Friday, February 22, 2013

Why did Channel 4 News dish the LibDem Party

The page on the Channel 4 News website regarding their report on the long-running sexual harassment of female party workers, by senior party figure and one time party chief executive Lord Rennard, aired last evening is here.

I watch this news programme regularly, but only about once a week as it usually has a different view as to what is News than other broadcasters and thereby an agenda all its own. Last night was just such an occasion and I was immediately intrigued by the motivation behind the harassment report, coming as it did one week before the crucial (for the LibDems) by-election in Eastleigh. What did Channel 4 expect to achieve?

Incredibly, given the obnoxiousness of its former sitting MP, the LibDems until last evening, still seemed on track to regain the Eastleigh seat. The Conservative candidates boycott of a BBC radio debate among the candidates to instead accompany the Prime Minister on a factory visit, (where again according to this news report, he received a cold reception) almost leads one to presume there was a bias towards the Tories in this broadcast attack on the LibDem peer?

Is that really possible? This last week of the campaign will prove interesting, and I will be watching Channel 4 more closely for further clues!

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