Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Labour MP makes threat to hold views contrary to those legislated improper

David Lammy is Labour MP for Tottenham. In the House of Commons he made a contribution to the debate on Single Sex Marriage, yesterday at about 5:30 pm, which may be read in full from here, of which this was a part:

"In a sense, what we are doing here is declaring that the sort of prejudice that stops gay men and women marrying is wrong. If we arrive at a place in the coming months where we decide that that sort of prejudice is illegal, it cannot be right for any teacher to be entitled to have a separate view and to propagate such a view to children."

He then continued with references to the slave trade debate and the treatment of black people as chattels. David Lammy was at one time Minister for Higher Education in the Brown Government. During that time on Celeberity Mastermind he demonstrated his grasp of British life and our intstutions by replying that Henry V was the heir to Henry VIII, indicating that even day to day counting was beyond his grasp! My blog post on that fiasco may be read in full from here.

All who underwent supposed Higher Education during his tenure with responsibilty for that Ministry must surely feel their studies thereby devalued  by his tenure in office. His Party should feel thoroughly shamed by the above contribution to yesterday's debate and its clear threat to not only our freedom of speech, but also of thought!

Not content with such associations that Party, now under Ed Milliband, then went on to vote with the Government to effectively maintain the control the EU now exerts over our Nation by allowing Cameron and Clegg to remain in power, read here, upon which more on Twitter and most probably here on this blog later today.

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