Sunday, April 28, 2013

Local Elections may offer last chance to halt final corruption of UK politics

The main thrust of the EU Conspiracy to destroy Europe's once democratic nation states has always been particularly concentrated at local level, while most publicity and trumpeting has been conducted within the National Parliaments and the institutions of the EECartel itself.

The history of this Regional Policy, as described by the EU in its own reports from its own web pages is here.

The objective of any tyranny is to gather power and money towards itself and maintain control of the subjugated victims through the disbursements of funds and privileges. EU own resources come largely from the obscene tax of VAT levied at every transaction made within the EU, now often imposed at levels above 20% and itself a condition of membership in the entire corrupted concept.

Control of the disenfranchised and completely controlled former nation-state citizens is maintained at local level, through the arbitrary spending of these vast sums and the disbursements of perks and privileges to the pro-EU elected councillors on the non-elected Regional Committees, absolutely regardless of whether they were initially elected claiming to represent the interests of Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat Party voters.

That is why the three big parties in England are in a state of almost complete panic this weekend. If enough UKIP Councillors can be elected to break onto the EU Regional Committees across the country, the obscene financial foundations of the big parties in the UK will be exposed and the EU will finally be sent packing from the shores of the UK once and for all.

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Blogger Admiral J Sparrow said...

Martin thanks for the Twtr links to Devon CC & the EU. Time to rethink voting intentions on Thur

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