Wednesday, May 15, 2013

National Self-Delusion & Deceit over the EU May Climax Today

If the Speaker calls the Tory backbench tabled amendment "respectfully" regretting the absence of any mention of the EU in last week's Queen's Speech, then perhaps, just possibly, Britain's utter hypocrisy, double-dealing and downright deceit over what is now the European Union, might finally have reached its peak!

Our Democracy is dead, the machinations over this amendment by our absent PM in the past forty-eight hours is proof enough of that. Cameron (aided by Clegg) has completely castrated the Constitution, finishing the earlier incisions started by Heath, Wilson, Callaghan,Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown.

Europe, as may be read here, or in any of the various languages of Europe's mainstream press this morning, is on its last legs, yet all UK attention is focussed on a Bill giving a theoretical EU referendum in 2017, with a General Election certain to come between now and then, the victors of which, will have no legal nor constitutional obligation to honour whatsoever!

Lies, spin and utter nonsense is all it seems that now counts in the Palace of Westminster!

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