Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eastleigh - Why it has to be UKIP

Given what Labour, Conservatives and LibDems have done to our country AND that this is a vote for the National Parliament in Westminster, only a vote for UKIP in Eastleigh tomorrow makes any kind of sense.

I have watched the candidate interviews and read their literature. The front running Liberal Democrat, were he running as an Independent, might be worthy of consideration, but his main strengths appear to be local and that is where he seems currently best employed. The history of the previous MP should rule that party out anyway for any voter with decency, even before considering the ongoing questions surrounding Rennard.

The UKIP candidate seems well informed, articulate and competent. Surprisingly so in my view, which questions I raised at the opening of the by-election campaign. If she succeeds she will be a strong contender in any UKIP party leadership contest, which will inevitably follow UKIP's long-awaited arrival in Westminster. It seems a shame that her credentials within the party thus seem so shallow and her background as an opponent of the EU apparently non-existent.

The anti-EU message  must be maintained for those in control all across Europe following on and re-inforcing the Bepe Grillo victory in Italy. Even the front page of Le Figaro, this morning, highlights that conventional politicians making empty promises that are impossible to finance, deserve to be defeated. In the UK that means electoral defeat for the Con/Lab/LibDems everywhere, and in France and the Euro Group a decisive push in the European Parliamerntary elections next summer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

UKIP have to win

Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:

Already over 55,000. At 100,000 it goes to Parliament

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