Thursday, May 02, 2013

Cameron enters County Council Polling Day with a Con on his Lips

David Cameron, this slippery, shady, con-man who is, to our misery, the Prime Minister of the Nation, has sunk to a new low this morning as he contrives to begin polling day with the main publicity organ of his disgraced party, the Daily Telegraph, trying to trick the country into believing a complete confidence trick based upon a lie, read here, from which this is the opening paragraph:

The Prime Minister, who has described Ukip supporters as “fruitcakes”, said that he was prepared to introduce legal safeguards before the end of the current parliament to guarantee that a referendum takes place after the general election. Previously he has promised to call a vote only if he is re-elected in 2015. 

One of the main absolutes of our largely unwritten Constitution, is that:

 No Parliament may bind its successors!

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