Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Germany the linchpin of Maastricht, EMU & the €uro

In this week's study of the disaster that was Maastricht that this blog is undertaking to mark the 20th anniversary of the "petitoui" referendum in France, on the eve of that dreadful day, we should consider Germany. Happily in view of the crucial importance of this European dominant nation much is already written and a couple of links will quickly provide all the curious reader may today wish to learn of the history. The first is a Google Books ebook, available to be read online click here, titled "France Germany and the European Union, Maastricht and after" by Aparajita Endow (unhappily not complete) and from here, extracts from Michael J Baun's, "The Maastricht Treaty as High Politics: Germany, France and European integration"

The German people, as today were not consulted over the destruction of their once treasured money, as is the case today when their Constitutional Court at Karlsruhe has again decided there are no constitutional difficulties being presented in the face of the destruction of their parliament and the sovereignty of their nation in the face of an almost completely united front put up by their political parties.

This very week a poll in Germany has shown that 65% of Germans believe they would be better off without the Euro, very close to the 64% of French who this week would vote NO to Maastricht. Two thirds of these two large countries being against the ruinous policy that has caused economic chaos cannnot be ignored for much longer. In Germany a long election campaign is about to begin, the crunch is coming.

Across the three largest countries of Europe the political parties who delivered Maastricht remain in power, in Britain the conspiracy at work behind the scenes is brilliantly illustrated by the fact of the signature of Francis Maude on the Treaty itself, the man who now sits at the heart of Downing Street, no doubt dextrously pulling strings, Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General.


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