Monday, April 08, 2013

Cameron in Cuckoo Land

Here in South West France  we heard our first cuckoo of this summer around 25th March. In Britain, we describe somebody who is somewhat deranged, but not violently or criminally insane, as cuckoo!

Later today, British PM, David Cameron, after stopping off in Spain, arrives in Paris to visit President Hollande, another cuckoo on a complete fool's errand!

Cameron has no grasp of the modern world nor even British society but his ignorance about the EU trumps even that. I have lived on the Continent for some years but am only just beginning to get a feel for the hugely complex interplaysthat surround the EU. The hopelessness of my incomprehension are probably reflected in the links from a tweet I posted this morning:


At least my ideas will, I hope, be seen as constructive, in trying to patch Europe back together, rather than split it completely apart, as I believe Cameron's ideas will be viewed!

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