Monday, February 11, 2013

How will Tory's Eastleigh Candidate rub along with Grant Shapps et al?

The Daily Telegraph has a picture of Conservative Eastleigh Candidate, Maria Hutchings alongside Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps, in this link, but this old New Statesman article probably provides a better insight into  the character of the candidate the Tories have surprisingly selected for this contest. Maria Hutchins seems like a thoroughly decent and hard-working individual, likely to sit uncomfortably on the privilege riddled benches of Cameron's Old Etonian dominated party! Perhaps the Tories have figured her declaration that she would vote in a referendum to quit the EU will somehow nobble UKIP, but only a vote for the latter can eventually deliver such a voting opportunity!

As the by-election campaign develops she will no doubt be seeing much more of Mr Shapps and many other Cameroon-style, ambitious and power-hungry Conservatives, I wonder if the business record and style of Chairperson Shapps, as described in this Wikipedia profile, will come to prove irksome for the family-friendly and refreshingly down to earth Maria Hutchings?

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