Monday, September 17, 2012

Maastricht the monstrous treaty that crippled a Continent

This week will see the twentieth anniversary of the French referendum on the Maastricht Treaty, the "petit oui" as it has come to be known, some suggestions have been made that it may well have been a "petit non" but that is bye the bye for the time being, enough history has now passed and enough detail of the manner in which this disaster was rammed through the parliaments it was to destroy, makes that terrifying suggestion become almost insignificant.

Looking at the abhorrent EU today, (especially in the light of the absurd State of the EU speech, by the odious Commission President in the obscenity of the European Parliament last week,) are there any within Europe, other than those benefitting from its clearly corrupt institutions and structures, who can claim it as anything other than an absolute and complete disaster?

This blog will be providing links and details during the coming week of just how low our national politicians sank in enacting this Treaty and how warnings of the certain economic failure and collapse that would follow were callously ignored.

Whether at the end we will be any closer to identifying their motives remains doubtful.


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