Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Commissioner Barnier's proposed ECB power grab!

The EU has failed in every task it has seized from the democracies whom it has duped into ceding it their former powers.

The EU will not now quietly return to their pre-existing borders, things have gone too far for that and the economic crisis has been allowed to become too dire.

No individual of sane mind would dream of authorising an organisation as yet unequipped for a banking supervisory role to seek to do so in mere moths across as many as 6000 organisations all carrying on their businesses in a large number of different languages. This is nevertheless what French EU Commissioner Michel Barnier appears to be proposing today, read here.

The Government in Britain which oversees one of the world's largest financial sectors in the City of London is presently controlled by the same Commission of which Barnier is a member. That cannot be allowed to continue. Britain's continuation in the EU has quite clearly today become a complete impossibility.

Reality must be faced across Whitehall. Not just the EU is now on the verge of break-up, but Spain, Belgium and Italy are likely to follow as well.


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