Friday, March 08, 2013

What Constitutes the Sickening Scum Spread across the Summit of British Society

So Vicky Price, (former wife of Chris Huhne, ex Energy Minister, MP, MEP and groomed professional politician throughout his life within the same process that has delivered over us almost the entire gang of present political leaders,) is also with her "ex"; guilty of "perverting the course of justice".

The clutch of emails between this vindictive bitch and a so-called news journalist working for the Murdoch rag, the Sunday Times, speaks volumes on the nature of these sewer rats and their entire political and media class, who have while feeding their own disgusting greed and other as yet unkown appetites, absolutely destroyed this country's society alongside its democracy and independence, through the blackmailing and extortion racket that is the EU.

Let us now see how that same British Society chooses to sentence these creatures, long years in jail with no remission seems appropriate, but the country is reduced to such straits, can that really be afforded?

How can we rid ourselves of their shallow, lightweight, similarly corrupted, fellow-travellers spread all across the political parties? They are indeed just like a foul green scum of algae spread all across the surface a deoxygenated garden pond.

 I will blog again only when the sentenceson this pair  are at least known and when any new official attitude towards the filth that now control all the details of our entire lives can possibly be disecerned.


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