponents of "ever greater union".

Some of these doubts again rose their heads yesterday with the republishing in The Spectator of one such early suggestion, an article by Norman Tebbit in 2001, read yesterday's posting with the quote from here.

Many of my blogs touch on these matters, and I have tweeted some of the links already this morning and will continue to do so as I find time during today, perhaps it may make some difference to peoples voting intentions tomorrow if they finally begin to get a feeling for how the three main parties have connived to create the disaster that is the EU today and Britain's unhappy great entanglement within it.

Those wishing to make their own research may find the following links helpful. Please email or tweet me if they do not work in the UK.

Teetering Tories

UKIP Uncovered

Veritas Straight Tal

Vote for Kilroy


The Strasbourg Cesspit

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