Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ireland confronts the first realities of Brexit from the EU

As I tweeted this morning, PM Cameron's riding around New York on a red London double-decker bus highlights his addiction to PR and aversion to any matters of substance. Vapid, in fact, as I nick-named him on Teetering Tories long before his strange leadership election victory.

This morning I noted four items from the news headlines all illustrating that nobody, with Britain locked within the EU, is actually looking after the Nation's interests! These were, Amazon, BP oil-spill, HS2 and the EU budget; Other mornings will have different but similar lists.

In Ireland the consequences of the clearly coming UK exit from the EU are at least being considered and planned for as evidenced by this linked article from the Irish Times.

The British people do not wish to stay within the EU, neither do the populations of other large EU nations, France where recession again was declared yesterday shows support via Pew has fallen to 41%. Can Spain and Italy be expected to either long remain?

How can Britain prepare for what is bound to be a crucial and dangerous period with complete incompetents such as Cameron and Clegg shirking individual and Party responsibilities as their prime activities?

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