Thursday, February 28, 2013

RobBerS results are out again!

RBS, the epitomy of the years of the New Labour Scumbags Blair, Brown and Darling who with their Scots Robber Banker buddies have bankrupted Britain, as now being continued by Cameron (note the Scot's surname) and his sidekicks Clegg, Osborne and Danny Alexander, has announced yet more billions of losses and bonuses to grind the noses of England's taxpayers ever deeper into the smelly mess they have together created! Read here.

Oh lucky voters of Eastleigh, able to head to the polls throughout today, with the rare chance to deliver a public verdict on these bottom feeding and scavenging politicians surely the absolute dregs of humanity!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eastleigh - Why it has to be UKIP

Given what Labour, Conservatives and LibDems have done to our country AND that this is a vote for the National Parliament in Westminster, only a vote for UKIP in Eastleigh tomorrow makes any kind of sense.

I have watched the candidate interviews and read their literature. The front running Liberal Democrat, were he running as an Independent, might be worthy of consideration, but his main strengths appear to be local and that is where he seems currently best employed. The history of the previous MP should rule that party out anyway for any voter with decency, even before considering the ongoing questions surrounding Rennard.

The UKIP candidate seems well informed, articulate and competent. Surprisingly so in my view, which questions I raised at the opening of the by-election campaign. If she succeeds she will be a strong contender in any UKIP party leadership contest, which will inevitably follow UKIP's long-awaited arrival in Westminster. It seems a shame that her credentials within the party thus seem so shallow and her background as an opponent of the EU apparently non-existent.

The anti-EU message  must be maintained for those in control all across Europe following on and re-inforcing the Bepe Grillo victory in Italy. Even the front page of Le Figaro, this morning, highlights that conventional politicians making empty promises that are impossible to finance, deserve to be defeated. In the UK that means electoral defeat for the Con/Lab/LibDems everywhere, and in France and the Euro Group a decisive push in the European Parliamerntary elections next summer.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brilliant result for Bepe Grillo in Italy

The five star party of Bepe Grillo has emerged as the largest party in Italy following the General Election gaining around one quarter of the votes cast with Mario Monti crushed into fourth place with less than ten per cent of votes cast.

The EU is now in chaos, can it be bought to an end? I have been mainly tweeting this morning, on these fast moving events some of which are repeated herewith:

  1. , we could do the same before too long ".........the public here is as angry as that in Italy......."
  2. "...a tyrannical course, (as defined by Karl Popper) was indeed the one selected by those in real control of the EU"
  3. The scandal engulfing Nick Clegg demonstrates why he wants to gag the press with statutory regulation and why we should resist it
  4. Bersani's centre-left bloc has 29.54% of vote for the lower house (Chamber of Deputies), barely ahead of the 29.18% for next group Chaos?
  5. The citizens of Europe are increasingly sick........... >>>>>of both the Commission and some of its institutions
  6. The citizens of Europe are increasingly sickened by both the non-audited corruption in EU expenditure and the non-democratic nature of >>>>>
  7. If voters reject on Thursday that statement on would seem correct. If UKIP get in, then we're as
  8. The EU has a golden opportunity to change course. This is of particular value to & De who faces defeat if € continues bloody&wounded
  9. Italian elections have not delivered an Italian Crisis to the EU. pressed its € crisis on to Italy who have thrown it back + interest
  10. If the Yard finds Lord innocent of any criminality, whom within the FibDems will they charge with waste of police time!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Political Filth

Melanie Phillips in the Mail sums up our politics and politicians better than I am able today! Read here. It concludes as follows;

"Is it any wonder that the public now view the entire political class with such visceral contempt and disgust?"

No, it isn't, Oh Lucky Eastleigh voters, how the rest of the nation envies you!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013


On a Sunday morning exactly ten years ago this weekend I published on "Ironies" the attacking comment under this post's same title, it having been banned by the EU Europa Futurum fora:

 "Democracy or Pan-European Totalitarianism

The remarks were directed at those driving the EU, driving the Intergovernmental Convention that eventually delivered the EU Constitutional Treaty, later the Reform Treaty, which has now been  enacted under the name of the Lisbon Treaty, and incorporated as the TEU and TFEU!

It  today imposes the TYRANNY under which 27 formerly sovereign democratic counries of Europe are being controlled and governed.

It did not have to be like that although quite clearly that is where Europe was even then quite clearly headed under the evil men today even further cemented in power. Here are just three paragraphs from that posting showing just how different things could today have been:

Should Europe’s new institutions be directly controlled by 'the majority' using the new tools available from the revolution in information technology?

Why is the major topic of discussion in the Convention, not about how the people of Europe may periodically remove their leaders and avoid the new organisations such as the ERRF and Europol becoming the instruments of a despot?

Are, perhaps, the tyrants already in control?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Decency Disbelieved in UK Sovereign Downgrade

Look at the shifty eyes and flabby jowls of our Prime Minister. Ultimately international relations come down to a question of trust. Looking at David Cameron, without even knowing anything of his background, could lead one to hesitate before taking him at his word. Knowing his background, record in power and how it was obtained few would be stupid enough to attack Moody's decision announced overnight to remove Brirtain's triple A credit rating. The first time such has ever occurred in history.

How we got here is well documented, ten years of truth-telling it on this blog and its forerunner "Ironies" is being celebrated this very weekend.

Pointless adding any more it seems.

Now the Conservatives must set about removing their shamed leading team of shysters, but will they?

Here is the post of ten years ago today, that launched my first blog, as the "Europe" Discussion Forums of the EU refused to publish it. It remains as true, if not more so (for much of what it forecast has now been proved true) as it was back then:


Sunday, February 23, 2003
I have been attempting (without success) to post on the EU Futurum Future of Europe debate pages, the following contribution to their debate on the proposed new constitution.

I quote it in full as presented to the EU before its rejection:-


Pericles in his famous funeral oration for the slain warriors of democratic Athens, among many other ringing statements in favour of democracy, pertinently said the following:


Although only a few may originate a policy, we are all able to judge it. We do not look upon discussion as a stumbling block in the way of political action, but as an indispensable preliminary to acting wisely.


The above is quoted directly from Karl Popper's book The Open Society and its Enemies published in paperback by Routledge Classics (ISBN 0-415-23731-9). It should be required reading for all members of the convention chaired by Vallery Giscard d'Estaing on the future structures of the European State.

Others following these debates are also recommended to the book, but for those unable to obtain a copy, or spare the time to read it, I give below a brief summary of what I consider to be the most salient points as concerns the dangers Europe now faces if the convention proceeds as seems likely. In my opinion, never will the outcome of such a debate be likely to affect so many millions of people, and rarely can there have been such reluctance to openly discuss the frightening implications of the decisions being taken.

Plato is the early villain in Popper's analysis for the ever present drive against democracy and equalitarianism. The author describes, with detailed logic, the elitism, racialism and totalitarianism that can eventually result in a Society that follows the 'chosen people' concept, intrinsic to much of Plato's writings.

Popper makes an excellent case that the critical divide in governance of a geographic entity, whether city, nation (and it follows, super-state) is between collectivism and individualism.

The argument made by Plato that the state be placed higher than the individual and the suggestion that justice is synonymous "for that which is in the best interest of the state" now apparent in the structures of the EU, must be refuted at, virtually, any cost.

Anti-democratic forces malign the case for individualism by falsely asserting that collectivism is synonymous with altruism, while individualism is blackened by being equated to egoism.

"Who should rule?" Plato asks and gives his own reply, "the wise shall lead and rule, and the ignorant shall follow?" Popper proposes that the very question "Who shall rule?" itself, becomes the problem and proposes an alternative question.


How can we so organize political institutions that bad or incompetent rulers can be prevented from doing too much damage?


I would suggest that the above question is the one that the present convention on the future Europe should be considering.

As Popper argues "all theories of sovereignty are paradoxical". For instance we may have selected 'the wisest' or 'the best' as a ruler. But 'the wisest' in his wisdom may find that not he but 'the best' should rule, and the best in his goodness may decide that 'the majority' should rule.

By emphasising who should rule, or indeed on what basis our ruler should be appointed or by what limited constituency he should be elected, we are driven up a blind alley. We should be debating the checks and balances which should be imposed on those who rule us, bearing in mind that only by the best of good luck will any of our future leaders be anything other than reasonably competent. The majority will be incompetent and we will for sure, be subject to the occasional tyrant reaching the pinnacle of pan-European power. How could such a despot be removed? Popper asserts:


A theory of democratic control can be developed that is free from the paradox of sovereignty. The theory I have in mind is one which does not proceed, as it were, from a doctrine of the intrinsic good or righteousness of a majority rule, but rather from the baseness of tyranny: or more precisely it rests upon the decision, or adoption of the proposal, to avoid and resist tyranny.


Continuing with this theme Popper argues that there are two forms of government, those that can be got rid of without bloodshed (such as in general elections) and those that require a successful revolution to replace, or not at all. He labels the first sort 'democracies' and the second 'tyrannies'.

What facilities will the new European super-state supply for the replacement of its rulers… none that I have yet seen proposed, we would thus appear to be heading towards tyrannical, non-democratic rule as labelled by Popper!

Debating who should rule avoids the subject of democratic checks and balances, and leads to further problems clearly evident in the French system of government, such as, that the qualities of leadership may be believed to be identifiable at a young age and an elite education provided, tailored along the lines of those attributes considered important by the existent ruling clique. Self-perpetuating incompetent rule, or worse appears to me the inevitable result.

France nevertheless clearly remains a democracy within Popper’s definition, is this likely to remain the case for the Union of Europe if a French model is imposed on the already un-democratic institutions of the existing EU? The first draft constitution clearly places the State above the individual, inter alia, by granting rights beyond its gift to give, or power to protect.

It would be a major mistake for the new Europe to follow a Platonic pattern of government, but a mistake that daily appears more likely. The existing EU is already the kind of elitist, non-accountable, non-removable nightmare against which Popper warned when he wrote his book in the early nineteen forties. It is incredible how little Europe seems to have learned from those wartime years and the events leading to them.

I have frequently heard it boasted, the EU would not have advanced this far, (or?) to 'ever closer union', had democratic authority been sought at every step!

The present difficulties of the common currency and acceptance of the latest expansion amongst the general public, should amply demonstrate to the extreme federalists who make such remarks, that the limits of such non-democratic coercion have now been reached. Proceeding with further imposed integration, and consequent diminution of national democratic protections, could threaten the whole project of future European unity. Rumblings of discontent abound in all three of the major EU States I have recently visited!

I appeal directly to the Chairman of the convention, who, probably co-incidentally, incorporated my earlier minimum requirement in his initial constitutional draft, to read Popper’s excellent book and consider its implications. To achieve lasting renown, requires a bold step in favour of democratic fundamentals which will be strongly resisted by the various Brussels and National elites! Courage mon brave!

Should Europe’s new institutions be directly controlled by 'the majority' using the new tools available from the revolution in information technology?

Why is the major topic of discussion in the Convention, not about how the people of Europe may periodically remove their leaders and avoid the new organisations such as the ERRF and Europol becoming the instruments of a despot?

Are, perhaps, the tyrants already in control?

These are the questions that need to be addressed. Using Popper's labels of societies, they can be democracies or tyrannies, if the EU is to take on the full characteristics of a State, as the majority in Europe seem to believe is desirable, test whether this statement is true with a pan-European referendum. If the answer is Yes!, then build a Democracy for which all should wish, and of which they can be proud.

If No!, then at least the convention and its Chairman will not have lent their name, to the creation of perhaps the largest tyranny the world has yet to see!

Against whom will the name of Vallery Giscard d'Estaing be set in history… Pericles or Plato?... and for the creation of what kind of European Union, one of democracy and freedom or Popper's only alternative…?


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Friday, February 22, 2013

Why did Channel 4 News dish the LibDem Party

The page on the Channel 4 News website regarding their report on the long-running sexual harassment of female party workers, by senior party figure and one time party chief executive Lord Rennard, aired last evening is here.

I watch this news programme regularly, but only about once a week as it usually has a different view as to what is News than other broadcasters and thereby an agenda all its own. Last night was just such an occasion and I was immediately intrigued by the motivation behind the harassment report, coming as it did one week before the crucial (for the LibDems) by-election in Eastleigh. What did Channel 4 expect to achieve?

Incredibly, given the obnoxiousness of its former sitting MP, the LibDems until last evening, still seemed on track to regain the Eastleigh seat. The Conservative candidates boycott of a BBC radio debate among the candidates to instead accompany the Prime Minister on a factory visit, (where again according to this news report, he received a cold reception) almost leads one to presume there was a bias towards the Tories in this broadcast attack on the LibDem peer?

Is that really possible? This last week of the campaign will prove interesting, and I will be watching Channel 4 more closely for further clues!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Destroying Devonshire, the beating heart of European Unity

There was bad news from Axminster in East Devon yesterday, read here. One branch of my East Devon family arrived from France possibly to rectify the inferior tapestries of England as revealed on the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Others came apparently with William I. Topsham on the River Exe owes much to its founders fromù the Low Countries. Sir Walter Raleigh presumably owed his extensive world knowledge and superb education to the Black Monks based from nearby Mont St Michel, while before the Romans the County itself is said to have been part of a Kingdom that included Brittany.

Devonshire's landscape and geography makes it unsuitable for rapid transport by land, thus its main communications have always by sea and its close neighbours being considered as foreigners by its English neighbours lying to further east in England. Ottermouth Haven, long since a silted-up but still scenic gem, was once the hub of a vast trading network extending to the Golfe of Saintonge, now similarly largely deserted by the sea, but leaving the memory in the name of nearby Budleigh Salterton.

The EU is a land based collectivist union, insular and shut-off from the world, as is so evident with its present obsession with massively expensive, high-speed rail investments already made redundant by the jet planes streaking through the skies above at twice the speed and at one-tenth the cost.

The enemies of the EU can be defined as those who understand the wealth that can be gained with an open mind given free reign in a system dedicated to the protection and encouragement of individual human rights.

Given the excellence of the Axminster Carpets products and the plunging pound sterling, I have little doubt that this particular East Devon Company will survive to prosper in some form or another long after the EU is another shudder inducing memory such as the Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Germany and Stalin's dictatorship have become today!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

France - A Worrying Basket Case

Down the centuries Britain has learnt to live with its closest neighbour across the Channel, whom since its borders reach to the coast of the Mediterrenean Sea, nevertheless remains an ever complex enigma to the English.

This morning Morgan Stanley has tweeted via linkback some interesting research on the French economy, which I trust readers to this blog will be able to access through this link!

If not I have pasted a copy of the original tweet below:

Why 's credibility is on the way down and why everybody should short the country.

A study of this depth deserves fuller consideration before offering any comment, so I will refrain from such temptation but include this significant part of one bullet point:

"We believe European policymakers are likely to ask France to lay out a comprehensive and achievable strategy of fiscal consolidation in the medium term. In particular, we believe the government needs to provide detailed measures of reduction or further control of spending..."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Decadence in Public Administration

There was a time in Britain when Civil Servants, if not their political co-administrators, could be largely relied upon to act in the main part, in the overall wider public interest. Note this passage from Arthur Herman's "To Rule the Waves" - 

'Everyone admitted the Admiralty was the most efficient of the three service headquarters, with a deep sense of its own traditions and history. As Britain's oldest continuous department of state, it was still "an absolutely first-class organization," said one outside observer, and "in a class by itself." 

But the pressure to conform to the demands of modern bureaucracy was too much. On March 31, 1964, the Admiralty Board met for the last time, surrendered its letters patent, and hauled down its flag, after three hundred and thirty-six years of continuous existence. From now on, it was just one more set of dreary offices in the Ministry of Defense, looking forward with dread every year for the next Defense Survey and the next round of cuts.'

Worse, far worse, was of course to follow as Britain's public administration, (largely as a result of the pure power lust and private greed of Britain's incumbent civil servants,) became adapted and merged to fit the purposes of the European federalist conspirators. All standards quickly became debased as domestic administrators viewed and came to ape the tactics of their Continental superiors in obtaining the maximum possible personal returns for the minimum possible input and effort.

Now HS2 proceeds in spite of the complete farce and travel disruption and huge costs increases resulting from the introduction of a similar mad-cap EU scheme "Fyra" between Amsterdam and Brussels, presently suspended.

The general public largely made up by the taxpaying middle classes are being squeezed to death by the greed of the very wealthy, running the corporate giants who control the bureaucracy, and the entitlement-greedy and often idle benefit claimants below. Their one opportunity to escape this squeeze appears to be to join the public servants gorging from an ever diminishing and increasingly EU-controlled tax take.


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Monday, February 18, 2013

BBC Journalists' Actions Belie their Words

There are many in Britain who in recent years seem to have deservedly earned the general public's deepest contempt. Bankers spring immediately to mind and I am sure it is not necessary for me to compile a complete list for we all will have our own.

One group that seems unaware they are now even included in this motley band are BBC journalists, particularly those who compile and present the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 each morning. This group, self-importantly have set themselves up to not only set the agenda for the day's national debate but impose their views, more appropriately described as prejudices, on every topic under the sun or across the world, wherever it may occur, and regardless of their own ignorance of the issues involved.

Laughingly they have today again gone on strike, mistakenly believing they will be missed. Had the BBC Trust a proper management structure staffed by personnel of principle, they would be fire the entire Today team and only 50% offered reinstatement at 50% of their former plush payment packages, all of which becoming subject to normal HMRC taxation!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Government were warned of carcinogenic jute in food chain

As with so much else in Britain it seems that being a Government minister is taken to mean maximise perks, pensions, arrange a lucrative post for the future and fervently hope and as far as possible cover-up any problem that arises so that it can either be pushed onto your successor or blamed upon your predecessor!

The Sky News report on the horse drug jute in the food chain is linked here and reported in the Sunday Times. The following is a brief quote from the former link:

Government ministers were warned in 2011 that horse meat was illegally entering the human food chain, it has been claimed.
John Young, a former manager at the Meat Hygiene Service, now part of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), told the Sunday Times he helped draft a letter to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in April that year. 
But he told the paper the letter to former minister Sir Jim Paice on behalf of Britain's largest horse meat exporter, High Peak Meat Exports, which warned that flesh with possible drug residue getting into food could blow up into a scandal, was ignored.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Are Slave Labour Camps Returning?

There is a rather startling article on the web site of German Deutsche Welle this morning that seems to indicate virtual slave labour camps are returning to Germany, read here

This report by the respected broadcaster seems to bear out many of the accusations made by EUObserver in their own article with somewhat more emotive descriptions and quotes some of the victims the main victims of the neo-Nazi guards as being Spanish, although coming from all across Europe, one presumes mainly from the bankrupt states in the Eurozone often labelled PIIGS, see here. A quote from that latter article is as follows:

The guards work for Hess security, which ARD suggested is an allusion to Adolf Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess. Several of them are shown in the documentary wearing Thor Steinar clothing, which is synonymous with neo-Nazis groups in Germany.
The clothing label is banned both by Germany's parliament and the country's football association for its far-right links - the reason why Amazon itself also does not sell the label online.
Maria, a Spanish worker, who several times complained about the housing conditions, had experience of the guards first hand. She was summarily fired, apparently for drying her wet clothes on a heater. She recounted how the guards waited outside the chalet with their car headlights on full as she packed.

Any with eyes to see and the brain to reason, must be able to now see what is clearly underway within Europe and more particularly within the Single Market, which Britain's Prime Minister, amazingly enough, still constantly extols! Is it not time that any civilised national leaders left among the twenty-seven, now got together and called a halt?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Horsemeat, Lies , EU Parliament, Farage's Funk and Eastleigh

My latest posting, which pretty well sums up my thoughts on most of what seems underway at the moment has just been posted by the International Business Times, read here.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

UKIP's Proposed Eastleigh Candidate is a Liar

Cranleigh & Ewhurst

2011 results
Cranleigh & Ewhurst (1 vacancy)
Turnout: 54.47%
Electorate: 10614

COLE Richard ErnestLiberal Democrats933
JAMES Diane MartineIndependent1093
MACDERMOTT Lynda MayLabour Party (The)532
YOUNG Alan EdwardConservative Party2830ELECTED

An Independent, as James declares herself to the Ewhurst electors, must by definition belong to NO political party!

Yet the publicity blurb, issued by UKIP on 11th February 2013, introducing Diane James to the voters of Eastleigh, linked here, states the following:

"She joined UKIP in 2010 after deciding that they were the only party which represented her views on the political scene"

Either Ms James was lying to the voters of Waverley in May 2011 or she is now lying to the voters of Eastleigh, together with UKIP, regarding the date when she joined that party.

After ten years of being represented by a now self-confessed lying MP, Chris Huhne, who has incidentally now been told to attend court at lunchtime today with a "going away bag", surely the electorate of Eastleigh now deserves truthful, in so far as that is now possible in England, political representation?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

UKIP Members Must Face Up TO Farage Facts

UKIP has been growing in membership of late as the rot, corruption and lies upon which the EU is built becomes ever more apparent to greater numbers of Britons. This results as the corruption at the top seeps down into society and robs ever greater numbers of ordinary people while simultaneously eroding the lifestyles of almost all.

The farce of the Eastleigh by-election UKIP candidate selection, must now provide the catalyst around which this new body of members can mobilise to rid themselves of their brilliantly eloquent party leader, Nigel Farage MEP, who accurately verbally attacks the monster upon whose lifestyle he has nevertheless so clearly become dependent, while in Eastleigh,  as elsewhere previously, he uses every ruse in the book to avoid putting himself into Westminster, the one Parliament from which EU withdrawal for the UK can be effected.

One MEP, former Chief Accountant to the EU Commission, Marta Andreasen has this morning made public her own problems within UKIP in an item from the LSE website, linked here

Andreasen's words carry massive firepower as it was she who took on the particularly obnoxious Kinnock Clique in Brussels, and was duly removed as a result,when quite hilariously, the head of that bloated family grouping, as a Commission VP, was charged with tackling corruption. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Farage and the Ford Closure at Eastleigh

There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that shows Nigel Farage MEP is almost certainly the one main reason UKIP has no MPs in Westminster.

Up to this week it has been nigh on impossible to pin anything specific at his door, such a master of feint and dodge has he become. As I have been blogging and tweeting for several days now, since the horrible Huhne admitted his guilt, Farage would duck this brilliant latest opportunity in what has become his usual manner. The grave crisis facing the nation, the deep rot at the centre of government, the economic disaster that surely wipes Labour from contention, the chaos and back-biting within the governing coalition parties, none of these electorally fabulous opportunities proved sufficient to deviate Farage from his chosen course.

The Ford closure and transfer of jobs to Turkey, read here and here could be his undoing however! He cannot pretend he is unaware of this potential victory clincher for UKIP as he mentioned it as first item on his self-promotion visit to the constituency last Saturday, as captured on video!

For unsure UKIP voters and party members doubtful that Farage could be so unscrupulous as to so damage the party's chances to such an extent, consider the perfect opportunity delivered by this movement of jobs to Turkey with EU financing offered to a truly Eurosceptic party. Then carefully look at the credentials and anti-NHS background of the candidate the party is due to present in just two hours time near Eastleigh Station. Is not party defeat the clear intention?

This is either gross leadership incompetence or treachery on a quite awesome scale, putting Cameron's earlier breaking of cast iron referendum promises well into the shade!

Farage cannot be allowed to survive this farce! Or he has just over one hour to do the decent thing and stand behind his fighting words of the past decades!

Monday, February 11, 2013

How will Tory's Eastleigh Candidate rub along with Grant Shapps et al?

The Daily Telegraph has a picture of Conservative Eastleigh Candidate, Maria Hutchings alongside Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps, in this link, but this old New Statesman article probably provides a better insight into  the character of the candidate the Tories have surprisingly selected for this contest. Maria Hutchins seems like a thoroughly decent and hard-working individual, likely to sit uncomfortably on the privilege riddled benches of Cameron's Old Etonian dominated party! Perhaps the Tories have figured her declaration that she would vote in a referendum to quit the EU will somehow nobble UKIP, but only a vote for the latter can eventually deliver such a voting opportunity!

As the by-election campaign develops she will no doubt be seeing much more of Mr Shapps and many other Cameroon-style, ambitious and power-hungry Conservatives, I wonder if the business record and style of Chairperson Shapps, as described in this Wikipedia profile, will come to prove irksome for the family-friendly and refreshingly down to earth Maria Hutchings?

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

UKIP at Eastleigh - The Slayers of Big Party Politics

How can the LiberalDemocrats defend the Eastleigh Parliamentary seat after ten years of the lying of Huhne and the disturbing reports and recordings seeping out from the trial of his partner in crime?

How can Labour, struggling reportedly to even find a candidate, overcome the truth now emerging of their similar mismanagement of the NHS to that of the economy, apparently turning certain Hospital Trusts almost into euthanisia machines for the callous undertaking of death by neglect or dehydration for their elderly condemned inmates.

How can Cameron possibly overcome his own mismanagement of the economy and now obvious complete subservience to foreign control in all areas of government. How can his own candidate, given her past public statements on immigration and the scheduled influx from Bulgaria and Romania at this year's end, not herself decide to vote for UKIP by the end of the campaign or be proven a hypocrite at the hustings?

How could the voters of Eastleigh, if offered the chance by the articulate leader of UKIP, not leap at the chance of a clear alternative for Britain, that could begin at Eastleigh, to dump all the constant lies, false statistics, government inefficiency, daily official extortion etc.,etc., etc., all of which is now a cemented-in part of Britons' daily lives!

But FIRST of course, Nigel Farage, must put aside his supposedly more important daily business in Europe for a period of even less than three weeks, and recognise that this is indeed an existential moment for himself and his party!

Flunk this Mr Farage and the nation will seek another means of exiting yje UK from the already clearly doomed EU, probably one coming from within the ranks of the Conservative Party!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

HS2 AND Horsemeat Horseshit

Study the document, linked here in pdf format, issued at the conclusion of the seven year spending-fixing session of the EU Council in Brussels yesterday, and the truth behind the never-ceasing lies, evasions and utter horseshit that are emitted from that Great Wen,  like excrement into the sewers of a city one hundred times its size, will become immediately clear!

On page 3 of the document we are informed that   "Heading 2 “Sustainable growth: natural resources” which will include a sub-ceiling for market related expenditure and direct payments"

Paragraph 17 at the foot of Page 8 starts with this statement "17. Interconnected transport, energy and digital networks are an important element in the completion of the European single market. Moreover, investments in key infrastructures with EU added value can boost Europe’s competitiveness in the medium and long term in a difficult economic context, marked by slow growth and tight public budgets.

Why, we must wonder in amazement, was this palpable nonsense not challenged in a group of national leaders imposing austerity across their Continent. This money is mainly being spent on rail projects such as HS2, which will do nothing but provide track for near empty and non-economic trains to run at a loss for decades into the future, mostly no doubt to be provided by a Siemens monopoly only for the use of servants of the evil EU institution itself. Productive personnel in private enterprise, should any survive the high taxes, required to lay the worthless rail-track, will probably long before have eradicated such individuals, who would of course in any event elect to use the cheaper and faster option of air travel or go by car. This is evident when looking at travel means across other more advanced continental land masses.

The costs set aside for this preferred transport options are set out on ¨Page 9 as follows:

(a) transport: EUR 23 174 million, out of which EUR 10 000 million will be transferred from the Cohesion Fund to be spent in line with the CEF Regulation in Member States eligible for funding from the Cohesion Fund;
(b) energy: EUR 5 126 million; 
(c) telecommunications: EUR 1000 million. 

Note the pathetic €1 billion for modern communications methods such as telcoms,  set against the huge sums for trains and the threat to Britain's energy independence by letting corrupt EU officialdom loose with over €5 billion to distort fully working free market decision making while lining their own pockets and pensions in manners of which we are now all fully informed.

So here is the cause of the latest lies from from our own political leaders of the three main parties. They see €23 Billion in a pot and without questioning its worth compete to get their fair share, lumbering Britain with a useless train line for decades ahead for which we will be committed to buy foreigners locomotives and suffer totally uneconomic transport costs WITHIN OUR ISLAND BARELY CONNECTED (if not hopefully fully divorced) from the Marxist run sclerotic nightmare that is regrettably our neighbour, but which our surrounding sea gives us every ability to fully and once and for all ignore!

AND the horse meat in this post's title you may wonder? Yet more of the total lies that the example given by our political parties have caused to spread throughout society. If not a word uttered by our leaders, civil servants and regulators is to be believed, why not pretend a cow is a horse? It makes more sense than pretending HS2 can be economically justified - within or without the EU!

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Friday, February 08, 2013

Was Farage's Eastleigh FUNK behind Andreasen's Sexist Assault

My rare posting on the UKIP Uncovered blog this morning is quoted herewith in full:

Friday, February 08, 2013 
Marta Adreasen MEP attacks Nigel Farage MEP

The BBC report of 6th February, is linked here and appears to revolve around differences between men and women, nowadays described as sexism! A clue to the attack being based upon policy differences regarding the perfectly obvious point that should Farage walk the walk as well as he talks the talk - HE WOULD OBVIOUSLY BE STANDING IN THE EASTLEIGH By-election for UKIP! 
See this earlier tweet dated 5th February, when news of Farage's FUNK first appeared, as retweeted by myself @IroniesToo:

Nigel won't run in eastleigh. An opportunity for our first mp missed. by-election