Saturday, February 16, 2013

Are Slave Labour Camps Returning?

There is a rather startling article on the web site of German Deutsche Welle this morning that seems to indicate virtual slave labour camps are returning to Germany, read here

This report by the respected broadcaster seems to bear out many of the accusations made by EUObserver in their own article with somewhat more emotive descriptions and quotes some of the victims the main victims of the neo-Nazi guards as being Spanish, although coming from all across Europe, one presumes mainly from the bankrupt states in the Eurozone often labelled PIIGS, see here. A quote from that latter article is as follows:

The guards work for Hess security, which ARD suggested is an allusion to Adolf Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess. Several of them are shown in the documentary wearing Thor Steinar clothing, which is synonymous with neo-Nazis groups in Germany.
The clothing label is banned both by Germany's parliament and the country's football association for its far-right links - the reason why Amazon itself also does not sell the label online.
Maria, a Spanish worker, who several times complained about the housing conditions, had experience of the guards first hand. She was summarily fired, apparently for drying her wet clothes on a heater. She recounted how the guards waited outside the chalet with their car headlights on full as she packed.

Any with eyes to see and the brain to reason, must be able to now see what is clearly underway within Europe and more particularly within the Single Market, which Britain's Prime Minister, amazingly enough, still constantly extols! Is it not time that any civilised national leaders left among the twenty-seven, now got together and called a halt?


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