Monday, April 29, 2013

How Germany's Belgium Lie Worked 100 Years Ago Today!

 Here is the entry from Wikipedia for 100 years ago today, linked here:

April 29, 1913 (Tuesday)

  • Germany's Foreign Minister, Gottlieb von Jagow, said in a speech at the Reichstag that German would respect the guarantees of Belgium's neutrality, followed by Minister of War Josias von Heeringen, who pledged that "Germany will not lose sight of the fact that the neutrality of Belgium is guaranteed by international treaty." Germany would invade Belgium fifteen months later on its entry into World War I on August 2, 1914.[60]

Now we know the clear facts, that this deliberate and blatant lie had exactly the result that Germany intended on the French defensive plan XVII, then under consideration,  by Général Joseph Joffre

What lies today are being deliberately spread to lead us all into what other new and as yet unimagined similar disasters?


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