Monday, April 22, 2013

The EU Mission is to Destroy Countries

We should not be surprised about what has happened to Britain. It was all part of a grand EU masterplan, which inevitably is now blowing up in all our faces. This report from the Daily Mail on a warning from Russia on just one of the ticking time-bombs we have created, backed up by the main BBC Radio 4 Today Programme 08:10 am interview, is one of the most worrying examples of many, many more.

That is why all issues, in both local and national politics, have now become EUROPEAN and thereby part of the greater EU conspiracy! A conspiracy which is bent on destroying national life and replacing it with their completely non-democratic alternative and now clearly German controlled alternative!

Any vote for representatives of the three main UK poltical parties, whether Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat will, AS PAST RECENT DECADES CLEARLY PROVE, merely delivers more EU control, less prosperity and greater poverty as less and less prosperous nations join the EU and existing members are steadily bankrupted by the insatiable greed of the non-elected Commission, its officials and the giant corporations they choose to serve.

As recent elections and events across the EU show, General Elections are often now ignored by the EU!

Therefore make the 2nd May local elections your perhaps final chance to put THEM on notice that the British people have had ENOUGH!

Reject this tri-party scheme to deprive YOU of all our birthrights!

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