Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Look what they have done to Europe!

When you regard the economic devestation on everyhand, the human misery wrought by old-fashioned German determination to have everything their way, the cold deliberation and determination to impose Economic and Monetary Union in the face of mountains of expert advice warning of the dangers, the sheer gall of those repsonsible seems quite incredible.

Now this morning we are informed that one of the shadowy figures, behind this disaster, Giuliano Amato,  a Vice-President appointed by the Laeken Convention, who with his boss Valery Giscard d'Estaing rubbished the greater democracy the supposed intent of that convention and at the following IGC, dreamt up the obscene Constitutional/Reform/Lisbon Treaty which forms the basis of the European Treaties to this day while honoured mainly in the breech!

Amato was born in 1938, his longevity iteslf an obscenity when considered alongside all that his generation has wrought upon our Continent! Telling is it not, that among all these old men and women who have created the mess that is today's EU, not one of them yet appears to have jumped from a tall building, blown their brains out or suspended themselves from some convenient projection!


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