Friday, May 10, 2013

Germany Set to Steal the Future Sunshine of France.

Just as Britain has been exploited for its future wind, so too now is France about to be pillaged of its sunshine and vast swathes of its arable land laid to glass.

Were the French to dedicate their land to solar panels instead of livestock or crops none could complain, but as in the case of Britain's onshore and offshore wind resources - German minds and deviousness seem busily at work behind the costly and ridiculous plans.

The European Commission yesterday approved the imposition of emergency import duties on Chinese solar panels, most likely the opening shot in what may turn out to be a vicious and protracted trade war. Read one report of that decision from here. There can be only one cause for the imposition of such import duties, that being cost! Quite simply they are cheaper! The buyers of the panels are being taxed, which cost will be passed to electricity users in the years ahead, just as is the case with British wind farms!

Why should French electricity consumers be forced to buy higher than market priced panels from Germany, sacrifice arable land for generations ahead and commit to pay higher than necessary electricity charges for the foreseeable future? All of this happening right now, just as Chines import tariffs are imposed, one example is this week being discussed in a neighbouring commune to mine, Ronsenac in the Charente, (my own commune already has its own, smaller such facility) to spread in their case over an area of 70 hectares, that being 172.9 acres?

There is one answer to those questions and one answer only - the EU!

But stating that, clouds what the EU has today become, a means of extending German control over the European land mass, not on this occasion for territorial gain as so often in the past, but for absolute economic control already seen clearly across the UK in the actual ownership of vast assets, also of course through the austerity programmes in Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Italy but now too, as this example shows, just now getting underway in France. Greed for money and control from Germany now seem to have become the principle, (almost sole,) driving forces of the European Union, and nothing, not even the risk of a trade war with China, seems capable of stopping it.

Only by ending this EU Project can the nations of Europe resume their role of protecting their citizens though tried and tested means of national sovereignty and democracy. If their national governments remain unprepared to act in their protection, where now may the citizens of Europe look for redress from the constant ripping off through hidden taxes and straightforward economic extortion daily obviously underway?

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