Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Time to pack up the Monopoly Box

The game has nearly run its course, we have run out of houses and hotels and everywhere is overbuilt and over borrowed, the nominated banker is the clear winner, but he sits mostly on a pile of other players' IOUs, all as worthless as the scrap paper we wrote them on, and in fact even the real game money with which we started to play. Monopoly was only fun and enjoyable as a game when some trust existed among the players.  Often that was not the case, but eventually all would eventually twig that the banker (often allowed to self-select at the outset,) has had his hand in the joint kitty, sometimes even since play began, then as play ended all would often swear that none would play with him ever again. So much for memories of childhood Monopoly games!

In the supposed real world, where our politicians, public servants and bankers have been similarly dishonest and turned our earnings and savings to worthless and meaningless tokens of nothingness, read here.


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