Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath and the EU

Yesterday afternoon on the web site of the Daily Telegraph newspaper blogs section, a photograph appeared of Jummy Savile, the multiple murderer known as the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe with British Boxer Frank Bruno, as of this morning that column has attracted 417 comments. The article with photo is linked here.

Around tea time yesterday afternoon those comments began to surround Ted Heath, the assault of young boys on his yacht and the children's home in Jersey, Haute Garenne, the scene of a fairly recent extensive murder inquiry involving possible multiple childrens grave. This latter island was mentioned on the BBC Radio 4 7:00 am news, so the story has legs!

Many of such comments have been allowed by the newspaper to remain online, see here, one of which gives this link to aangirfan blog posting full of similar accusations and celeberity/politico mentions.

Last month from other publicly available material, on 10th September, I posted on Ted Heath, Lord Rothschild and the Conservative Party, regarding the manner in which Britain was subjected to EU entry, now finally oh so clearly a means whereby the national wealth has been handed to foreign Continental powers.

The Conservative Party is presently in the majority in Parliament but many of its leading figures are now tainted by these accusations. It is doubtful they van oversee the urgent thorough investigation so obviously required.

If blackmail was a factor for cajoling Britain into the EU that becomes a crisis for all 27 countries now involved.

The independent prosecuting authorities of the nation, independent of all politics and the EU, must now become involved. The alleged  torture, murder and abuse of youngsters is thoroughly sickening, but the rape of the country is on an entirely different level and cannot possibly be left to an internal inquiry into the matter by the DG of the revolting, shamed and corrupted BBC.

The evil seems to have had its tentacles so deeply into the upper echelons of Britqin's society it is difficult to see who might remain sufficiently senior but untainted to get to the bottom of this absolute obscenity against normal human standards.

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What about the paedophiles within St John ambulance who are about to receive awards from the Queen's representative:

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