Sunday, September 09, 2012

Was Edward Heath blackmailed into putting the UK under German control within the EU

Archbishop Cranmer's blog has a high reputation amongst its peers. It seems odd that a comment such as the following to one of his postings has remained obscure since 12th March 2009:

Sir Edward Heath was exposed as a traitor, working for German Intelligence (the Abwehr from October 1937 to July 1944, DVD autumn 1944 until his death.
Some say Sir Edward also worked for the SD -  although there is reliable reporting that Sir Edward met Reichsfuhrer Himmler in 1937 at Nuremberg and it is known that the Reichsfuhrer wished to recruit him, probably to spy on the Abwehr, rather than us, there is no evidence that
Sir Edward became an agent of the SD or joined the SS) in a specialist financial intelligence journal, the International Currency Review, in October 2005, which is normally sent to the British and German Governments, neither of which has denied the intelligence.
It was subsequently confirmed, not long before his death, by that nice (albeit formidable and at times quite ruthless) man,GeneralOberst Markus Wolf, of the DVD, also the Abwehr, then HVA (Stasi), in a private meeting at the Reform Club.

The matter comes to mind at present as it daily appears more likely that the present incumbent at 10 Downing Street also seems of a character where circumstances of his past and character flaws of the present throw into question his motives in recent policy decisions and appointments, see various blog postings and links from the past week.

The same commentator to Cranmer later curiously asserts the following:

The intelligence has been accepted as accurate by MI5, DIS, MI6 and GCHQ,
as well as the Cabinet Office and Foreign Office, although all six are committed to a cover-up.
The government's strategy apears to be one of no comment, in the hope that memories of the 2005 report will fade

That certainly seems to have been the case in so far as Archbishop Cranmer's blog seems concerned. Surely if the point being made were true, and such high-powered organisations were cited as knowing that to be the case, were it not so the comment would have been removed?

If Heath as Prime Minister was working for the Germans when he took us in to the EU as Prime Minister, is it not unreasonable to query whether payment or blackmail has kept us within the disastrously failing construct by our rotten politicians having been similarly manipulated ever since, even perhaps to this very day, where all three parties maintain we must stay trapped within, even at the moment of its fairly obvious soon arriving self-destruction?

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