Friday, September 21, 2012

Franco/German Year opens today - Was Maastricht Maude their UK Mole?

The celebrations for the Année Franco/Allemande are about to kick off. They will lead to a great celebration  next January on the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Elysée Treaty by De Gaulle and Adenauer.

Some excuse for such arrangements may have been acceptable in the early stages of the EU, it is many years since they should have long since ceased in any arrangement of equals.

Far from celebrating the economic crisis into which such a side deal has contributed to delivering the 27 former nation states of Europe, now comprising the EU, should it not rather rather be an occasion for deep thought and early reform.

Nevertheless, here we are as we are, and what a fine mess it is too, very largely brought upon us all we 27 by the successive Governments of France and Germany. We must, therefore, now rescue ourselves!

Times move along, how Thatcher was removed and Maastricht thus enabled, how Britain became economically neutered and its industries sequestered will all in the fullness of time be revealed.

This week, without Britain, most of the EU countries got their Foreign Ministers together and decided to push ahead towards full union together, eventually with a European army. We were not invited, talk of whether we stay in the EU, by referendum or otherwise, is no longer relevant. We have been publicly excluded. How now do we therefore proceed. Perhaps Nigel Farage of UKIP will be asked such a question on Radio 4 Today this morning, although I doubt he will.

So let us turn to something we can control, how do we proceed to rectify these decades of disastrous errors with those responsible still holding power. A start could be made by removing those most obviously involved.

My researches on Maastricht this week have revealed the part played by one signatory, Minister for the Cabinet, Francis Maude, in the removal of Maggie Thatcher, an essential step for the enactment of Maastricht.

Happily he has continued to act in a manner that makes it surprising the Cabinet table is filled (particularly when including members of another party) with such a companion at the table. Brief researches of his more recent actions revealed his expenses history leading to four residences and an extraordinary attempt to raise Cabinet Ministers' pensions, alone among public servants, at the peak of the austerity drive earlier this year, both of which I linked on Twitter yesterday, but may be read again, here and here.

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Blogger Robert said...

Farrage never learns. On the Today Programme he was again backed into the corner about doing a deal with the Tories and about UKIP being a one trick party.

A deal with the Tories is not the way to go as it gives them the initiative. How can anyone trust Cameron?

1:30 PM  

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