Friday, May 31, 2013

Incredibly EU Seems Surprised it's DETESTED in the UK

There is an interesting article in La Stampa (in English) today which may be read from here, try to make it through the emails from British residents it quotes.

It appears the writer Marco Zatterin and the EU spokesman he quotes, Jonathan Todd, appear taken aback by the depth of feeling displayed and it is suggested in the article such matters should be handled as gentlemanly affairs!

Almost simultaneously on Twitter another article was linked "The Spiders Web" from The Backbencher, also linked here, describing the betrayal by Britain's ruling classes of the people of the former democracy and sovereign nation.

The British people are perfectly able to express themselves in these matters, and my more than ten years of blogging describes step by step the deceit and defrauding that has delivered us to both economic bankruptcy and rule from abroad.

Any surprise from Brussels, one would imagine, would be therefore feigned, yet it is such a removed and corrupted ivory tower, perhaps it is not. They should prepare themselves for a shock, as I detect similar disgust and despair at the EU near my home here in France, it surely must be the case in Greece, Ireland and Portugal. In the past two weeks in Sweden others also must be reaching similar conclusions.

Look at the benefits those involved in the EU award themselves, then survey the widespread economic catastrophe they have caused and ask themselves, quite seriously, do they truly believe this can be resolved in a gentlemanly manner?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nick Clegg and the EU

 A Tweet from Stephen - Unionist @yogs1961

Clegg: The UK is not going to leave the European Union. Of course not. We are inextricably wound up with Europe, we are a European nation ? Retweeted by atticvs 

Interesting with loads of controversial themes in that small tweet. Centuries of harsh lessons disregarded, oceans of human tears shed completely ignored and a future stripped of any shade or grade of grey nor space left for doubt. Perhaps redeemed by that Question Mark after "nation". I have been unable to trace the quote so cannot tell whether it was inserted by the author of the tweet or the speaker/writer of the words.

I will suggest a few of the imponderables such simplistic thinking should leave in its wake. Europe ends where? Could Georgia be such a country? Is Switzerland? Should Britain leave and Portugal follow does Europe lose its westernmost end? An econmy may tempoarily become "inextricably" wound up with those of its neighbours, but a geographical entity (lete alone an island) cannot!

Clegg here proves himself totally incapable of grasping even the simplest of concepts related to reality rather than lofty concepts.

Europe is bankrupt, contemplating dismantlement of their welfare stateswith the wealthiest power openly considering revolution as a consequence. The EU is out of options, it is both broke and beyond unloved to have now become widely detested.

If that fact is unpalatable to Mr Clegg and thousands of other prospective pensioners from its corrupt reign - TOUGH!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Britain's Secret Guantanamo?

The BBC Radio 4 Today programme, has this morning been revealing a procedure used in Afghanistan which throws into doubt the Governments adherence to Habeas Corpus. Read the internet BBC Report from here.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Britain in Peril!

The nation's Prime Minister lolls like the fat idle slob that he clearly is on a beach in Ibiza, while the Foreign Secretary argues for ten hours this Sunday with his fellow EU incompetents to arm the friends of those slaughtering OUR soldiers on OUR streets and holding a prison guard hostage in one of our jails!

Link to the horrendous Hague's latest shaming.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Cameron, Swiveling Eyes to his "juvenile idiots"

Janet Daley just over six years ago summed up pretty well in the Daily Telegraph, much of what was wrong with David Cameroneven  then AND more certainly so today. Incredible that the Conservative Party have stuck with him so far, read her full article of 21st May 2007 from here, or just these telling extracts:

"Well the Tories certainly have stolen the limelight from Labour. In a week that should have belonged entirely to the New Brown Enterprise, they managed to get every politically astute eye in the country to swivel their way in disbelieving fascination....

"Team Cameron seems to have no idea what was so truly and deeply offensive about their monumental grammar school debacle, or why everything that they said about it, or forced official party spokesmen to say about it, made it worse...

" Do these people know anything at all about the feelings and motivations of real people? Do they have any conception of what it was they were repudiating when they accused the most virtuous and devoted parents in the country of what sounded for all the world like a crime against humanity?......

"The Cameron project has, at a stroke, restored patrician condescension to the heart of Conservative philosophy. Apparently oblivious to the sinister aspect that their own upper-class, public-school backgrounds would inject into this debate, they have revived a species of class war that prevailed in this country long before the Marxist version: the aristocratic loathing of the middle-class upstart.

"The destitute are sympathetic because they can be patronised and "helped": the real enemy is the striving, overly-conscientious burgher who insists on helping himself."

These are the voters, together with the self-motivators from among former Labour Party supporters, who are now (and will continue in ever growing numbers)  flocking to UKIP!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Eton - The Right to Rule

There was much discussion and debate yesterday on a question that appeared in an Eton College scholarship paper in 2011, which was the following:

(c)  The year is 2040. There have been riots in the streets of London after Britain has run out of petrol because of an oil crisis in the Middle East. Protesters have attacked public buildings. Several policemen have died. Consequently, the Government has deployed the Army to curb the protests. After two days the protests have been stopped but twenty-five protesters have been killed by the Army. You are the Prime Minister. Write the script for a speech to be broadcast to the nation in which you explain why employing the Army against violent protesters was the only option available to you and one which was both necessary and moral. [15] 

There are several intersting points which emerge from the question itself. First I should point out that when pasting the question above it appears that "necessary" and "moral" are in a different type-face to the rest of the text. Has it been amended since first being set or is that merely a facet of conversion from the italic of the pdf document to the blogspot editor?

Assuming that it has not been modified, (my source is the school itself from this pdf link) and that is exactly as the question was posed, then it says some very odd things about British society and the assumptions of the present Prime Minister. Among which are these:

1) What kind of people can assume, that 29 years into the future it would be necessary AND moral to shoot protesters who had been deprived of one of life's still then presumed necessities?

2) What kind of institution of education would set out to filter schlarship applicants by seeking sufficiently non-inquiring minds to happily find excuses for this, to my mind, almost preposterous supposition.

3) Does not every action and speech of the incumbent Old Etonian, Prime Minister,David Cameron, indicate that just such a brainwashed zombie has thus already been thrust upon the nation, thanks to the clever manipulation of the voting Conservative Party membership?

This seems to stain every single living individual whomsoever attended Eton College, after all the rich who can afford the fees are already widely expected to be typical chinless-wonder type  creeps, but the scholarship boys, one would assume, had need to be the opposite to give the school some academic standing, not least as counterweights to their privileged schoolmates, themselves mainly intent upon maintining their inherited wealth, standing and control.

This seems all the stranger having come to light at this moment, when six nights of protests across Sweden, spreading out from the capital, are reported by one source as having been triggered by the police shooting of a protester armed with some kind of knife or cleaver.

Surely in Sweden the option of exiting the EU must now be being considered as a preferable necessary and moral alternative to staying within the "Project", and shooting protesters as the Eton examiners seem to envision as the only alternative to their chosen course for Society?

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Is Cowardice the defining characteristic of Cameron and his fellow EU Leaders?

"The sleepwalkers" is the theme of both The Economist magazine's cover piece and its main leading article in the editions which hit the newsstands this morning, but is that an adequate explanation for the gross incompetence of the EU's leadership?

This blogger has concentrated on the affairs of the EU for over ten years and can pretty certainly state that sleepwalking is clearly not the issue, in fact such a description ducks the reality in exactly the same manner used by the EU leaders themselves, in their futile efforts to avoid both the past the truths and the daily growing evidence of all its consequences, touching as they now do upon almost every aspect of Europeans' daily lives.

Such avoidance of reality, that cannot possibly be explained except by them all having at some point having taken a conscious decision so to do!  THAT is cowardice, brought about from fear of the consequences of their past inactions and deliberate neglect!

Sleepwalking it most certainly is NOT!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is Cameron running scared of other EU Leaders?

It is begiining to appear that every time Cameron goes abroad to finally confront the sheer ugliness of what is underwy within the EU, something crops up back in the UK that gives him the chance of running back home, as if scared witless.

This linked report from Reuters descibes the death of Thatcher as the chance to cancel diplomacy planned with President Hollande and Chancellor Merkel while cutting short a meeting with fellow PM Rajoy, while the actual funeral, the sole thing requiring Cameron's presence clearly lay several days away.

Today on the Radio Four Today programme, distessingly we heard from various people living in Woolwich, that apart from the possible fact that the victim was a soldier, what occurred yesterday was far away from being out of the ordinary. Such seems to be confirmed in this linked article from Daniel Greenfield, titled "Afghanistan comes to London".

Yesterday, the Prime Minister on the same radio programme explained his concerns for young boys who are bullied over being gay. All bullying is obnoxious, but being afraid of being bullied cannot be tolerated in a man who has put himself forward to lead and protect his country and fellow countrymen and women.

Whatever way one looks at it, the evidence is NOW absolutely clear, Mr Cameron is unfit for the office he holds!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Farage has destroyed the EU as we've known it!

This present EU has always been built around the secrecy of the tax arrangements for its officials, finally one brave man has exposed a piece of such fraud.

When all the facts are known, we will be freed from the deceit and double standards of this already thoroughly shamed EU Project.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Labour MP makes threat to hold views contrary to those legislated improper

David Lammy is Labour MP for Tottenham. In the House of Commons he made a contribution to the debate on Single Sex Marriage, yesterday at about 5:30 pm, which may be read in full from here, of which this was a part:

"In a sense, what we are doing here is declaring that the sort of prejudice that stops gay men and women marrying is wrong. If we arrive at a place in the coming months where we decide that that sort of prejudice is illegal, it cannot be right for any teacher to be entitled to have a separate view and to propagate such a view to children."

He then continued with references to the slave trade debate and the treatment of black people as chattels. David Lammy was at one time Minister for Higher Education in the Brown Government. During that time on Celeberity Mastermind he demonstrated his grasp of British life and our intstutions by replying that Henry V was the heir to Henry VIII, indicating that even day to day counting was beyond his grasp! My blog post on that fiasco may be read in full from here.

All who underwent supposed Higher Education during his tenure with responsibilty for that Ministry must surely feel their studies thereby devalued  by his tenure in office. His Party should feel thoroughly shamed by the above contribution to yesterday's debate and its clear threat to not only our freedom of speech, but also of thought!

Not content with such associations that Party, now under Ed Milliband, then went on to vote with the Government to effectively maintain the control the EU now exerts over our Nation by allowing Cameron and Clegg to remain in power, read here, upon which more on Twitter and most probably here on this blog later today.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Power that Drives Politics is Shifting

The EU may no longer be ignored as the prime driver of politics all across Western Europe. Old divisions between right and left, which have delivered the West into the non-democratic control of corporatist collectivists, no longer seem significant to ordinary people.

The trashing of people's savings, pensions and home values and concurrent disenfanchisement of their former means of protection and protest, their national parliaments, has now been compounded by the dleiberate confiscation of some of their bank deposits rendering useless the very currency they have been brainwashed into accepting as the symbol of the way ahead for Europe in the future.

How can existing political parties, all of whom conspired to deliver this end, ever again expect to be taken seriously at the ballot box. UKIP are today reported to be advertising in what was once known as the House Journal of the Conservative Party, the Daily Telegraph, to attract the hard-workers and activists who have themselves delivered power to the sullied souls who control the governing coalition in the UK.

Labour,  a century ago, was planting the seeds which overthrew the power base of the 19th century political system. Be in no doubt the same process is underway all across Europe today! When people recognise where the real power lies, they will surely exercise it, faced with the destruction of their very means of trade, exchange and even their daily existence, money itself, what other choice have they been given?


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why George Osborne must be removed

Retiring Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King got in a lethal perting shot at Chancellor George Osborne in a farewell interview on the Sky News Murhnaghan Show this morning.  For more background on how Michael Howard came to appoint Osborne  read Teetering Tories archives for late 2005 and early 2006.

To understand the scale of the mistake on North Sea Tax made by Osborne in his first budget, since corrected, which the retiring Governor blamed for the disastrous state of Britain's economy last year, see this link or the post to which it directs, quoted in full below as it today also seems so relevant:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gormless Governance by Milksop Ministers!

Fittingly George (née Gideon) Osborne had a recurrance of what appeared to me to be teenage acne for his appearence before the Commons Finance Committee yesterday. The spectacular blunder over the two billion pound tax grab against the North Sea oil and gas industry was covered on Channel Four TV News, last evening as may be read about and viewed from this link, amusingly titled, "Crude awakening for Osborne's refuelling of the economy". More from Aberdeen on that topic this morning from here.

This blog immediately pointed out the grossness of Osborne's budget misjudgement,
read here, when the  details were known. Many years spent analysing the feasibility of commercialising North Sea oil fields allowed me to immediately recognise the potential and pointless disaster Osborne had created. Obtaining an acceptable annual average rate of return on such huge investments is always stunningly adversely affected by apparently small changes to tax legislation. All such tax regimes result in percentage returns based on the realised hydrocarbons sales price, it is therefore completely disingenuous of Osborne to argue, as he did yesterday, that changing the tax regime was the only means the government (not necessarily synonymous with the people of the country) would gain its share of rising market prices. As I stated in my posting of last Thursday in the link above:

Furthermore and even more critically at present, North Sea energy (is) in a declining phase (and) thus needs extra tax incentives as it provides a protection against the ever growing middle-east chaos.

Is immaturity sufficient excuse for Britain's milksop ministers getting everything so clearly wrong, read
this on the RAF pilot shortage for example?  Is David Cameron as big a moron as his daily actions now increasingly indicate and can Nick Clegg really be as cretinous as he is allowing himself to appear?

Whatever the answer, as set out in my posting of yesterday immediately beneath this, it is clear that with Gordon Brown these two set out to deliberately bankrupt our country in a vain and hopeless bid to save the doomed Euro, immediately following the last General Election. It has since appeared that action might well prove to be be the worst they could achieve, however, daily growing evidence now throws even that assumption into doubt!


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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scot's resentment of the English

(I apologise for not having posted yesterday, this was an oversight).

The reception of Nigel Farage, UKIP's leader on the streets of Edinburgh and later from the brainwashed state controlled, media apparatchiks of the BBC, is worthy of comment mainly because it is so entirely unsurprising.

Resentment of theEnglish is inbred in the blood of many Scots down the centuries with the Darien Disaster of the late 17th century finally leading to what some Scots see as their country's absorbtion by their southern land neighbour. There is perhaps a lesson here for those now conspiring to merge the disparate nations of mainland Europe!

I have Scots blood in  my own ancestry, a Wilson from Edinburgh who served under Bligh and Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen, and as a result of that action thereby obtained his own first command. Had I resentment of the English myself, which I do not, it would probably come, however, as a result of my own West Country upbringing, where destruction of the walls of Exeter and the bloodyDorchester assizes of Judge Jeffries were not allowed to go untaught!

I believe that the demonstration by the ranting left-wing students will work wonders for the ever-growing UKIP cause, both North and South of the border.

The broadcast by BBC Scotland may be heard from this YouTube video:

In England the UKIP advance continues as the three main parties daily demonstrate their crass stupidity and archaic procedures in the Palace of Westminster!  The UKIP won a council seat in Rotherham, with 46.5% of the vote comfortably pushing Labour into second place, and reducing the Conservatiuves to a mere 107 votes, read here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ireland confronts the first realities of Brexit from the EU

As I tweeted this morning, PM Cameron's riding around New York on a red London double-decker bus highlights his addiction to PR and aversion to any matters of substance. Vapid, in fact, as I nick-named him on Teetering Tories long before his strange leadership election victory.

This morning I noted four items from the news headlines all illustrating that nobody, with Britain locked within the EU, is actually looking after the Nation's interests! These were, Amazon, BP oil-spill, HS2 and the EU budget; Other mornings will have different but similar lists.

In Ireland the consequences of the clearly coming UK exit from the EU are at least being considered and planned for as evidenced by this linked article from the Irish Times.

The British people do not wish to stay within the EU, neither do the populations of other large EU nations, France where recession again was declared yesterday shows support via Pew has fallen to 41%. Can Spain and Italy be expected to either long remain?

How can Britain prepare for what is bound to be a crucial and dangerous period with complete incompetents such as Cameron and Clegg shirking individual and Party responsibilities as their prime activities?

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

National Self-Delusion & Deceit over the EU May Climax Today

If the Speaker calls the Tory backbench tabled amendment "respectfully" regretting the absence of any mention of the EU in last week's Queen's Speech, then perhaps, just possibly, Britain's utter hypocrisy, double-dealing and downright deceit over what is now the European Union, might finally have reached its peak!

Our Democracy is dead, the machinations over this amendment by our absent PM in the past forty-eight hours is proof enough of that. Cameron (aided by Clegg) has completely castrated the Constitution, finishing the earlier incisions started by Heath, Wilson, Callaghan,Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown.

Europe, as may be read here, or in any of the various languages of Europe's mainstream press this morning, is on its last legs, yet all UK attention is focussed on a Bill giving a theoretical EU referendum in 2017, with a General Election certain to come between now and then, the victors of which, will have no legal nor constitutional obligation to honour whatsoever!

Lies, spin and utter nonsense is all it seems that now counts in the Palace of Westminster!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

High-Speed Internet comes to Rural France

My commune, locked in the heart of the Charente countryside in almost completely rural SW France, now has access to High Speed Internet.

Today I will take my existing modem to make the change-over. Past experience with such technology transfers teaches me that all may not proceed as smoothly as has been explained to me or I have planned.

If there are no posts on my blogs, nor tweets on twitter from this user for a while, all is well with me, it is merely my contact with the wider world that has been lost, possibly not such a bad thing as nature is rapidly encroaching upon our homestead at this season of quite phenomenal growth!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Proof Positive that ECOFIN and G7 are Completely Clueless

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (2nd L) speaks, as he sits next to the German Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schauble (L), the Managing Director of the International Monetary fund, Christine Lagarde (2nd R), and Canada's Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty, at the Global Investment Conference 2013 in London May 9, 2013. (Photo: REUTERS)

Picture & caption copied from linked IB Times report also linked below

ECOFIN Chairman and Irish Finance Minister on 12th April ahead of next day's ECOFIN which he chaired, stating Cyprus was stabilised, was not a crisis issue and would merely be mentioned in the normal way.

IBTimes report of this morning, linked here, on the G7 Finance Ministers meeting which opens with the quoted spot on paragraph, proving that when Mr Noonan was making that statement in the video above, Cyprus was in fact facing "near economic meltdown":

Members of the G7 will home in on ways to speed up banking reforms in light of Cyprus' near economic meltdown during today's meeting in Buckinghamshire.

In fact, the measures taken by the EuroGroup Ecofin, it is daily becoming clearer,  will eventually and inevitably mark the end of the West's financial structures.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

UKIP can Re-define Politics Just as 3D Printing has Manufacturing!

There is a very pedestrian article in The Economist this week on the UK Independence Party and the challenge it does NOT pose to the existing parties. Absolute tosh which may be read from here.

UKIP, or if that party proves insufficient for the task, another similar, can change politics as suddenly, unexpectedly and permanently as 3D printing with its plastic firearm, looks about to do to manufacturing.

One or two seats, the weekly magazine and the rest of the UK media presently predict for UKIP at the next General Election. What they miss is the fact that the new two party system in Britain is pro-EU versus anti-EU, and at the rate of decline and collapse of the present EU, the anti-side will likely walk it by miles at anytime between now and 2015, unless dissolution of the EU has by then been achieved.

In a first past the post polling election we can see the Labour/Conservative/LibDems lined up against UKIP. Disregarding the EU, with the economic facts and other details of past governing corruption now emerging, how can any of the three main parties really expect any voter, other than their dependents, to ever vote for them again?

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Germany Set to Steal the Future Sunshine of France.

Just as Britain has been exploited for its future wind, so too now is France about to be pillaged of its sunshine and vast swathes of its arable land laid to glass.

Were the French to dedicate their land to solar panels instead of livestock or crops none could complain, but as in the case of Britain's onshore and offshore wind resources - German minds and deviousness seem busily at work behind the costly and ridiculous plans.

The European Commission yesterday approved the imposition of emergency import duties on Chinese solar panels, most likely the opening shot in what may turn out to be a vicious and protracted trade war. Read one report of that decision from here. There can be only one cause for the imposition of such import duties, that being cost! Quite simply they are cheaper! The buyers of the panels are being taxed, which cost will be passed to electricity users in the years ahead, just as is the case with British wind farms!

Why should French electricity consumers be forced to buy higher than market priced panels from Germany, sacrifice arable land for generations ahead and commit to pay higher than necessary electricity charges for the foreseeable future? All of this happening right now, just as Chines import tariffs are imposed, one example is this week being discussed in a neighbouring commune to mine, Ronsenac in the Charente, (my own commune already has its own, smaller such facility) to spread in their case over an area of 70 hectares, that being 172.9 acres?

There is one answer to those questions and one answer only - the EU!

But stating that, clouds what the EU has today become, a means of extending German control over the European land mass, not on this occasion for territorial gain as so often in the past, but for absolute economic control already seen clearly across the UK in the actual ownership of vast assets, also of course through the austerity programmes in Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Italy but now too, as this example shows, just now getting underway in France. Greed for money and control from Germany now seem to have become the principle, (almost sole,) driving forces of the European Union, and nothing, not even the risk of a trade war with China, seems capable of stopping it.

Only by ending this EU Project can the nations of Europe resume their role of protecting their citizens though tried and tested means of national sovereignty and democracy. If their national governments remain unprepared to act in their protection, where now may the citizens of Europe look for redress from the constant ripping off through hidden taxes and straightforward economic extortion daily obviously underway?

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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Finding a New Tory Leader could set up a contest with Farage

Chewing on Michael Portillo's announcement that he would vote to leave the EU I was wondering whether it might be a leadership bid and the possible consequences.

Portillo like Boris lacks the necessary Westminster seat. An early retirement from a sitting MP in a safe constituency might cost at most in ordinaray times a life peerage. These however are far from being ordinary times. For a by-election without UKIP's concurrence would immediately spark a possible challenge from that party, potentially even from Nigel Farage himself!

Mr Farage  grows in stature each passing day, see proof on video here.

To avoid such a confrontation the Tories can only look within the party at Westminster and as one must presume a candidate from the Lords would be unacceptable in the 21st Century, leaving few Commons contenders. David Davis has already made his willingness clear but he lacks the track record of solid opposition to the EU which would seem a necessity in these circumstances.

John Redwood another potential candidate without that impediment seems to have lost all fire for a fight as evidenced by his blog diary of late and yesterday's contribution to the debate as in Hansard at 4.3 pm linked here. The concluding paragraph indicated that potential was still there:

I do not want to belong to a powerless Parliament. I do not want to belong to an impotent Parliament. I want to belong to a Parliament that can give redress to angry people outside if we think that they are right. I want to belong to a Parliament that controls our borders. I want to belong to a Parliament that settles our energy crisis. I want to belong to a Parliament that can legislate to finalise who has welfare entitlement and who does not. We are not in that happy position today. That is why I welcome the Prime Minister’s statement that we need a new relationship with the European Union. Bring it on as soon as possible and put it to this House of Commons, because without it this House of Commons is, indeed, impotent.

Looking at the various performances yesterday, Nigel Farage stood head and shoulders above all others in Britain's politics, watch the video linked above!


Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Nick Clegg - Happy to leave Britain in Limbo

The Mail has a review this morning of a book by Lord Adonis on Nick Clegg's behaviour and attitude during the negotiations of the Coalition Agreement, the result of which will form the basis of yet another Queen's Speech in Parliament today; It is linked from here. The first sentence is as follows;

Nick Clegg wanted the negotiations which set up the Coalition to last for ‘weeks’, a book reveals.

In the clear weakness in character and temprement of David Cameron, the Prime Minister himself, lie a myriad of reasons why this Coalition should be brought to an early end by the ever larger body of disgruntled Tory MPs.

In the detail of this book there seems to lie ample cause why the likes of a Nick Clegg type, EU-sullied and fanatical LibDem character, should never again be allowed within reach of the reins of power!

The pointlessness of this coalition will be fully revealed today for any who witness or read the Gracious Speech by the Queen in the House of lords!

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Lord Lawson calls for Britain's EU Withdrawal via early referendum

Nigel Lawson, probably Britain's most successful post-war Chancellor of the Exchequer, has made the ECONOMIC case for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, further adding to the problems of his party leader by arguing, quite correctly, that any renegotiation of terms would be entirely pointless!

The Times, carries the first report but cannot be linked as its greed prevents its access from the real world, the Sky News report is here.

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Monday, May 06, 2013

UKIP, the next General Election & the Economy

Below I have quoted a series of thoughts I had last evening and this morning and posted on Twitter!

They perhaps read better and can more easily be followed in chronological order as herewith:

Any new party set to contemplate pact or coalition with Lab/Con/Lib, that have destroyed & betrayed GB, will not deserve 2b long considered

The message of recent results is that finally the electorate is waking up to the deliberate destruction of GB Constitution &Democracy

EU collapse now seems Cameron's one chance of staying PM beyond 2015, how will he act when he twigs that fact I wonder?

Lower CorporationTax & a renegotiated relationship with the increasingly crippled drawing new multinationals toUK

In a first past the post system you have to be "Either" or "OR" such is UKIP's challenge. Labour with its record 1997/2010 should not be one

with its attitude to the grotesque an acknowledged fact, must adopt economic policies recognising post 2008 low-growth realities

will be slaughtered next General Election because they refused to face up to the true economic nightmare they faced at the outset

OBR (see link) will likely be a very unfunny national joke, along with its creators Os/Cam/Clegg by next Gen Election  

So has chance to plan for a new international role for UK, thanks to its foresight on & gross economic incompetence of competition

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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Eastern Orthodox Church Easter Weekend

This weekend marks Easter for the Eastern Orthodox Church. Near where I live here in SW France, amongst a myriad of magnificent Romanesque churches, is this  Monastery of Korssoun at Grassac, consecrated in 1996. Happy Easter!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Congratulations to all in UKIP

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of its membership, UKIP gathered over a million votes, around one quarter of all those cast, to deliver a strong message to the other three main UK political parties and the collectivist and corporatist European Union.

Members of the Conservative Party now have the problem of how to rid themselves of the socialist at their Party's head, along with his privileged and clueless bunch of fellow travellers. Much on their background and conspiracy is on my blog Teetering Tories.

UKIP members can now merely sit back, enjoy their long weekend and await developments in the Tory Party, betrayers of individualism and now even common decency on top of our 'Gone with Maggie' democracy!

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Cameron enters County Council Polling Day with a Con on his Lips

David Cameron, this slippery, shady, con-man who is, to our misery, the Prime Minister of the Nation, has sunk to a new low this morning as he contrives to begin polling day with the main publicity organ of his disgraced party, the Daily Telegraph, trying to trick the country into believing a complete confidence trick based upon a lie, read here, from which this is the opening paragraph:

The Prime Minister, who has described Ukip supporters as “fruitcakes”, said that he was prepared to introduce legal safeguards before the end of the current parliament to guarantee that a referendum takes place after the general election. Previously he has promised to call a vote only if he is re-elected in 2015. 

One of the main absolutes of our largely unwritten Constitution, is that:

 No Parliament may bind its successors!

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Secret Service disruption of EU opposition!

Many euro-sceprics have long believed that the three mainpolitical parties haveing agreed on the desirability of Common Market membership for Britain later colluded to instruct inteeligence agents to thwart the activities of the political opponents of "ever greater union".

Some of these doubts again rose their heads yesterday with the republishing in The Spectator of one such early suggestion, an article by Norman Tebbit in 2001, read yesterday's posting with the quote from here.

Many of my blogs touch on these matters, and I have tweeted some of the links already this morning and will continue to do so as I find time during today, perhaps it may make some difference to peoples voting intentions tomorrow if they finally begin to get a feeling for how the three main parties have connived to create the disaster that is the EU today and Britain's unhappy great entanglement within it.

Those wishing to make their own research may find the following links helpful. Please email or tweet me if they do not work in the UK.

Teetering Tories

UKIP Uncovered

Veritas Straight Tal

Vote for Kilroy


The Strasbourg Cesspit

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