Thursday, January 31, 2013

Banking Scandals - Cash may Restore Honesty

It is good to at last see that the crisis in the world's oldest bank, Monte dal Paschi in Milan, is at last receiving some coverage in the UK press, albeit so far mainly from the ever alert Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph, read here.

I have been tweeting on the developing situation which has now moved to Rome and the tax implications of a property deal, although the Reuters report linked here, is worryingly brief.

The head of the ECB has already returned to Italy once on this matter, as he headed the Bank of Italy when some of the doubtful transactions were arranged. 

Where this story will lead, none may guess; for all the banks are now so interconnected, AND it appears from other UK news headlines of this morning, all so equally driven by greed and willingness to contemplate doubtful practices, few if any seem fit to survive!

Electronic transfers and the fake currency of the Euro may eventually necessitate a short term and temporary return to a cash society, before a trustworthy and reliable banking system can be restored in the West!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cameron's "Big Lie" EU Speech One Week On!

After Prime Minister, David Cameron, had finished making his long delayed speech on Britain's future relationship with the European Union, delivered at the Bloomberg TV studios in the City of London this time last week, I concluded it required some careful consideration before reacting. By last weekend I had prepared the following response which I submitted to the International Business Times for their usual publication of such posts. I advised that should this not be published by Wednesday 0900 GMT, the post would be published on Ironies Too, to mark this one week passage by the speech into history.

As I was preparing to post my comment in its original form under the title "Cameron's Proclamation of Continuing Complicity in Corruption" the IB Times duly published my post which is linked from here.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are we Now Governed by Criminals?

The Daily Mail reports that 200 British servicemen are to be sent to Mali for training purposes, read here, more significantly such seems confirmed by the German State News organisation Deutsche Welle, here.

Mali is in a state of war and has called for assistance from France. Will British troops be under French command in Mali. Mali is not even a country within the British Commonwealth, so what is the legal position of our troops when in that country and who will be responsible in the event of casualties. Will Britain then be at war with the Islamists who have invaded the country?

What is the Treaty governing our co-operation with French forces on the ground in Mali, is it a hybrid of the St Malo Agreement between Britain and France? If so which Prime Minister has been criminally negligent in putting us into this state of illegality Blair, Cameron, or Brown in-between, or is it, as I suspect - all three?

Why is Parliament not being consulted and why from the morning media is no MP raising such questions?

Governance requires laws which the governed are expected to obey following the example set by their rulers! Under what laws and with what legality are the Coalition Government now operating with regard to deployment of our forces to Mali?

The EU has so eroded sovereignty and the meaning and integrity of nation states, that we are not only on the verge of economic bankruptcy but bankrupt of the most fundamental concepts of legal government! Our rulers act like anarchists!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

HS2 Securing Siemen's Market for the Future

Contrary to the impression given on this linked website, extolling Siemens as a UK Superbrand, this conglomerate is a German company whose past is described here.

Like all other German industry the ongoing, and now likely to be permanent Euro Crisis, benefits such businesses, mainly in the longer run, by lower German interest rates allowing competitive advantages in investment compared with its Euro Zone partners. Thus Siemens' trains will have pushed out competition from the products of its French and Italian competitors long before the HS2 line is completed. 

Britain's high speed rail lines are therefore a high cost and unnecessary expense being incurred by Britain to provide a long term monopoly outlet for German trains, destroying much precious and scarce British countryside in the process and placing an almost unsupportable burden on capital availability for modern industries which might otherwise be invested to compete with Germany.

HS2 chosen three character designation has an interesting connotation in this respect, as it seems to fulfill the ambitions of the Nazi Third Reich; thus potentially leading to Hitler'S 2nd attempt at world domination?

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

HS2 Equivalent Waste and Pointless Vandalism in France

Pictures taken around once quiet town of Brossac 26/1/13

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

HS2 - The Whole of Westminster is Scared to Cross EU Commission

The Daily Telegraph has an item this morning titled "Minister; high-speed rail is worth the upset" linked here.

What is actually the situation regarding High-Speed Rail, demanded by the EU as part of its grotesque project is the following:

"Britain's entire political class and establishment is scared witless by the EU and will betray the British public at all times merely to try to curry favour!"

If the weather clears at all over this weekend, I will drive south to Brossac some 20 km of my home, to get some photographs of the destruction of the lovely landscape underway around that pretty town, in the hopeless bid to connect Lisbon to Brussels, while planes can make the trip already at a tenth of the time and about one hundredth of the coming cost!

The EU is at risk of earning a reputation as 21st century Vandals, wreaking far greater damage on Aquitaine and continent-wide human suffering than the reputation their namesakes, perhaps wrongly, gained from the Romans.

Some unifying item of outrage is badly needed to bring home to the 500 million people suffering the corruption and ill governance of the EU, how utterly repulsive this project has now become. Could the pointless destruction and huge financial waste involved in High Speed Rail be the spark that re-ignites the flame of freedom and democracy, all across Europe, against this truly sick, secretive and lying institution that has somehow gained unfettered power over us all; but in particular over our lying, power-seeking national politicians such as the completely callous sounding Minister in the article linked above?

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Europe's fissure along the Rhine is re-appearing

The Charlemagne columnist in The Economist this morning takes up my theme of the failing Elysée Treaty, linked here, although of course, not yet my call for its early demise, although the article comes surprisingly close by quoting General de Gaulle, its French signatory as once saying "treaties are like roses and young girls. They last while they last.

I watched a military train pass through Angoulême station on Wednesday of this week, with huge guns, armoured vehicles and tanks, all no doubt headed towards Africa, and it brought home to me that France is once again at war. A point hammered home from a link on Twitter leading here; bringing sharply home the reality of France's nuclear dependency.

Such nuclear electricity independence sets France apart from Germany which looks East to Russia for energy security with presumably fond glances towards Poland's coal resources. Britain on the other hand is concerned with the oil exports from the neighbouring giant country of Nigeria in assessing its reaction to events in Algeria, Mali and Niger.

Plus ça change, plus la même chose. I guess!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elysée Treaty 50th Franco-German Control of 25

The Elysée Treaty is not at all what was celebrated in Berlin on Tuesday of this week, Parliaments sitting together and the friendship of youth extended across borders; It is all about hard, secretive control being exerted by the two most powerful nations in the EU upon the other twenty five ex-nations. This is accomplished most obviously at the Franco/German dinneres before the EU Council meetings. If the EU is to survive, which for Europe's sake clear thinking people must realise it cannot be allowed so to do in its present corrupt form, a first step would be an abandonment of this Treaty, as I suggested in this posting for IB Times last Monday, linked here:

The Elysée Treaty, 50 years of Franco/German Hegemony
Causing the EU to become a Laughing Stock for the World

An apparently last ditch attempt by the once widely respected BBC to present itself as an ongoing serious broadcaster on international current affairs to its domestic audience, those interested being a tiny percentage of the entire population of its coerced sponsors, is a rather strange, low budget programme, aired weekly at weekends, on its 24 hour domestic news TV channel, called Dateline London. Foreign news journalists here discuss for thirty minutes what they are reporting of London to their readers abroad.

A regular participant in this programme is the London Correspondent for the famed Le Monde newspaper of Paris, Marc Roche. Ending this weekend's broadcast, presumably in anticipation of Tuesday's elaborate celebrations in Berlin of the 50th anniversary of the Franco-German Elysee Treaty, Mr Roche launched into a glowing tribute to all the supposed achievements of the European Union. The other participants, an Algerian writer who had explained the workings and history of her country with insight and panache, an American reporting for AP from Connecticut,  who had movingly described his feelings and views on the recent school massacre in that State, a British reporter knowledgeable on events in the Magreb and even the typical BBC clone-like Chairman, Gavin Esler, usually strictly sticking to the corporation line of slavering admiration for anything related to the EU, were all unable to disguise their bemused contempt for the long list of nonsense presented by the Belgian, finally giving way to almost contemptuous laughter!

The condition of the twenty-seven nations now making up the European Union is of course far, far away from being any laughing matter, although its supposed attributes, when extolled in glowing terms by a still-believing Francophone enthusiast speaking in English, are indeed, no doubt, hysterical in the extreme for others lucky enough to be viewing it all from the actual (or in Britain’s case, presumed) outside.

As the widespread and daily ever-growing failures of the EU become ever more obvious, opposition is becoming stronger among the deceived populations of the formerly sovereign nations, all across the economically ravaged and corruptly administered EU area. This is particularly true in the UK where the rise in the opinion polls of the popularity rating for the UK Independence Party, led by Nigel Farage MEP, is leading to a complete re-think on Britain's role in the clearly doomed conglomeration of mismatched member states. The reasons for that become obvious in this interview  with Mr Farage, pasted from YouTube below.  It was undertaken for a French audience but conducted in English. It would do President Obama a lot of good in his second term, were he to make watching this video one of his  earliest  tasks, and possibly aid him in recovering from the error of urging Britain to remain trapped within this doomed construct!

This observer would agree with almost all the points made by Mr Farage, with one huge and potentially dangerous exception. I must take issue with the statement that the war reparations demanded by the Allies after World War One were insufficient!  Furthermore, nor can I accept that the kind of physical trashing and complete humiliation of Germany that occurred during the closing stages World War Two would have been preferable had they first happened in 1918/19. I cannot possibly agree that this would somehow have brought our Continent earlier to peace. Indeed is it not possible that the events of 1944/45 are partially responsible for our present plight, or are all Europe’s woes forever to be laid at the door of a never-ending Prussian legacy?

Many historians believe that the rise of Hitler was brought on by the severity of the reparations, demanded by France, as agreed at Versailles. My fear is that the end result of the present rising German economic power within the EU, referred to in the interview with Mr Farage, might itself perhaps, be a direct and planned result of this dreadful 1945 destruction (including the use of napalm against the last German defenders in the Royan Pocket). It is that very fear that has motivated my written campaign against the EU and all  its entire works, ongoing for almost twenty years, my fears of which have presently diminished not one jot.

Such worries would indeed have been considerably less in my own case, had it not been that Germany was complicit with France in smashing the original Growth and Stability Pact. This destruction was made partly feasible through the secretive meetings established under the terms of the aforesaid Treaty, apparently in pursuit of objectives pandering to France’s obsession with socialism and spending, and to smooth German re-unification heading towards the creation of a Greater Germany that I believe is already discernible today. The most influential body on record as pointing out all the likely results of EU monetary union, lacking a G &S Pact, which the EU is so disastrously encountering today, having been the Bundesbank, when setting up the Euro Single Currency and no less significantly by British Premier Margaret Thatcher, when reunification was so determinedly being pushed ahead; for the uttering of which warnings she was presumably so unceremoniously removed.

The volume of warnings from German economists and other eminent figures in Germany, on the disaster EMU would become without a G&S Pact, is shocking evidence that some must have intended this present EU existential economic crisis to arrive. What then could have been their aim?

Tuesday 22nd January 2013, the 50th anniversary of this secretive and conspiratorial arrangement, should not be a day of celebration for Europe. The Elysée Treaty cemented into the foundations of what became the EU, old fashioned, Major Power delusions harking back to the Victorian Age and the Concert of Europe.

If the EU is to be reformed, a good place to begin would be by the scrapping of this Treaty. Let all attend the EU Council meetings, at least at their commencement, by standing upon a level playing field, not stitched up in advance by the leaders of Germany and France! 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cameron's Deeply Dishonest Speech on Democracy and the EU

Democracy was the theme of Cameron's speech, although it was presented as being on Britain and the EU!

As such it was written as if the British Prime Minister had adopted the ostrich position over the past few years, indeed not even an earth bound ostrich with his head firmly in the sands, but one upon the desert of some far distant and totally unconnected planet.

I will comment in detail on this nevertheless significant speech, once a transcript has been printed out and it can thus be viewed in its gruesome entirety

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

US Constitution is stronger than the 44th President

An attempt to continue playing politics, long after the campaign was done, blew up rather badly in the faces of President Barack Obama and his VP Joe Biden this weekend. They figured it would be significant to hold their inauguration on 21st January which is also Martin Luther King Day. Unhappily the Constitution requires the oaths be taken on 20th January. It appears that for a while this inconvenience seems to have been treated as if it could be ignored, but finally the Justice who took the oath, at some personal inconvenience (as Joe Biden informed the watching cameras) to the Justice concerned, made it to the White House on Sunday so that the correct procedures were observed.

Yesterday's events were therefore pure show and emptiness. A fitting way to follow on from the first term of office of these two men. The speech itself was a giant attack on any still believing in the old-fashioned virtues of hard-work and self reliance. I found the sentence starting  "No single person can train all the math and science teachers.." particularly rankling as it mis-states the ideals of his opponents and unnecessarily signals a pending poisoning of any attempt to conduct affairs with respect for another's point of view.

In Britain we were treated to another inside view of the hopelessness at the heart of Obama's second term, when a spokesman insisted on the Sky News Programme, Jeff Randall Live, that this second administration could spend created money as freely as it wished as long as interest rates remain sustainable, in other words as long as idiots existed in the world ready to park their assets in a nation heading for default. The foreign policy of the second Obama administration, must be read in that scenario, to create the illusion that the US nevertheless remains the destination of choice for such liquid wealth.

One last thought on this confusion of oath taking. In the first inauguration President  and Vice-President  bungled their words and had to re-take their oaths again after the ceremonies. This second double ceremony thus makes them, given the Presidential two term limit, the only men to have taken these presidential oaths four times. Twice as many as that for any of their predecessors! I am therefore tempted to wickedly wonder in print, if that may not be due to a portent that their word may prove to be only half as good? 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

German Elections - Our Next Leaders!

In the EU the big event of 2013 will be the German General Election. I think it was the last German General Election but one, where the floods affected the campaigning, that I first pointed out on this blog that the German electorate were now the only voters across the EU with the power to make any difference by their choice of candidate in a national vote. Any who scoffed at that should now examine the startling campaigning policy of ex-President Sarkozy in the campaign last year and the inability to since affect events of his successful opponent.

Of course, it follows from these sorry facts, that if German electors only desire an ever stronger and economically more powerful Germany running the EU, then that is what the EU will get!

A report on a local state poll of yesterday where Chancellor Merkel's Coalition was beaten may be read from here.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nigel Farage on Marr with Jeremy Vine

UKIP's leader, Nigel Farage MEP, was finally given a face to face interview on the BBC1 TV Channel on its Sunday Morning Marr Show; albeit Andrew Marr, the regular anchor, having recently suffered a heart attack was substituted by Jeremy Vine, who did a workmanlike job, within the usual constraints of the BBC. 

A far superior, longer interview of Nigel  Farage by a French journalist, covering a far broader range of the crucial issues of our age (always ignored by Britain's State Broadcaster) may be viewed on the YouTube video below, running for roughly thirty minutes, it is highly recommended by this blog:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Foul Fascists who Control Coalition give Peek at their POWER

Yesterday afternoon at 4:45 pm in the afternoon, tea-time for many across Britain, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, Nigel Farage MEP, fresh from his previous evening's television triumph on BBC Question Time, was about to receive a shock.  

For years the audiences carefully selected by the state-controlled BBC for their Question Time, woeful flagship programme, have given the impression that any glib half-truth  or cleverly spun inanity would be swallowed whole by the British public. Not so this Thursday where in Lincolnshire a woman from Boston in the audience, herself half-Polish as she informed we viewers, finally gave notice that the public had reached its limit. 

Grant Shapps, Tory Party Chairman and Roland Rudd, epitomising the standards of the Blair/Mandelson faction, could merely look agitated and listen as the woman described the drunkeness of the East European immigrants who had taken over her town and swamped its public services. Nigel Farage captured the mood of the country in nearly all his replies. See for yourself on the video clip of the broadcast at the foot of this posting, or on Sunday afternoon on the BBC Parliament Channel when the programme will be repeated.

But, I digress, for it is in Leicester Square, where the true extent of the corrupt forces that control us, were yesterday fleetingly revealed, that is the main point to this posting. Strangely Leicester Square has some pretty personal memories for me. My Grandfather worked for years in the Headquarters of the AA that traversed the Square on the opposite side from the Empire Cinema, the Hand & Racket pub was behind those offices, where my Father met my Grandfather for an after work pint or two and I in turn met him, when on leave from the sea. The Garrick Restaurant with its silver trolleys with sides of beef and saddles of lamb  and huge desserts I recall from boyhood was nearby when exiting the south side of the square, so when the LBC presenter, before introducing Nigel Farage to his listeners, talked of the snow covered trees in the square being picturesque, I could see it all clearly though listening from France and imagine the entire scene vividly: Then came the bombshell!

Deputy Prime Minister and bought slave of the EU Nick Clegg, has recently been making phone-in broadcasts where the public could put their questions on governance directly to him. Nigel Farage had been promised the same in order to respond to Cameron's EU speech, originally scheduled for yesterday morning in Amsterdam. Farage was informed that calls from the public were not to be allowed! A bland one to one interview, including discussion on the entirely irrelevant Algerian crisis, then took place. Mr Farage was then packed off with the vague promise that perhaps he would be allowed to interact directly with the public should Cameron's EU speech ever be delivered, clearly hinting that some dirty dealings had been in hand, totally restricting any concept of our treasured freedom of speech and expression in so far as the nation's airwaves are concerned!

Who in our democracy has the power to so restrict freedom of speech?  Was it the LBC station senior management? The broadcasting station's owners. A Government Official of some kind or another. One thing is clear it was a blatant political act; therefore whoever issued the instruction, it was in the interests of the Tri-Party Fascists who now clearly are in control of our ex-Nation.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Cameron's Unworldliness is Crucifying his Country

I am fortunate in having passed a varied life. I have traveled the world and experienced living in various countries either side of the Atlantic. Among my business experiences I can include several business trips to Algeria and extensive dealings with Sonatrach, joint owner of the gas facility which came under attack. This haughty state petroleum company played a major role in cementing that nation's hard won independence from France. Coincidentally my wife spent part of her adolescence living in Algiers. All these experience made it plain to us the likely outcome of the attempted hostage taking.

Had David Cameron any feel for the real world, or even be running a Foreign Office understanding the driving forces in the nations it is supposed to monitor, he would have immediately known that he was powerless to affect the outcome of this week's tragic hostage event, gritted his teeth and delivered his EU speech today, hopefully concentrating on the well being of his country in the present grave crisis it faces regarding the increasingly despotic European Union.

Instead Cameron chose to twiddle his thumbs in pointless COBRA meetings and summon his Foreign Secretary to return from Australia when widespread worldwide media reports were clear events had run their course. The suspicion must be that this latter decision was taken as pure camouflage for his cowardly choice to cancel his Amsterdam trip altogether.

Among my own experiences I can count some years boarding at a Public School, while also having attended other private schools as well as a state primary and the gem, a Grammar School. I have seen the strengths and weaknesses of Britain's class structures first hand! This allows me to form some conclusions about the likely characters of the two men involved in this farce yesterday. One the privileged, arrogant Flashman style, 'know it all', bullying type, the other, the bright, state-educated upstart, always ready to be put in his place and defer to his betters. One would have hoped that Britain had left all this behind two centuries ago!

This morning Britain's titular Prime Minister, should quickly announce that his speech will be made later today to Parliament! Furthermore it should be completely re-written to ignore the bullying attempts of President Obama, the vested interests of his deputy PM Nick Clegg, and indeed the entire lobby of pensioned Eurocrats and their fellow travelers the corporate parasites whose interests who have sucked this country economically dry through the conspiracy which started as a supposed mere Common Market and the corruptibility of our Establishment.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

EU Advice from Anne Palmer and Rodney Atkinson

Two of the most dedicated opponents of the EU since the earliest days when its game plan had become clear to only a limited few, have now given us their thoughts on the upcoming Cameron speech, due to be made in Amsterdam tomorrow. That from Anne Palmer, is reproduced in full; while that of Rodney Atkinson is quoted only with its opening paragraph, with a link to his own web site, where it is much better presented!


Some people have much more faith in Mr Cameron's promise of an, "in or out" vote on the EU than I have and that is for sure. Will the REFERENDUM be held BEFORE the next General Election or will the people have the absolute stone cold sober promise to hold one AFTER, if by any chance anyone is or was fool enough to vote for any ONE of the THREE MAJOR Political Parties that ALL WANT TO REMAIN IN THE EU- FOREVER, then more fool them, for our MP's still expect the people to continue paying their VAST WAGES as if they are governing, and most importantly, they still want their vast expenses?

I am urging people to use the coming General Election as the REFERENDUM we were promised and never had. We know without doubt we have THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES that all want to remain in the EU-forever. Why on earth would any of us vote for one of them when we want "freedom from foreign rule", exactly as written in our own Constitution?  Put your COUNTRY (and its freedom from foreign rule) before your Allegiance to your Political Party and hope that those you elect also realise that their total sworn solemn Oath of Allegiance is to this, their own British Crown that represents all of us.  May this always be so, for none of us that were in that last war want any allegiance what-so-ever to be to FOREIGNERS.

Our Governments have fooled us in the past, but whether in a Political Party or not, (And I am NOT in any Political Party or Organisation) I urge you to put the freedom of our Country before any one of the three major political Parties that want the money, the vast expenses, but want foreigners to actually Govern this Country completely and forever if they get a chance. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO HAVE THAT CHANCE.

Many of the British people have had enough of foreigners making the laws that even our Government has to obey for we see Government cutting down on pensioners, workers, the old, the sick and the vulnerable yet government still pays, or borrows more money to pay the EU its billions of British Pounds and to also contribute financially to the many EU Agencies, one of which is the EU Defence Agency, while they are busy reducing our Defence and Forces.

There is no point in voting for any of the three Major Political Parties because they all three want to remain in the EU forever.  Therefore it makes sense to use the General Election as the REFERENDUM, and only vote for Political Parties or Organisations that want FREEDOM from FOREIGN RULE so that a true Britsh Government can Govern this Country according to its long standing Common law Constitution.  In case any have forgotten, our Constitution FORBIDS us to obey or allow foreigners to govern or make laws in violation of our Constitution, for to destroy our own Constitution is treason. Two Terrible WARS were fought to prevent foreigners from Governing us.  We betray those that gave THEIR young lives for OUR freedom.

To those that read this, please DO use your (REFERENDUM VOTE) at the next GENERAL ELECTION, and please ALL vote if possible to make sure all vote papers are used up (so none other may use it) and also to make it the biggest vote in the history of this Country.   This, to me, is the only peaceful way (Yes, I know there is another way) we can free our Country from foreign rule.  This way might be regarded as the Second "Glorious Revolution" in our history making. 

As you maybe aware, this Coalition Government has only put through EU legislation, for almost every bit of it started its Journey from the EU, yes, even same-sex Marriage. Which ever Organisation votes may go to, just make sure they are NOT GOING TO ANY ONE OF THE MAJOR THREE Political Parties, Labour, Conservatives or the LibDems.  It is your future, the future of this Country and it is well and truly in your hands, and I believe the healthy competition will serve you well. Go for it.  Anne


16th January 2013
Even before David Cameron sits down to negotiate his "new relationship" with the European Union aggressive threats emanate from EU leaders. The Dutch say they don't like opt outs, some Germans say we can't pick and choose and the Eurocrat parachuted in as the unelected Prime Minister of Italy said "In Europe there are some who feel their heart would be lighter if the UK left the EU". So much for Mr Cameron's "friends" and "partners"!
Such comments - and even a passing acquaintance with the history, structure and constitution of the European Union - indicate that it is extremely unlikely that what is acceptable to the builders of the "country called Europe" can come to an agreement with a people wishing to maintain their existence as a nation state and enjoy democratic sovereignty.

Read the full comment "Repatriating Powers from the European Union" by Rodney Atkinson, from his own Free Nations site, linked here.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Britons as Slaves? Consider Pre-History!

I am re-posting the blog, first published by International Business Times on Monday for my regular readers. I think something was lost by the placing of the somewhat incongruous advert at the top, which to me did not chime well with the content. It will hopefully make a more coherent read, especially when considered alongside my post of that same morning on this blog titled "The EU as heritage looters" (I also find the video downloads often freeze the screen and interrupt the reading experience on IBT, perhaps it is a problem with the technology?)

Britain and the EU - Will Britons become Slaves

British PM Cameron, as few can have avoided being made aware, is planning a major policy speech, trailered as detailing his (or perhaps his governing coalition's) ideas on a new settlement for the UK with the EU.

As this is a topic upon which I have been writing pretty much daily, for more years than my wife wishes to recall, it is natural that I would like to circulate my own ideas as widely as possible before Cameron opens his mouth and puts his countrymen in line for even more years of trauma and disappointment.

Before starting some myths are best dispelled. The main ones are as follows:

The Greek's may indeed have first perfected decent writing but -
As such, they were mere scribes for others’ wisdoms.
The Roman Empire was, in the main, a barbaric horror story.
The landlocked Mediterranean Sea was civilised from West to East.
Homo Sapiens may well have interbred with Neanderthals.
As a fact of the Earth's rotation, trade winds blow from the East –
Civiisation therefore also most probably crossed oceans from East to West;
HENCE, there is nothing particularly unique or special about Western Europe.

The statements above may be argued, but any with a couple of hours to spare, an internet  browser and reasonable working English, will probably be persuaded they are substantially correct after two or three hours of surfing. Collectively they destroy the ambition for an Imperial Western Europe which the EU has now quite clearly been shaped to deliver!

First Man may have walked around the coastlines from Africa, but others may also have begun elsewhere. Innovative Early Mankind, probably first inhabited islands, which he could clear of predators, and thus would have early on taken to the seas. Plodding Mankind would have carried on walking and being eaten possibly for centuries after his seafaring cousins were advancing by leaps and bounds.

In modern parlance we have tended to divide conflicting political beliefs, accordong to the  labels Left or Right, or alternatively Collectivist or Individualist. The left and collectivists are most logically the offspring of the Plodders while Innovative Early Mankind’s likely descendants are the maritime adventurers and strivers!

Britain has viewed its historic cultural roots as being as those of a maritime trading nation. It has on too many occasions in the past believed that its neighbours on mainland Europe would choose to share the individual freedoms, democracy and benefits this heritage brings. This was a mistake. Costly and repeated wars should have taught our island breed this painful basic fact - but they did not.

Thanks to the EU, we now have another chance to learn this lesson once and for all and never get involved in, nor dabble with the politics of Western Europe ever again! While  World Wars One and Two incredibly still failed to bring these facts home, surely the Treaty of Rome, Single European Act, Maastricht Treaty, Amsterdam Treaty, Lisbon Treaty, EFSF, EFSM, ESM, Fiscal Compact Treaty and the proposed now agreed in principle Financial Transaction Tax Agreement must finally convince us of this painful and truly quite awful reality.

Land-locked Continental ex-Sovereign EU Member States States, do not want democracy, they do not want to make choices, nor do they value individuality - they merely seem to want to live in peace alongside their foreign neighbour and to achieve that will meekly do as they are told by the more power-hungry or greedy among their number!. Why else do they accept all the above Treaties, mostly without a popular vote nor hardly a murmured serious dissent? They are the true heirs of the Plodders. Presumably the individualistic maritime adventurers for which the Aragon, Celts, Ciboure, England, the Low Countries, Navarre etc., were once famed, have long since sailed off for adventures anew and far away from Western Europe’s Atlantic seaboard!

Britain was happily geographically separated from the Continent when Doggerland was first engulfed by rising seas. Are there any left there now who still hold to the merchant adventurer beliefs of our forebears, who fought there way northwards to open new routes to Moscow and destroy the trading monopoly of the Hanseatic League, before then turning to explore westwards?

A referendum now, not several years hence - but soon, is the least Prime Minister Cameron can now offer his countrymen and women so that we may all find out!  Will then Britain leave the EU, or has Europe long since left Britain? Will the UK embrace totalitarianism and despotism as its near neighbours seem to have done?  It is in my view long past the time Europe, the World and above all Britain deserved to find out. In turn the world and Europe would do best not to interfere.

Those wishing to see the post as published by the International Business Times will find it here. For clarity also, IB Times has in recent of posts, described me as an ex-naval officer. In fact I served in the Merchant Navy on oil tankers! No offence is intended towards any in the RN in clarifying the difference

Manic EU Rail Building proves Centralised Control & Democracies Destruction

The Spanish language newspaper El Pais yesterday published a brilliant analysis in its English edition of the EU's disastrous and obsessional, money wasting, high-speed rail madness in Spain. Similar projects are planned throughout the former sovereign states now under the jackboot of the despotic, supposed "trading institution" -  the EU. The article may be read from here.

Any about to be affected by the dreadful and equally useless HS2 project in the UK should give it as wide a circulation as possible.

I have blogged a lot in the past about these crazed, environment destroying and completely uneconomic schemes, even resorting to a YouTube video to plead for investing the money instead in 4G mobile communications which would allow under-used rural housing in France to be both occupied and put to profitable use. 

Today, however, I would like to point out how the article illustrates the extent that National Politicians are now controlled completely by the EU machine! The article  provides a snapshot as to the level of control the EU enjoys and exerts. Take this passage from the El Pais article on the AVE, the initials used in Spain to describe this insanity:

 Twenty years after the first high-speed train cut a swath through the Castilian uplands, the evidence suggests that they are simply not viable economically, or even necessary to provide rapid links between the country's cities. But no politician seems able, or willing, to put a stop to the spread of the AVE. 

No Politician, has been able to halt it! As the aricle makes clear, that includes all Spanish politicians of most parties starting with the Socialist Party leader Felipe González, through  Aznar and Zapatero to Rajoy today. So has it been across the EU, in the UK - Major, through Blair and Brown to Cameron/Clegg. In France it is somewhat different, the country already having been  politically wedded to their TGV, and gaining extra benefit in so far as they have also (so far and probably only through the conspiracy of the secret meetings under the Elysée Treaty, 50th birthday next Tuesday) been allowed to supply some of the trains. (We must wonder how much longer Alstom will be allowed to survive the competition in that area?) Nevertheless it is mind-boggling that as both Sarkozy and Hollande, sought means to cut spending to inflict the centrally ordained EU austerity, neither President, saw the obvious uselessness of the billions going to waste on the LGV Tours/Bordeaux farce.

Perhaps here is an example of the sheer ugliness of the EU, becoming so evident across almost the entire area now under its control,  that people will finally wake up to the sheer ridiculousness of the damage and cost of the sheer waste and be motivated to bring this "EU project", of absolute citizen control and subjugation, to an early and abrupt end!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cameron/Amsterdam, Lidington/Link, Chamberlain/Hitler

Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R69173 / CC-BY-SA

British Prime Minister David Cameron, has brought forward his absolutely crucial landmark speech on Britain's future relationship with the increasingly grotesque European Union, from Tuesday 22nd January to Friday 18th January, read here. The reason given being that it clashes with the fiftieth anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, between Germany and France, which Agreement divided power over Western Europe between these two countries. Such control has been secretively exercised and ruthlessly exploited to now return Europe to non-democratic rule by unknown entities, and in so doing to have delivered a state of near despotism, the likes of which which most of us had hoped had been banished for ever from our Continent - at  truly terrible costs for almost the entire world!

Yesterday brought yet another sign of Britain's previously unheard of subjugation to German power; the following linked pictures of Europe Minister in Berlin, receiving his instructions for the next year , are not to be found in the British news media this morning. That is how we are now governed: in the deepest possible secrecy, with only odd clues becoming available, no doubt as demanded by the British participants anxious to avoid sensations of guilt rather than  the deep shame they should properly feel!  

No wonder Cameron is scared to offer the British people a choice of whether or not to remain within this conspiracy. Is any presumed prosperity, through trade, worth buying at this price;  in betrayal of so many of our ancestors' bloody sacrifices AND in blatant contradiction of their centuries held beliefs in individual freedoms?

Note that the German description of yesterday's Link/Lidington meeting opened as follows:

"These consultations focus on intensive exchange of views regarding strengthening of the Economic and Monetary Union"

Britain is supposed to enjoy a permanent opt out from European Economic and Monetary Union, otherwise masquerading as the widely detested and poverty inducing "Euro: symbolised thus €".

Such is the depth of the deception now underway, bought into (for what gain?,) and surreptitiously delivered by all three of our main political parties and almost the entire British establishment for the past 40 years, (N.B. the Elysée Treaty had already been up and running for ten years when another Tory PM Edward Heath betrayed us!) 

Hence the celebrations next Tuesday and  the consequent change in date of Cameron's speech, fully demonstrating the absolute contempt with which these Continentals presently regard our Nation!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The EU as Heritage Looters

The EU relies on lies to advance, always has, and with its present ensconced institutions and leadership style and patterns, surely always will. This year, an ever greater affront, we have Marseille, named European Capital of Culture for 2013.

The absurdity of such an astounding, ignorant and preposterous proposition can be quickly grasped from a brief read of these fascinating links: The Cosquer Caves, Sea Peoples and Phoenicians and perhaps most interestingly because of his trip north and the Greeks thus attributing him with the discovery of tides, the probably Phoenician or even Turkish Pytheas of Massilia!

Those who wish to really get their heads stuck into the background to the depths of the EU distortion of history to further their reborn European Imperialist ambitions may wish to consider further reading regarding Tartesso, Recent Genetic discoveries on European origins and finally some pretty telling stuff indicating mankind's spread along the Mediterranean from West (around Huelva in Southern Spain) to East. 

Not good reading for those who wish to fashion a new despotic Roman Empire type entity out of the existing EU, as evidenced in the trampling over the real cultural significance of Marseille by claiming it as a European City!

My thanks to @Sarah_Ben_Ammar on Twitter who tweeted on this topic yesterday and alerted me to this affront!

Sarah Ben Ammar

Sarah Ben Ammar


Journaliste. De mère gauloise et père carthaginois. Patriote, souverainiste, anti-mondialiste, anti UE fédérale. Membre du bureau national de DLR 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

UKIP ahead of Tories in a Poll - Prepare for Power!

The surge in the support for the UK Independence Party in the polls seems to continue, read here. Higher ratings bring extra political clout, if the drive continues this will slowly but surely translate into genuine political power.

Already UKIP are setting the tone of the national debate on our place in Europe, quite rightly so too after many years of perseverance and brilliant speech after cutting speech from their leader, Nigel Farage MEP, in the Strasbourg/Brussels Parliament. Other sensible policy areas will inevitably also soon feel a UKIP factor!

Those of us who have struggled to keep the flame of British independence from the evil EU  alive, with a restoration of democracy in Britain a still, albeit small and barely surviving hope, are fully aware that real political power still lies a long way off.

As already forecast on this blog, an outright victory by UKIP in the European Parliamentary elections next year is a realistic possibility. It is presently astounding that Labour are ahead in the same poll on the EU that put UKIP ahead of the Tories, and shows the widespread ignorance that abounds among the British electorate. Inherited class voting patterns need to be smashed when all three big parties are so clearly morally and philosophically compromised.

UKIP's task is to now ensure that voters learn that the blame for their democratic and economic betrayal is almost equally shared among the three large parties. The nature of the beast we are fighting and its insidious spread into nearly every every nook and cranny of our country's public life makes it almost certain that some of its advance have to be down to the blackmail or other improper pressurising of many in public life. Were a brave few now to declare this as fact, and give their personal examples of such EU advances, UKIP might wish to consider some form of amnesty programme in "the truth and reconciliation type inquiry" which will certainly be necessary should the electorate ever reward them with real power.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mali a New Trial for the EU

The Presidency of France is arguably the most powerful elected constitutional post in the Western world. This was strikingly illustrated by President Hollande's brief TV address to the nation yesterday afternoon, when he announced his country's forces were in action in Mali and that his Parliament could discuss it if they wished after the weekend, namely three days ahead on Monday.

Well that once was the case, but what now with the EU and the complications of the ESM Treaty now in force for about three and a half months, summary here, while a more detailed explanation here. The Mali engagement by French forces will inevitably impact the French deficit, debt, credit ratings and thereby its ability to meet its ESM Treaty obligations!

A fascinating dispute between France and Finland has only just arisen which illustrates the coming problems very well, read one report here. Essentially Finland has lost a contract to build a large Caribbean cruise liner in Turku to French competition in St Nazaire, apparently due to Finlan's reluctance to match the level of Government subsidy offered by France. How much more difficult has this dispute become as France's African venture brings ever closer the moment when France, instead of being the second largest contributor to the ESM, instead is forced to call upon it for funds and thus partly reliant on Finland's AAA credit rating for lower interest rates. 

Ironic, is it not that, such lower interest costs and higher credit rating are owed to the sanity of the Finnish Government, the sacrifices of its people given from living within their means and consequent reluctance to dish out grotesque subsidies of wasted taxpayers money for otherwise non-competitive industries?

This blog has repeatedly quoted the nonsense of the contribution percentages written into the ESM Treaty as begging belief, with both Spain and Italy being due to contribute large portions of the funds they seem to be among the most likely to need. Let me try another analogy on the ESM, think of it as a Christmas Club, where with all in full employment they all agree to cough up X% of their wages for a celebratory bash every year. How many need to become unemployed and broke before such a club folds? The ESM, of course, was only formed when several of its founders were already in a state of relying on the formation of such a Club for themselves to avoid bankruptcy!

Let us return to Mali, however, for even more absurdities of the EU will soon appear as a result of France's colonial legacy, the costs of which seem to be about to be partly defrayed by that country's Euro Group partners non-consulted members.

My Great Aunt, Margery Perham, was something of an Africa expert and in 1932 debated the contrast between French direct Colonial Rule with Britain's indirect methods with the then Governor of Chad, Jules Marcel de Coppet, who explained it partly in my Aunt's paraphrase - to the lingering dislike of local government in modern France,'a hangover from strong feudal power and an obstacle to centralization'. In addition, the French experience in Africa had been, from the start, more about military and imperial control than anything else, objectives backed up by the dominant French colonial paradigm to the north, represented by Algeria. (Into Africa, C.Brad Faught, Publisher I.B.Taurusp.80)  

Such is the situation (perhaps I should say potential quagmire) into which the EU, or at least the Euro Group has put itself this morning, complicated even further by the coming into force of the Fiscal Compact a mere eleven days ago.

I will, of course, be returning to these complex issues quite often as the date of PM Cameron's landmark speech on Britain and the EU has now been fixed at 22nd January in the Netherlands, a clear signal that Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg's influence is clearly already heavily at work. The worldly maritime view from Holland and Spain will be now badly needed, rather than the dreadful EU embedded corporatism so far evident in all Clegg's actions.  The very unworldly and frankly almost naive David Cameron is going to struggle to rise to this occasion, especially with Clegg in his team and the likes of Michael Heseltine already loudly interfering from the wings, read here! 


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Friday, January 11, 2013

EU Rail Waste - LGV, HS2

The sun shone today so I was able to get out and take some snaps of the latest devastation being caused in the expenditure of billions of Euros to shave a few minutes journey time on a rail trip between Tours and Bordeaux, all at the behest of the EU! 

First off is a snap of a present-day High Speed TGV train on the existing perfectly good track, making its way through the beautiful Boëme river valley. Trains have to slow down across this viaduct, something the EU controlled robots cannot afford (in spite of the already high fares,) as they need every minute they can get back at their desks to to squeeze in even longer lunches!

The ugly pictures of the needless destruction of the beautiful Charente countryside I have pasted in small versions on the A4 document below. If any Anti-HS2 protester would like a bigger version of a particular shot, please email me and I will send it back as an attachment. I also have others or can take particular shots if requested, this will be ongoing for years!

Earlier posts have pictures and links to the official bumph, most recently tagged LGV Tours-Bordeaux

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FT EU Conspirators knew Euro would collapse

EU Commission President Barroso is quoted in the Telegraph this morning, linked here, claims it is not the EU that has caused Europe's ongoing disaster bringing misery to millions.

This is untrue, the CPS pamphlet Guilty Men, linked here, makes clear the Financial Times was one of Britain's institutions that conspired towards the circumstances which brought us to this end. I have boxes of files of my own contributions to the FT Forums, run by that newspaper, in which with others we warned against the certain outcome. I tweeted in four sections one such passage, an image of which page is included here as certain proof:

Retrieving these records is made more difficult by them no longer being available on the internet. The Moderator on these forums merely signed with a lower case 'c', I have no idea to this day who he was, perhaps he would now like to come out from the shadows and give his no doubt very clever and contrived version of the events that have brought Europe to this ever obvious "debacle"?

The Blair/Mandelson/Patten Conspiracy on the EU Rolls On

Around this time yesterday morning an individual named Roland Rudd was on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme extolling the virtues of the EU how the Single Market was a British invention and the all consuming necessity of Britain remaining locked deep within the EU.

This was not the first such media appearance by Mr Rudd he had been all over the media for several days and his latest venture "Business for New Europe" has been prominent on Twitter for some time. Roland Rudd, 'The Player' as his local Kensington newspaper 'The Resident' dubbed him, read from here, is not alone in these efforts, this week being joined by Phillip Souta, BNE Director, whom we are informed at 0534 this morning will shortly be on BBC Radio 5 Live, no doubt pushing out the same poisonous, democracy defeating message:

BNE Director  on Wake up to Business talking about business leaders' views on the EU

Note the timeline on this tweet is shown at 6:34 whereas on the Home Page of the web site it is an hour earlier, ie British Time GMT, clearly indicating BNE is possibly being controlled from the Continent:

BNE Director @PhillipSouta on @bbc5live Wake up to Business talking about business leaders' views on the EU

January 11, 2013 05:34

I will be returning to this topic shortly, because it is clearly urgent that something be done about these conspirators. I urge all to read the report on Mr Rudd linked above which appeared in The Resident and includes these telling passages:

Rudd was now a major mover and shaker, with connections in the City and also in politics; most notably at the top of New Labour, where he enjoyed privileged access to Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson....

Is there, indeed, any activity in which Rudd is not involved? Famously, he was one of the so-called 'wise men' who in 2007 advised Tony Blair on what he should do after resigning as Prime Minister

My inclusion of Chris Patten in the headine to this posting stems from the circumstances surrounding the ready access given to the BBC airwaves to this group of men who clearly bear much of the blame for this nation's present despair. I recommend also reading the CSE pamphlet "Guilty Men" by Peter Oborne and Frances Weaver which may be downloaded free in pdf format from here and details, inter alia, the extent of BBC and Financial Times involvement in this EU conspiracy to date!

Finally some may wish to read Tony Blair's plans to replace Van Rompuy, presumably what this is all about, the fate of our poor bankrupt group of islands being of nil importance to these powerful, scheming and Dom Pérignon sipping individuals!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

How Nixon "Whupped" the West and Crowned China

My post in honour of the 100th anniversary of the birth of former US President Nixon's  first published by International Business Times is linked here. It was submitted as follows

How Nixon "Whupped" the West & Crowned China 

President Nixon would have celebrated his 100th birthday on 9th January. This milestone was marked on Sunday by the laying of a wreath on his grave at his birthplace in California. A local report of the occasion is linked here.

I heard Nixon's August 1971 radio broadcast in a limousine when leaving Tulsa airport, having just landed from Europe. I guessed at the time this would prove the end of the Western world as I had known it! Had I also known the consequences would take some forty plus years to finally arrive, then maybe I would not have worried so much in the interim. The YouTube version of that momentous moment may be seen here:

The section of the speech announcing the penal import taxes on the products of nations whose currencies had been strengthening as a result of speculation against the dollar, these days receives less attention than the cut in the dollar's tie to gold, but gives a clue to the longer term effects of the West's future trade versus that of China.

I was in Oklahoma to report on the progress in my employers' planned arrangements for the offshore loading at sea, direct from reservoir, of the first North Sea commercial oil discovery. Two tankers would alternate to allow continuing production without oil storage at the field. This plan involved considerable difficulties in the mooring of the ships, which it was partly my responsibility to overcome. What Nixon had delivered, I realised, was a setting loose of the West from its moorings, as though we had tried to load the vessels with no anchor to the seabed in the often storm-tossed waters of the North Sea!

While the western world has spent the intervening forty years agonising how to tie the value of their currencies to a substitute for the dollar (the latest fad being inflation), they have yet to realise that the essential is for it to be to something of value to mankind, such as a fair value for wheat! I have blogged often on this, particularly in August 2008 stressing the already then urgent need for action on a new Bretton Woods Agreement, linked here. The relationship between the US Dollar and the RMB, on the other hand, as befits such a crucial trading link, has during this same period been carefully managed by the governments of the two countries concerned.

Part of the then weakness of the US Dollar, which presented President Nixon with such nightmare dilemmas, was caused by growing energy imports, mainly in the form of OPEC oil. Yankee ingenuity has come to the rescue in the form of fracking, with oil imports at the end of last year falling to only half that of the levels reached when at their peak.

In view of these considerations it is perhaps surprising that the centenary of the birth of Richard Millhouse Nixon has so far this week been somewhat low key. Had he not opened up trade with China the present US prosperity, tied only to the failing economies of Western Europe and Japan, would, by now, have been very sorry indeed. I believe this will generally be accepted long before the centenary of ex-President Nixon’s death.