Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My post to John Redwood today Populism vs Order

Martin Cole
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On Tuesday 5th November there will be the following lecture at St Anthony’s Oxford which seems of interest on this topic. Perhaps you will find a way of reporting on your blog on what is said, bearing in mind that “populism” is now EU code for “democracy” and as such seems targeted for destruction:

ESC Core Seminar Series – Europe in Crisis*
Governance: Pluralism vs Order
Walter Kickert (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
Miguel Maduro (EUI, Florence)
Convenors: Othon Anastasakis, Mark Leonard and Jan Zielonka

Comparing Democracy as in opposition to Order under a heading of Governance strikes me as very ominous.

Heseltine, High Treason and Hanging

Michael Heseltine is all across the headlines once again this morning, strangely being heralded by both the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, symbolising his strong and continuing influence in the high affairs of the state.

High Treason was not repealed in Britain until 1998, when Blair's administration fully aware of the treachery upon which they were intent removed its direst penalties, as may be read in Wikipedia, linked here.

Heseltine when he appeared to set about "adhering to the sovereign's enemies," to secure the removal of the Thatcher Government and facilitate Britain's delivery to foreign powers upon the European Continent, was fully aware of the course upon which he had embarked.

Now that the disastrous results of that treachery and those actions can be clearly seen, (as will be briefly debated in Parliament today), with the nation's sovereignty destroyed, its Parliament on the edge of being completely neutered and hence our democracy condemned to irrelevance, should not some power still valid within our land bring this power-crazed man to trial, whether or not the penalty if found guilty must lamentably be less than the ultimate once available.

Heseltine's henchman, still working to promote foreign interests in every nook and cranny of the state, could then perhaps also be challenged and removed.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Google News UK illustrates "Just Who or What?" rules us!

Tory MPs join Labour to push for EU budget cuts

The Independent - ‎4 hours ago‎
Downing Street made clear that he was not going to bow to their demands - which it regards as unrealistic - to support a reduction in spending by Brussels between 2014 and 2020.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Gisela Stewart MP of Lisbon's Laeken Convention calls for Brexit

Gisela Stuart MP, who represented the Labour Party at the Laeken Convention which led to the EU Constitutional Treaty (rejected) the EU Reform Treaty (rejected) and eventually the evil Lisbon Treaty (passed without popular assent), has siad that Britain must eventually withdraw from the EU! Read a report from the corrupted BBC linked here.

The Conservative MP representing Britain's Parliament alongside Gisela Stuart  was David Heathcoat-Amory, usually considered a eurosceptic MP, although this of course can nowadays never be taken for certain when dealing with members of the Conservative Party in their historical dealings over Europe. The latter's testimony to a House of Lords  hearing on Laeken is linked here.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

How taxpayer money is wasted in the EU

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can German and French Greed deliver us from evil?

EDF did much around the Olympics to con the British public they were somehow British with a particularly gratuitous commercial campaign.

Electricité de France, for which the letters EDF of course stands is very much a creature of the French State while E.ON another Continental Energy company that has Britain by the gonads comes from Germany.

Hopefully the 10;8% energy price rises imposed by EDF yesterday will begin to make these realities clearer to the broader public and hopefully bring a change in their ill-informed attitude of nonchalence and/or indifference to the EU.

Such a "sea change" or even "turning of the worm" is badly needed to render no longer acceptable the sort of political games, whereby the leading figures of our establishment have sold out our democracy and independence, for either material gain, position and imagined prestige or more perverted objectives of which we are only now being made aware.

Such an attitude of disdain towards the peoples concerns about the evil EU was on display yesterday in Parliament when the Coalition Government tried to extend earlier debate to prevent this attempt to remove usfrom the EU to proceed:

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Prefect Patten - The corrupted near omnipotent ruler of the EU's British Prefecture

Lord Chris Patten, Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Chancellor of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Chairman of the BBC Trust was inteviewed on Sky News yesterday and viwers were able to see the ruination wrought upon the human frame and mind by decades of evasion and decadence.

This is the EU's man in Britain, who therefore now controls our once nation state. Don't believe me, then look at his appointed posts, for none of which does he seem qualified, and consider the following posting of mine from Ironies in June 2004 when he was actually the candidate for the Europeans People Party to takeover the European Commission; That task was eventually handed to the Marxist Manuel Barroso, who remains there to this day, while Patten continues to oversee the degradation of Britain.


The first item on the agenda has already caused deadlock at the European Council meeting it appears, read the (EUBusiness report) The Franco/German candidate has not been rubber-stamped and failed British politician, the self-publicising one-time Governor of Hong Kong (who couldn't properly perform the one important task of his tenure by handing over the colony with a stiff upper lip), is supposedly back in contention.

The same Chris Patten who many consider sold out the brave men and women of the RUC for his cushy and inadequately performed post of EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner where it appears he oversaw massive Palestinian terrorist financing by his department. Personal friend of the Maastricht Trety signing John Major, he is now (probably unsurprisingly when recalling all the foregoing) the choice of the EPP Group which is currently having a 'jolly' in Belgium and hosting its dupe Michael Howard, British Conservative Party leader (for the moment), as thanks presumably for donating many more millions of euros to the EU federalist cause over the next five years.

Seems as if Patten has all the necessary character defects to lead such a totally flawed and useless organisation as the EU Commission, bye bye any prospects of reform for another five years if Patten gets in! Bet he doesn't, though!

posted by Martin at 6/17/2004 05:38:00 PM

There were other comments on Patten's past during June which may be read in the Ironies archive file linked here. On 30th June, two on 24th June and on Marie Aznar vs Patten on 18th June, and Barroso's appointment touching upon Patten's Brussels badge of office, a gravy stained tie while a Commissioner on 23rd June which concluded as follows:

I fear Oxford University, already suffering in the academic ratings is unlikely to see its reputation enhanced by this choice of Chancellor.

Quite clearly enhancing the reputation of the ancient and venerable institution the University of Oxford once was,  is what the EU was intent upon, was it?  No indeed!  As we can see from its vapid product now in Downing Street, the name of the game is control by whatever means come to hand, apparently not even stopping at the utter degradation of our ex-nation's childeren!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The BBC & the crisis in the eurozone from June 2004

In researching past posts on the BBC I got engaged by my blog Ironies from June 2004 yesterday, here are two quotes from 23rd and 22nd June on those dangerous, degraded and thoroughly shabby organisations:

Eurozone Crisis

The crisis in the Eurozone is of course a regular topic on this blog. It is crucial to the development of the withdrawal debate within the UK. Many British politicians blithely assume the UK discussion on our continuing within the EU will be against a background of the clear economic benefits being on the side of remaining within the bureaucratically strangulated socialist superstate. The opposite is likely to be true.

The growth engines in the world economy now lie in the East. Britain has clear advantages over our European COMPETITORS. Both in language (in the Indian sub-continent) and historical links (bringing in China as well).

The longer we devote our energies to negotiating constitutions, trade links and new regulations with the sclerotic Euroland countries, the more opportinities we will miss in the booming orient and the more our own economy will be dragged into the mire by the clearly doomed EU.

EU Subversion of Britain's State Broadcaster

EU Subversion of Britain's State Broadcaster I am grateful to the anonymous correspondent who sent the information for this report. A question people must ask themselves; 'Am I susceptible to propaganda?' The only way you can honestly answer this question is to study both sides of the argument with an open and informed mind. The EU's de Clercq Report 1993 devised initiatives to ensure that: "...European identity must be 'ingrained in people's minds' as a 'good product' using marketing techniques and that certain social categories, particularly 'women and youth', should become 'priority target groups'. More controversially, it suggested that newscasters and reporters must themselves be targeted, they must themselves be persuaded about European that they subsequently become enthusiastic supporters of the cause." A comment on this report and its implications is available from this link to the Bruges Group from here. The above ties in with a parallel report by the Commission's Media and Culture Directorate, which showed that money has been made available for the media to promote "a more positive line towards Europe". According to the BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2002/2003 which may be read from this link to a pdf file, there are two outstanding loans from the European Investment Bank to the BBC totalling £91 million.

 Page 117. The European Investment Bank has made two loan facilities available to BBC Commercial Holdings. The first, for an amount of £66million, is available for drawing until March 2005 and must either be repaid in full as a single repayment by March 2013 or on an amortising basis by March 2015.The second, for £25million, is available for drawing until November 2003 and is repayable in one single instalment by November 2007.The interest rate applicable on both facilities is determined with reference to the European Investment Bank's own funding cost and carries no margin above this funding rate. At 31 March 2003 nothing was drawn down under either of these facilities. 

 Watch this space, and in the meantime cast your mind back to the totally pro-EU bias of nearly every BBC anchor and correspondent over recent years - not noticed by yourself perhaps, well maybe now you have read this it will become more noticeable. Still not convinced then ask yourself why any organisation would make funds available at their own cost of borrowing, it is an impossible feat that defies all known laws of economics - were it truly achievable. But it is not, rather this is a blatant propaganda subsidy and YOU are the target - more EU anybody?

Are Greece, Ireland and Portugal prepared to default to the EFSF?

The posting beneath this links to the "Lenihan Letter" which supposedly legitimises "RULE BY TROIKA" in Ireland. It appears to have been constructed on some very shifting sands.

One presumes that as ever amounts advanced by the IMF are secured, but can the same be said for sums advanced and due to the EFSF and the ECB. Can even money advanced by the EFSM, to which the UK is party, also really be considered as being of any worth, if not what percentage still is?

Should the three countries now barely surviving under the boot of the Troika decide that the game is no longer worth the candle, which given the comment below is quite clearly the case for Ireland, the EFSF commitments will then become due from the Sovereign State Guarantors.

Such a default would be particularly nasty timing for France, which has just pledged billions for Peugeot to continue making cars few wish to purchase!

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Treasures from the threads number 82 - Irish Bailout

Two consecutive comments to the Lenihan letter of November 2010 requesting the Irish Bailout from the Troika, released following an FOI request and published in the Irish Times, linked here:

Now the sovereignty is gone, emigration of young people from 15 -24 was 70000 in the two years to last April, there is over 7billion paid in interest a year by the Irish government, and the 64 billion debt from promissory note and bank rescue will burden the State for the next 40 years. Better to have defaulted, and then recovered after 10 years, according to your scenario, rather than live hopelessly, and condemn future generations to penury, or more emigration.

So it does come down to a signature on a piece of paper. Very curious that the term, Irish Authorities is used. There is the Republic of Ireland and, there is the Government of the Republic. Now we have the Irish Authorities on behalf of whom, the Minister for Finance makes formal application for external assistance, and who will cooperate in preparation of a programme of assistance for the Irish State. Who constitutes the Irish Authorities precisely? 

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Consider the future of a new born British baby!

Ponder on the innocence of a new born baby, reflect on the pride, aspirations and hopes of its parents!

Now if you can for a moment, turn your thoughts to the qualities of those who have attained the upper echelons of our society: our leading politicians, senior civil servants , the DG, management and senior producers and celeberity broadcasters of the state run, hugely expensive and completely biased and unreasoning BBC etc.

Would any such parents wish their new born infant to follow in the footsteps of the present incumbents of those offices, most of them, (almost without obvious exception,) vain, greedy, self-seeking, self absorbed and commonly utterly incompetent as the state of society so obviously bears witness.

Such are the depths of the problem facing our country, all completely and entirely of our own making

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

David Cameron Conservative Leader rules out an EU IN/OUT Referendum

The record of the statement on the 18/19 October European Council, given by Prime Minister David Cameron to Parliament yesterday, could not be clearer, any vote for a Conservative Party candidate while Cameron still leads that party is a vote for Britain to stay forever within the EU.

Past performances by the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties essentially mean the same harsh facts are true in so far as voting for those two parties is the likely to be case in any future General Election as well.

The Hansard record is linked here.

Later today I will be posting on why Spain must now leave the EU. The same counts double for Britain too, in my view, which in a sane world would render Cameron unelectable!

Evidence of the EU's tyranny grows daily, yet  so bound and tied to that evil has Britain's government become; that they now they have even ceased to protest!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

My reply to John Redwood today - Cameron vs Merkel on EU Budget

Martin Cole
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Cameron is wounded by the events of last week, by the economy and therefore further by his Chancellor.
Like Galtieri he needs to pick a fight with someone. Merkel and the EU budget seem ideal from almost every viewpoint.
Go for it, any outcome has to be an improvement for British taxpayers and voters.

Basque Country election result in Spain

Spanish leader Rajoy did well in the face of the economic crisis to gain the majority in the regional government of his native Galicia, he will be thus strengthened in his struggle with the evil EU over the coming trying days. I leiked this picture from last week in the EuObserver which brilliantly captures what has happened to that group of ineffectual wimps:

Picture from EuObserver article linked here.

In a more historically significant election result from yesterday also in Spain, a regional government dominated by Basque separatists is set to form around Bilbao. Guardian report is here.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Questions for Merkel, Schauble and all Germans

Following the decisions on legacy debt, insisted upon by Germany at last week's European Council Meeting of the EU's 27 Member States in Brussels:

What are the debts today of Greece, Ireland and Portugal as compared to those debts at the point of their entry into the Troika lending programmes?

I will wager that for each country they are today greater by a considerable amount than they were when each country entered their programmes, therefore:

What has been the point of all the unemployment, poverty, hunger and mass emigration the Troika imposed austerity has brought?  

Therefore thirdly and lastly:

Why has Germany again decided to crush and subjugate the entirety of Europe as the answers to the first two questions must lead one to conclude is their plan.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Britain and Europe

   I have been writing about Europe almost every day for a long time, almost as long as successive British Governments and Conservative Party politicians in particular have been doing all they could to not even think about it.  Even PM Cameron, with his well aimed attack of yesterday, as reported in The Sun, linked here, now seems aware that this feigned indifference cannot continue!

   The boycott of the Fiscal Compact contrived by Cameron at the final EU summit of last year, appears to have served little purpose, with an FTT or Tobin Tax proceeding under enhanced cooperation.

   The next logical British step,  a boycott of the single banking supervisor procedures agreed this week could not be justified given the UK has no eventual commitment to ever join EMU. The Czech threat of a veto is encouraging but the pressure to again fall into line will probably eventually prove irresistable.

   The solution clutched at by Cameron in yesterday's Brussels news conference, a new EU settlement followed by referendum acceptance or continuation of the pre-existing status quo, carries absurdity and expediency to new and ever more dizzying heights.

  What then to do? As I blogged first thing this morning, the economy has already broken down, appointment of a capable, experienced and functioning Governor of the Bank of England is thus priority number one, as then posted I believe Nigel Lawson fits the bill.

Next to go, quite clearly, is the Chancellor, George Osborne. Nick Clegg if he wishes his party to be saved from annihalation must now make this a condition of his continuing support for the Coalition .

   A British Foreign Policy towards a splitting EU must then urgently be prepared. A senior Liberal Democrat could concurrently be given responsibilty to assist in preventing such a breakdown occurring and negotiating a new place for the UK within, or among, the remanants of the failed EU!

   Saving what remains of sterling's value from the fallout from the euro disaster needs a seasoned and smart individual heading the Treasury, regular readers of my blog know well enough whom I prefer amongst the very few such that the nation presently seems to have available.

   Meantime watch the results of tomorrow's local elections in Spain as the best guide as to how much more time we may still have available to prepare.

   For a good report on the crumbling societies in Greece and Portugal watch Dateline London from the BBC this weekend!

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Cameron's New Chief Whip endorsed by Jimmy Savile

H/T Spectator

Crunch weekend for Cameron and Clegg

Make no mistake about it, what Cameron and Clegg decide to do in the coming hours will seal the fate of their Coalition, the economy of the country and the future potential (if there is to be any) of their political parties.

First the easy bit. Resulting from the need for a further Government re-shuffle following the resignation of the Government's Chief Whip, the glaring necessity to remove Osborne as Chancellor cannot be dodged a further time.

A new Governor of the Bank of England is urgently required to salvage the wreckage left by New Labour and their appointee, Sir Mervyn King; One option being reportedly considered by Osborne is his Deputy, Paul Tucker, obviously an insane impossibility. The second choice supposedly is Osborne's head, Adair Turner, which seems at first look even less acceptabale than Tucker.

In this blogger's view there is only one individual in the country with the necessary experience and qualifications, and that is Nigel Lawson. Should he feel unable to fill the post, even on an interim basis, then perhaps he should be assigned to find a successor while the Government crisis unfolds.

I will be posting later today, on this blog, on the other options available for the Coalition. The effect of the now crucially important EU crisis will be a major consideration and this summary of the situation from Ralf Grahn, posted this morning provides some good background.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

The EU Split in Pictures

Before the EU Council meeting of the 27 member states, laughingly referred to as a summit by the MSM, the various factions met and posed for pictures, diplaying for all to see that the term "Union" is about as far from reality as any description is possible to get.

From an article in EUObserver the "ECR" Group

The Socialists seemed to be an even more forlorn group of non-entities as presented in a photo issued by the Elyssé Palace which I tweeted yesterday:

: Photo de famille du Président de la République avec les membres du à Bruxelles ” See Socialists

The once powerful EPP Group met in Bucharest, Merkel lacking Sarkozy was probably at a complete loss, I have been unable to find an image of that meeting to chortle over.

Is the EU breaking up, look for yourself and see what more nonsense unfolds today to follow behind this kind of rubbish, linked here, from which comes this garbage:

European Council conclusions on completing EMU1
Adopted on 18 October 2012
1. In the light of the fundamental challenges facing it, the Economic and Monetary Union needs
to be strengthened to ensure economic and social welfare as well as stability and sustained

How can a known to be collapsing and perhaps shortest lived currency union of all time possibly be expected, in the face of almost certain disintegration, to deliver - economic and social welfare, let alone propserity even if transitory, let alone sustainably?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A rant against bankers

A Bright Day Dawns for Europe and the UK

It is darkest before dawn, goes the old saw, or more depressingly, as my own father once opined, a pendulum can only decline for so long, sooner or later the ascent must recommence. It would have been his birthday today, had leukemiia not claimed him in early middle age. I have missed his advice and companionship for the past almost five decades.

The EU Council meeting today will be attended by leaders aware that their EU experiment is doomed. They may not say it, but deep inside they and their closest aids must know the facts. The outright robbery of small savers being forced upon Spain by the ECB is one sign, the open split between France and Germany (long the driving forces,) is another.

In the UK the nonsense of the Scottish referendum and the nursery-class type absurdity of PM Questions yesterday, are clear signs that even our third rate elected and now presently pointless MPs cannot long continue with such childishness while still drawing their salaries and pensions.

I started my own little private crusade against the Common Market, which was always doomed to end like this, in the early nineteen nineties, soon I can desist! Oh Happy Days!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How "Europe" is stealing the savings of the poorest and stupidest in its society

If one had thought the EU stood for anything, then surely it would be to protect those least well equipped to care for themselves. My view is that this is best achieved by giving the brightest the best opportunities to utilise and profit from their individual talents. I always knew the latter was a forlorn hope but today it appears the very opposite of the former is being applied by the EU, perhaps through the ECB, on the poorest of its citizens in Spain.

The evidence of the huge operation to steal the savings and few remaining private citizen assets of the Spanish people is everywhere across the internet so may not be denied.

The ultimate culprits are the 27 Heads of State of the member states who will wine and dine together in the European Council between now and the weekend. Collectively the lowest vermin that Europe has perhaps ever produced, gathered together in one place, during most of our lifetimes.

Here is the proof from a report by Reuters, published yesterday, and linked here, from which the following quote is the most pertinent passage:

Many of the banks which issued these products swapped them for shares and bonds. The main state-owned banks such as NGB did not. NGB has apologized and some banks have offered compensation for the worst cases. But now the banks are negotiating with Europe for capital as part of an international bailout, the terms of which will include inflicting a loss on people who in many cases handed over their life-savings.

Note how the term "Europe" has here been used to describe the odious EU, ECB and Euro Group collectively, the three structures which have presently sunk beneath that which should normally be attainable by any functioning moral human being!

Europe, all of us, are here accused of arm-twisting small Spanish savers to convert their savings into bank preference shares, not just in the apparently criminally run Bankia, but also in State owned banks such as NGB,  then Europe (ie all of us collectively,) is compelling such state banks, who so far lacked the balls (or had sufficient conscience to refrain from such theft) to steal that money, in amounts which have to be comparatively insignicant, given the massive manipulation of trillions of Euros in the complicated con-trick EU leaders have been playing with our money for decades!

Background and proof of all this is not just available from my blog, eg here, but Reuters earlier described the dreadful confidence trick played on Spanish small savings account investors in a detailed report at the end of last July, linked here.

More on the mis-selling of bank preference shares, this time from Canada, also of last July is linked here.

So what are the unprincipled, despicable and desperate scumbags who will sit around the table at the European Council in the next few days going to do to stop these obscene practises; all being undertaken in the names of all we Europeans, merely to breathe a few more moments of life into the sick and ever doomed project that is EMU, better signified by its now deeply sickening emblem - the euro currency.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Portuguese Parliament Demonstrations dramatise next step in EU Torment

The mad efforts to save the foul and useless Euro currency by ruthless imposition of budget cuts and swingeing tax increase took another step last evening in Portugal; sparking demonstrations in front of the National Parliament which in turn provided an AFP copyright image that may come to signify the pointlessness of the misery of the  EU cisis, just as the My Lai massacre image did for Vietnam's agony, see it here.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Belgium faces collapse as Belgian political practises take root in Britain

Flemish nationalist leader Bart De Wever hailed a "historic" victory in Antwerp's mayoral vote on Sunday after he and his New Flemish Alliance brought an end to 90 years of Socialist dominance in the northern port city. 

Such is the opening to the EU challenging earth tremor that shook European politics last evening, and in quite typical fashion is completely ignored as far as I can see in the British mainstream media this morning. Read the entire France24 report from here.

Belgium under King Leopold II, became notorious for vicious, cruel and exploitative colonialism in the Congo, more recently as chief home for the anti-democratic EU it is known for all that is rotten with that institution, much of which has yet to see the light of day.

Rwanda, a former Belgian colony, is however today also spreading its pall into British politics in both Downing Street and Chipping Norton, see the Daily Express report from here, from which comes this quote:

Project Umubano sends Tory volunteers on two-week stints during the summer to help survivors of the 1994 genocide.

They coach local organisations how to bid for aid money and work directly with schools.

One former volunteer was Justine Greening, the new International Development Secretary who must now decide whether aid should continue to Rwanda.

Christopher Shale, who was chairman of Mr Cameron’s Tory constituency association in Oxfordshire, was a founding volunteer.

Odd as the newspaper points out, that the presentlypressured Chief Whip, Andy Mitchell, authoriseda huge transfer to Rwanda as his last act before being replaced by Greening, odder too perhaps the suspicious death of Mr Shale in a Portaloo at Glastonbury!

This blog has long maintained that one of the worst aspects of the EU has been the adoption by our polticians of practises for which the Continent alone was once notorious, this seems a case in point!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

How can the Tories cope with the legacy of apparent paedophile and traitor Ted Heath?

In addressing all the ghastly detail of the reality behind the man that was Prime Minister Ted Heath we first need to form a view of what exactly is the Conservative Party of today. Those wishing to explore Heath the traitor here or Heath the pervert watch the mainstream press, they are getting there

What of the Tory Party of today? First we must guess at who controls it. Is it those in the Heath tradition or the patriotic Thatcher wing? Deciding which is complicated by the role of Francis Maude, who according to this report appears to be controlling the deadened brain of the dope dazed dolt that is David Cameron. (Making completely laughable the Sunday Telegraph guess that he will replace Andrew Michell as Chief Whip,)

Co-incidentally Andrew Mitchell is listed alongside Francis Maude's own father in the list of Politicians amongst Old Rugbeians, here. Angus Maude, seems most clearly to be a Thatcherite, his stint as editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, sacking by Heath over aeronautical policy, re-inforcing such a view.
In the obituary in The Independent, linked here, the following puzzling passage appears:

When he left the government in 1981 he did so very much against the wishes of the Prime Minister, but not least because he did not want to stand in the way of the burgeoning political career of his son Francis.

If father and son saw eye to eye on policy, then why would such a resignation have been necessary. Were there powerful people with something on Angus in which case where stood Francis then and where indeed today?

Angus Maude was hugely influential regarding policy of the Conservative Party, the files for his period as Deputy DG of the Conservative Political Centre are at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, see here, so even those closed could now be reviewed for clues by one with sufficient authority.

As collapse approaches, as it surely must with the obscene and sordid detail now emerging of how our nation has been completely sold down the river for forty years, as detailed by the Mail in 2003 linked here, power could shift rapidly, the Rothschild links remain strong in Downing Street witness Letwin and Osborne's positions, Maude himself may have a foot in that camp, time will tell.

Labour of course, however foul the Tories, is worse, what a crying shame that LibDems sell their soul to the EU as a prior condition for candidate selection, elsewise this hung Parliament, with some good will from backbenchers, might truly set the country aright and back towards the democracy and freedom, in which cause so many of our servicemen have died for nigh on one hundred years.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath and the EU

Yesterday afternoon on the web site of the Daily Telegraph newspaper blogs section, a photograph appeared of Jummy Savile, the multiple murderer known as the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe with British Boxer Frank Bruno, as of this morning that column has attracted 417 comments. The article with photo is linked here.

Around tea time yesterday afternoon those comments began to surround Ted Heath, the assault of young boys on his yacht and the children's home in Jersey, Haute Garenne, the scene of a fairly recent extensive murder inquiry involving possible multiple childrens grave. This latter island was mentioned on the BBC Radio 4 7:00 am news, so the story has legs!

Many of such comments have been allowed by the newspaper to remain online, see here, one of which gives this link to aangirfan blog posting full of similar accusations and celeberity/politico mentions.

Last month from other publicly available material, on 10th September, I posted on Ted Heath, Lord Rothschild and the Conservative Party, regarding the manner in which Britain was subjected to EU entry, now finally oh so clearly a means whereby the national wealth has been handed to foreign Continental powers.

The Conservative Party is presently in the majority in Parliament but many of its leading figures are now tainted by these accusations. It is doubtful they van oversee the urgent thorough investigation so obviously required.

If blackmail was a factor for cajoling Britain into the EU that becomes a crisis for all 27 countries now involved.

The independent prosecuting authorities of the nation, independent of all politics and the EU, must now become involved. The alleged  torture, murder and abuse of youngsters is thoroughly sickening, but the rape of the country is on an entirely different level and cannot possibly be left to an internal inquiry into the matter by the DG of the revolting, shamed and corrupted BBC.

The evil seems to have had its tentacles so deeply into the upper echelons of Britqin's society it is difficult to see who might remain sufficiently senior but untainted to get to the bottom of this absolute obscenity against normal human standards.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

The two criminal incompetents who created the Euro crisis; debate on the BBC

In Tokyo, on the fringes of the IMF meeting, the BBC has hosted a truly mind-boggling debate between the two prime perpetrators of this present, now near terminal phase of the Euro Crisis.

Read the archive from May 2010 of this blog, when these two characters put in place the structures designed to deliver Economic Governance to Germany of the entire EU, just as I stated in the last posting of that month from which comes the following:

Monday, May 31, 2010

Economic Governance was always the EU objective!

There is a rather startling article in the Market Watch section of the Wall Street Journal this morning. It is written by David Marsh, linked here, titled "Germans to the front in Europe"and includes this assertion: The irrefutable message being relayed at home and abroad is that Germany is seeking gradually to take control of the European economy -- in a last-ditch response to what Berlin sees as other countries' widespread failure to put their house in order. Regular readers of this blog and its forerunner cannot help but be aware that non-democratic economic governance and its consequent tyranny of corporatist totalitarianism (once called national socialism now mutated to become an intra-national version of economic fascism) has been the objective for years as the progress towards this end has been clearly recorded and commented upon on an almost daily basis right here over many years. Given these blogs archives the following facts can thus not now be convincingly disputed: The common currency had to fail without fiscal union and social harmonisation. Greece never met the currency criteria and its present crisis was not only foreseeable but therefore became a desired objective. The emergency measures designed to save Greece were never going to succeed and were thus implemented to destroy the Treaties and therefore the rule of law within the EU. The silence of all governments, both within the Eurogroup and those outside the Eurogroup but within the EU since 10th May speaks for itself. If I, as a non-economist and merely interested commentator, have been able to chronicle and foretell these events down the years, how come the Wall Street Journal columnist and author of the linked article remains so blind?
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My reply to John Redwood today - Cameron's speech

Martin Cole
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Your comment is awaiting moderation.

It must have been a struggle finding that headline for this posting.

I agree he does speak well. The problem of course is that most of what he says is either cliché or emotive garbage, he then doesn’t follow through on the lofty intents with which his speeches are further garnished and most destructively of all, he surrounds himself with fifth raters who similarly lack any feel for either history or developing world events.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Farage US Prime Time TV 10th October 2012

A conference season of name-calling childishness

Catalonia, a region of Spain, has considered holding a referendum on separation from the central Spanish State  because of the dire straits of (and one presumes lack of confidence between)  the economies of the two Authorities. The Spanish Government and army have declared, which threat was repeated in the European Parliament, to put any such separatist attempt down by force.

Europe is confronted by a possibility of a repetition of the ghastly Spanish Civil War played out in the 1930s as a prelude to World War II.

Britain's main poltical parties held their annual conferences against this backdrop and we were treated to a display of childish insult hurling and irrelevance normally to be only expected within a school playground of under achieving and disturbed seven year olds.

Many will no doubt have their own particular moments of stomach wrenching awfulness, perhaps based on past party loyalties, that made them personally cringe. Mine came yesterday when the shallow and vain non-entity who leads the modern Conservative Party, sought to garner new support with references to dead offspring's wheelchairs and a well-heeled but heelless Dad.

Serious debate of the policy alternatives that now confront the nation was there none. Yet Merkel was then being greeted by Swastika flags in Athens and petulantly rejecting the biggest defence industry merger of all time as she would be refused the right to host its headquarters, such is the EU to which these three political parties, for the sustainment of their own poltical power and personal wealth, have now made our nation subservient, dedemocratised and thoroughly treaty bound!

Sober, mature and considered proposals regarding the dreadful dangers now facing the nation all coming from the EU were entirely absent from any debate. It was left to TV presenters on the CNBC Squawk Box interviewing Nigel Farage of UKIP to even begin to consider the coming collapse that will inevitably attend the dismantling of the entirely corrupt EU.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HS2 Vandalism - Pictures from France

The French are lucky they have more unspoilt countryside than Britain. They are nevertheless destroying it for similar lack of any purpose at the behest of the EU whose officials and employees will be the only ones choosing or being able to afford to travel along it.

The only people using such rail services in the 21st century are public servants travelling at public cost. Businessmen do not travel from Bordeaux to Tours, nor on to Paris nor even to Brussels! Only eurocrats running every detail of our lives between expensive dining!

Here as promised last weekend, are some of the latest snaps of the destruction taken yesterday:

Renewed German assertiveness and the EADS/British Aerospace Deal

It appears the merger between British Aerospace and the Franco/German defence suppliers and plane maker EADS is set to fail.

This is good news in every possible way.

Germany has amply demonstrated in all its actions since the economic crisis broke some four years ago that its intentions are to again dominate Europe in every way that it can, apparently in a manner reminiscent of all its historic arrogance of its view of its place on our Continent - namely in sole and absolute command.

This blogger has believed this was the case for decades. Until Merkel's Athens visit of yesterday it was impossible to assert that quite so clearly and certainly.

In my view the consideration given by our political leaders of handing British Aerospace, our country's main defence equipment supplier, to control by the Germans was an act of gross negligence, complete blindness and utter incompetence.

Other than Islamic militancy the greatest threat to both the economy of our country and its security now quite clearly lies once again on the Continental mainland of Western Europe. Our country urgently needs poltical leaders who at least recognise the possibility of there one day, perhaps very soon, being truth in that fact.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Germany exposes the iron fist of solidarity over Greece & EADS

The following quote from Germany comes from the Chines media:

For his part, the FDP's parliamentary chief, Rainer Bruederle, told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that the chancellor's visit was “a clear sign of our solidarity with Greece.”  

Politicians from the opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) and Greens struck a similar tone ahead of the visit, Merkel's first to Greece since the eurozone debt crisis ignited nearly three years ago.

Elsewhere German arrogance, disguised as EU solidarity, is displayed in the demand that should the merger of the Franco/German aircraft and defense firm EADS with British Aerospace be allowed to proceed, the combined company must be headquartered in Germany and the French and German Governments be given authority to retain state shareholdings.

Britain's remaining defence will thus lie almost entirely within foreign control, its non-EU markets in the USA, Australia, Canada and othe Commonwealth countries neutered and therefore our islands doomed to insignificance in a very short time.

Like Britain's power utilities, manufacturing industry, chemical busiuness and so many other once strong international concerns, British Aerospace will have been destroyed.

Less than 70 years since the end of WWII, Germany will have disarmed our country.

It seems the Prime Minister, David Cameron's party conference speech tomorrow could not fall at a more appropriate moment.

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Monday, October 08, 2012

ESM Board to launch this vehicle for oppression today

As German Chancellor Merkel, travels to Athens today, to witness first hand the  squalor, human misery and destruction wrought by her policies over the past several years, the ESM, another tool for Germen domination of the European Continent will be inaugaurated in Luxembourg, in accordance with her desires and instructions, as reported here by RTE the Irish Broadcaster, whose ex-country is already entirely controlled by Germany through the same agency at work in Greece, known by the already everywhere reviled tag of "the Troika".

Those who actually control Merkel and the German Constitutional Court, which also appears to have now become their puppet, remain unkown and as yet still hidden from view.

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My reply to John Redwood today - Grammar Schools

Martin Cole
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Your comment is awaiting moderation. The hatred of the Eleven Plus system is a hugely curious fact of life in Britain. I once met a man of my age whose entire family had emigrated to Canada simply because he had failed. I tried to explore his present views on this as I am a huge fan of Grammar Schools but there was no rational explanation of even his deep prejudice against selection at 11, even with re-examination opportunites at 13 and O Level instruction in streamed secondary classes.
Pandering to such blind prejudice is a disaster for the Conservative Party and UKIP have a huge intellectual argument in their favour by boldly ignoring anti-Grammar prejudice for the utter ignorance it truly is

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Nailing Cameron the serial EU LIAR!

The following exchange occurred on Twitter last evening:

I'm starting Conference with this new Twitter feed about my role as Conservative Leader. I promise there won't be "too many tweets..."
How do we know you are the David Cameron? Swear you will offer us an EU referendum, when you renege I'll believe it's you!

Cameron Makes Veto Pledge On EU Budget

Sky News - ‎16 minutes ago‎

Members of the Conservative Party, (voters in the country have already clearly rejected this man as their leader in a General Election ousting the most corrupt and useless government in the history of the nation) are now the only ones who can rid us of this lying and arrogant low-life) Let us hope there is enough remaining decency amongst party members to accomplish this desperately needed task!


Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Musical Message for Merkel from Malta

Co-incidentally Atlas Shrugged Part 11 of the movie opens in US cinemas next weekend - I suggest you see it, if that is not possible read the book by Ayn Rand, it will help you grasp the depths of the problems today facing the West which take us to the bedrock of the fundamentals of the nature of our species.

UPDATE Thirty minutes from posting

When I tweeted this posting the video selected for playing became "United we stand" by Brotherhood of Man. I cannot explain why. As that also seems apt for the meetings in Malta today between President Hollande and Mario Monti et al and the internet seems to have decided that should be so, I also now include that to this posting.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Tax criminals as public employees and Government Ministers

Tax criminals are not scarce in Britain's taxpayer funded public services!

What has happened to any supposed morality in our country which allows such a sentence to be true and proven by a Parliamentary report as back-up, read here.

Any employee, if able, will seek to maximise his gross and net earnings. It is the political scum who are gathering at this season who have allowed such a situation to develop and it can only be those at the top of the three main parties who have had the necessary power and authority to oversee its period of operation.

Punishment of the tax avoiders and repayment of the unpaid taxes must of course be a priority, if necessary through seizure of real estate assets or pension deductions.

Punishment of the politicians must ultimately depend on representatives of the three main parties being voted from office and replaced by candidates dedicated to honest governance. Thereafter ex-Ministers motivations in such deviousness may be studied in detail together with all their private financial arrangements for possible criminality!

Co-incidentally this morning The Independent has an article on Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps, which once again demonstrates our present Prime Minister's obsession with surrounding himself with low lives, read here.


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Cameron's substance smashed brain a clear and present danger to the Nation

I yesterday tweeted a link to an article in a Birmingham newspaper dated 14th September as it was significant to the shambles over the rail franchise shambles, itself a pointer to the glaring deficiencies across Government. That entire article on closer reading is hugely significant and revealing as to the state of the damaged thought processes of our past self-admitted substance abusing Prime Minister and is linked again from here.

Consider this direct quote of the exact words of Cameron intended for a Midlands' audience:

“We shouldn’t ignore what regional airports can provide and also Birmingham Airport post HS2 will be an interesting proposition. It certainly is included in the review.”

Thereafter bearing in mind what he said above about Birmingham Airport comes this astounding direct quote:

“I have seen what the HS1 line through Kent has done for that area. High Speed Rail can transform economies. “Lots of things have been tried in regional policy and some things have worked a bit and some things haven’t worked at all, but one thing that absolutely works is transport arteries that can get the economic blood flowing.”

Then on his personnel management philosophy during the recent Cabinet Shuffle this:
“Reshuffles are unfair. Caroline Spelman did a very good job at Defra. I think there’s a lot she can be proud of in her record. The truth is you have to move some people on in order to bring in new talent. It’s a very difficult process. I think Caroline was very understanding.” Praising Mr Mitchell, he said: “You need a really tip top whips office and I think that’s exactly what he will provide. Focus and drive and dynamism.”

Can there really be any doubt that there is something seriously amiss within the mind functioning of this man? How can HS2 benefit Birmingham Airport? Only direct International connections can do that 5solely within Government or EU gift) which in turn would make HS2 even less viable.

Moving competent people to bring on younger talent, which being in the failed Cameron Coalition will be unlikely ever to see Government again, would be a disastrous philosophy if true!

No more comment is needed regarding Chief Whip Mitchell, except that all now know what Cameron means with what would normally have been the quaint phrase "tip top"

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The unrepayable excesses of the ECB

The figures were revealed on the normally highly reputable blog "Zero Hedge" two days ago, linked here, from which I quote

The ECB lists, as of the end of the 1st quarter of 2012, 16.304 trillion Euros ($ 21.032 trillion) in assets and 17.334 trillion Euros ($22.631 trillion) in liabilities. It is right there in black and white as I showed in the ECB provided data that I presented yesterday. However when you get to their consolidated balance sheet you find the numbers they bandy about in public to be a ledger of 3.240 trillion Euros ($4.00 trillion) and you catch your breath and pause. Utilizing normal American accounting practices this variance would be impossible and yet here it is; staring us all right in the face.

The balance sheets I am used to perusing usually require assets and liabilities be balance but disregarding that the figures here are mind blowingly awful and have been apparently now buried. The truth they reveal cannot for ever be so hidden.

If one country leaves the Euro Group (and now it is clearly a matter only of when and which one, not if) then these balances will have to de divided out amongst the 17 members and accounted for in some manner! Massive national defailts will have to result.

Looking at the agreed shares planned for the ESM and taking a round total of $22 trillion the liabilities for those nation's still considered as paymasters will be as follows:

Finland 1.8% ..........  $396,000,000,000
Netherlands 5.7% ...  $1,254,000,000,000
Germany 27.15% ....  $5,973,000,000,000

These amounts also assume all the other broken ex Euro Group members will meet their own shares, as laughingly assumed in the recent Spanish budget for 2013, upon which I also tweeted yesterday!

Of course there may be some offsetting assets truly with some value on the other side of the ECB balance sheet, but knowing the EU and the ECB, are there any out there, seeing the years of corruption, layers of incompetent officialdom, the lunacy of the regulations and uneconomic green policy excesses; the lavish wining and dining and useless travel of the national and EU officials involved and the sheer vantity and repulsiveness of the ideas behind the project - can all that have left much more than a row of beans on the supposed asset side of this dreadful EU project?

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

My reply to John Redwood this morning - EU Fraud

Martin Cole
Posted October 2, 2012 at 6:09 am | Permalink
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
The cross subsidy by Spanish taxpayers of the Italian State Electricity Compnay where there has also apparently been past cross appointments of politicians to board memberships revealed by Bloomberg etc., yesterday moves the EU scandal to a new altogether graver area.
An immediate cessation of all UK payments to EU budgets and projects pending full criminal investigations into past abuses, withdrawal of MEPs and cessation of salary payments together with the pensions of former EU Commissioners and officials would also seem a sensible initial step. Such a step might speed a full discovery of the facts!
UK taxpayer liability to the consequences of EU fraud could reveal the national finances are stronger than they might now appear, and some of the cutting could thus be less severe than you suggest above.

Surely Spanish Taxpayers €13 Billion to Italy's Enel = Massive Corruption

Bloomberg carried the report of an extra €25 Billion Spanish budget hole yesterday, linked here, caused supposedly and quite incredibly by years of billing customers far less than reported revenues.

More astounding still is the fact that more than half the money seems to have been underwritten by the Spanish taxpayers for the benefit of the Italian State Electricity conglomerate Enel, a quote:

Budget Ministry spokesman Jesus Garcia declined to give further details of how Spain is accounting for the rescue or how much it contributed to the jump in borrowing.
The government already backed about 13 billion euros of the debt through a securitization program that began last year. The program took the debt off the balance sheets of utilities including Iberdrola and Enel SpA (ENEL)’s Endesa SA unit by selling it to investors with a government guarantee. It didn’t affect the overall indebtedness of the system.

The scam may have begun as part of the enormous confidence trick of climate change and the resulting green energy obsession, which not being produced when the wind don't blow was nevertheless billed anyway to hide that failure, pure supposition on my part,of course but if true, likely to prove a problem elsewhere in the EU, where the massive windmill white elephants now dot the formerly unspoilt countryside.

The one comment so far to the Bloomberg report is worth reading, this section particularly striking a chord within my head, on the continuing extraordinary depths of the corruption which those in the EU have so far successfully accomplished with none yet punished:

But when short/intermediate Spanish/Italian bonds demand 8% and unemployment in France reaches 15-20% (Spanish unemployment is already 25% and for youths it's 40%+), maybe Europeans will come to grips with reality and break the public union stranglehold. Until then........the so called press sleeps with the fishes and it's fantasyland. Nearly a decade of sleeping press and inept Spanish socialist policies to "help" the non rich have damm near bankrupted that country and sentenced its citizens to decades of somehow making ends meet and sadly accepting the migration of their children. Yet the French just elected .....a socialist! Meanwhile, the budget for layer upon layer of Brussels bureauracy (on top of layer upon layer of Madrid/Paris/Athens/Rome/Lisbon bureauracy) now tops E1.5B annually! Honestly, how did Europe get on so long without Brussels to manage things so well? Indeed, one could sensibly argue that after a mere decade, there's a clear inverse relationship between the amounts EU poiliticians pay themselves/spend and the fortunes of the people they represent so miserably. The magnitude of the waste, corruption and sheer incompetence staggers even the likes of a Hawking or Asimov.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Decadence, debauchery and despotism triumphant.

When conspiracy and corruption enjoy a momentary advance the spirits of those fighting their progress is always certain to experience a passing feeling of sadness.

So it is with this temporary moment of triumph of Europe's golfers, who have foolishly allowed their skills and endeavours to be represented by the blue flag with twelve yellow stars that represents the ascendency of bullying ill-intent and possibly even pure evil across the entire EU in these increasingly dreadful times.

A sporting victory, particularly one in Golf, which tends to be adopted by the monied and privileged, cannot properly be adopted as entirely representative of the strivings of typical voters who have seen their democracies destroyed and parliaments neutered by the advancing tyranny, so we must forget as soon as we can that the symbol representing Europe's Popperian tyranny has for a moment appeared to triumph over that of the Stars and Stripes still representative of democracy.

The silence of Europe's media on events in the Iberian peninsular last week and into the weekend sadly appear to mark a new phase of Euope's tragic history.