Sunday, September 09, 2012

Osborne, Drugs, Prostitutes,Cameron, Coulson and wrecking Britain's economy

Why do we let the man who features in the above video, with a past that would, if known, prevent most of us ever having within our homes, continue to run the finances of our failing nation. If such things are known about Cameron and Osborne in the public sphere, what other dark secrets might thers know and now be manipulating for their own dark purposes?

It is not good having characters with tendencies towards proven addictive habits in positions of responsibility, let alone when they are not being regularly monitored for substance abuse. Here is a rerun of an alection broadcast attacking George Osborne:

Following the recent study showing how cannabis destroys the reasoning and memory capabilities of adolescent users, can we now be sure such factors are not at work aiding and adding to the destruction of our nation's economy?

The Lib/Dems as repeatedly pointed out on this blog since the beginning of the Coalition Government are equally culpable in letting this situation continue.


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