Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scot's resentment of the English

(I apologise for not having posted yesterday, this was an oversight).

The reception of Nigel Farage, UKIP's leader on the streets of Edinburgh and later from the brainwashed state controlled, media apparatchiks of the BBC, is worthy of comment mainly because it is so entirely unsurprising.

Resentment of theEnglish is inbred in the blood of many Scots down the centuries with the Darien Disaster of the late 17th century finally leading to what some Scots see as their country's absorbtion by their southern land neighbour. There is perhaps a lesson here for those now conspiring to merge the disparate nations of mainland Europe!

I have Scots blood in  my own ancestry, a Wilson from Edinburgh who served under Bligh and Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen, and as a result of that action thereby obtained his own first command. Had I resentment of the English myself, which I do not, it would probably come, however, as a result of my own West Country upbringing, where destruction of the walls of Exeter and the bloodyDorchester assizes of Judge Jeffries were not allowed to go untaught!

I believe that the demonstration by the ranting left-wing students will work wonders for the ever-growing UKIP cause, both North and South of the border.

The broadcast by BBC Scotland may be heard from this YouTube video:

In England the UKIP advance continues as the three main parties daily demonstrate their crass stupidity and archaic procedures in the Palace of Westminster!  The UKIP won a council seat in Rotherham, with 46.5% of the vote comfortably pushing Labour into second place, and reducing the Conservatiuves to a mere 107 votes, read here.


Blogger Robert said...

Even greater than the hatred the Scots have for the English is the hatred they have for other Scots.

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